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Wizards of Metal (Auburn, CA)

Wizards of Metal (Auburn, CA)


When it comes to gift buying, I flounder, flounder, and flounce about, trying to find the right item for the occasion and recipient. Over the years, I've learned the best sources for people like me to use for shopping are often treasures hidden within our local community. So if you are anything like me, check out Wizards of Metal for your next gift-buying challenge. Read on to learn more about what makes this locally-owned store so gift-shopping-worthy.

You Imagine; We Design

Wizards of Metal is located in Old Town Auburn, where it doesn’t appear to get a ton of foot traffic. Despite that, it’s been in business in that location for over 15 years! When you shop there, you'll see that it's no surprise that Wizards of Metal is so successful. The owner, a very talented man named Dan Tenold, is as friendly and helpful as he is gifted in the art of metalwork. The Wizards of Metal motto, "You imagine; we design," is a promise customers can count on being kept.

Gates to Cup Holders

One of the many striking things about Wizards of Metal is that every job is manageable for Tenold to take on. When you walk through the shop and look at his inventory, you'll see that his work is impressively detail-oriented, whether as small as a key holder or as large as a drive-through gate. Tenold is an artist whose medium is metalwork; his true gift is that he can customize anything you want from beginning to end. In addition to what is displayed in the shop, he has a binder illustrating some of the custom work he's created for others. Tenold is not only proud of his work, as he should be, but he's also happy to set prices so that it's affordable.

Not only is Tenold’s work beautiful, but it's also a high-quality product. Because Tenold uses a machine that cuts with plasma, it means he can produce work made of thicker steel, which is why he can make something as large as a drive-through gate. I spoke with someone in Auburn who has had a Wizards of Metal gate that gets tons of use and exposure yet has held up year after year without cracking or peeling. 

Why Decorate with Metal Art

Wizards of Metal (Auburn, CA)

According to art historians, metal art has its origin around 7000 BC. In any civilization, you see evidence that humans are born with an innate drive to create art, even in functional items. You see that in the evolution of items crafted from ores of the earth. As crafters learned to work with materials and implement them into everyday objects, they eventually added details that made them stand out for their aesthetics and function. It was only a short time before metal was used to create items used simply for their artistic value.  Some of the first masters of elaborate metal were the Egyptians. Most of the treasures to survive the pyramids and catacombs of Egypt are metal artwork associated with funeral masks, fine jewelry, metal statues, extravagant necklaces, and coins. Similar artwork was found in the ancient civilization of the Americas.

 Metal artwork ranks at the top of today's most popular art materials. Because it's so diverse, it appeals to those who like a modern design and those who want a rustic vibe. It can be used to decorate workspaces and homes. It lends itself to indoor and outdoor use. It’s also a medium to create art that ranges from abstract to realistic. Because it’s so customizable, it can be used in many ways.  Integrating metal artwork into your life is easy when you know where to shop for it. Please put Wizards of Metal on your list of places to shop in Old Town Auburn; in fact, plan on spending the day browsing through the many unique places to shop and dine in Auburn. 

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