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Wally's Cafe Review (Rocklin, CA)


Rocklin's wealth of eateries never ceases to amaze me. Not only is there an exciting variety from which to choose, but the choices include many "best of for the Sacramento region". Wally's Café not only adds variety to Rocklin's excellent eatery lineup, but it's also reputed to have the best Lebanese food in the Sacramento region. If you're like me, getting a taste of the food of a culture I'm not entirely familiar with is an exciting opportunity.

Sometimes it works out well, and other times it's such a great experience that I can't shut up about it. Wally's Cafe provided me with such a wonderful meal that I'll go back and have already told anyone who will listen what great place it is to eat. Here's why I love it and know you will too.

Wally's Cafe Rocklin CA

Coffee Steals My Heart

If you follow my love for coffee, you'll see my favorite dining experiences always lead to coffee because that's what ultimately steals my heart. I love coffee! When I first heard of Wally's Café and learned the origin of its food, I realized it would probably be the source of one of my favorite styles of coffee-Turkish coffee. Like anyone obsessed with something, I immediately got online and saw Turkish coffee on the menu. I also saw many favorable reviews about Wally's Cafe, and after eating there, I know why. This place is an unassuming, hidden gem. And the Turkish coffee is the best I've ever tasted. Mind you, this includes being served such coffee by a Lebanese immigrant friend of mine as well as drinking it in a Vermont  specialty shop that was known to have the best Turkish coffee in the state. So, to find something that beats both those sources is impressive. But what is Turkish coffee exactly?

Turkish coffee was first introduced in Turkey around the 1540s. Turkish coffee eventually became popular in other parts of the world and is said to have the oldest brewing method in history. Today, Turkish coffee is known to be more than just a drink; it's also woven in many traditions as a gesture. In many cultures, to offer someone Turkish coffee is a show of respect, welcoming, and gratitude. At Wally's Café, I was graciously treated to the thing that pairs best with Turkish coffee- -baklava! 

Exceptionally Delicious in a Casual Setting

Wally's Cafe Rocklin CA

When dining at Wally's Café, you can expect food that is as good as any prepared in a more formal restaurant but served in a casual style. When you walk in the door of Wally's Café, you'll be treated to a warm welcome and invited to order counter style. Once you choose your table, you'll immediately be brought your drink and asked if you need anything while you wait. And while you wait for your main course, you'll be served a lentil soup that will have you coming back again and again! I didn't know what to order. Not because there isn't plenty to choose from but rather because I couldn't decide which delicious choice to go with. I decided on the signature dish at Wally's Café-Chicken Pomegranate. Oh boy, it'll be hard for me to move on to something else because this was perfect. The chicken is the same as the Chicken Shawarma but is then glazed with pomegranate molasses imported from Turkey. The meal comes with rice pilaf, Mediterranean-style green salad tzatziki, and garlic sauce. Tzatziki is marinated cucumber slices in a light yogurt sauce and delicious. But in my opinion, the show-stealer is the garlic sauce. This is the consistency of hummus but finer and has just enough garlic to hold its own atop the freshly made pita. My husband ordered the beef kabob that also came with the same sides as my dish. He had nothing but positive things to say about his meal. Our dinner was so well prepared and served with such warm service that we felt like we were in a fine dining establishment. One of the things regular patrons say about Wally's Cafe is that the people who work there are as kind as the food is excellent.

Wally's Café is known in the region as the best Lebanese food restaurant and has placed several times in the Yelp top restaurant list. While we were headed out the door of Wally's Café, a new patron was in a conversation with the person working behind the counter. The patron said he lives in Sacramento and heard this was the place to go for Lebanese food. I let him know he won't regret making the drive from Sacramento, and he replied that everyone he's talked to about Wally's Café says the same thing. I could easily see why this restaurant earned its reputation but what puzzled me is its name. I learned that its owner's first name is Waliat but became Wally when most people couldn't pronounce it correctly. I believe this to be true because the woman who answered my question is Wally's niece. She said her uncle and the family love offering their food prepared in the way they do back home. I not only thanked her for the meal we enjoyed that day, but I also let her know I'd see her again soon. Wally's Café is a favorite that I'll be sharing with others. Would you please treat yourself to a visit to Wally's Café? You'll not only be happy you tried it, everyone you tell about it will be just as delighted you found it.

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The Rocklin community is a wealth of great places to recreate, dine and shop. At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we know about many of them because we're proud to be part of this community. We also want to help our customers know where they can treat themselves to great food like that you find at Wally's Café. We encourage people to end their moving day experience with some delicious food and fun activities. If you have any place you consider a must-do that you'd like us to share, please come on by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility. We are open, and practice social distancing. We welcome people coming by to tells us about their favorite Rocklin community gems.

Wally's Café is located at 4800 Granite Drive Suite B-11
Rocklin, CA  95677
Hours of Operation Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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