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A Slice of Goodness Roseville, CA

A Slice of Goodness is The Best Pie in Roseville


Any time of year is the right time to being thinking about pie and if you don't believe that, visit a Slice of Goodness. With one visit, you'll be a believer. I recently found this restaurant and wish I could turn back the clock to 1985 when this delightful place was established. Along with the countless others who love this place, A Slice of Goodness will always be where my family and friends go anytime we want to treat ourselves to the best pie in the Sacramento region. I rarely give 100 percent guarantees but will give you this…there is 100 percent guarantee that you'll find a pie at A Slice of Goodness that will leave you dreaming of coming back again and again. Why, you say? Read on for the answer.


The Setting is Magical

I say this with absolutely no exaggeration. The best way I can describe how it feels to walking into A Slice of Goodness is to compare it to how you feel when visiting a beloved grandparent’s home. It's quaint, cozy, delightful, charming, heart-warming and genuinely welcoming. Everything from generations of family photos to modern paintings of butterflies cultivate a cozy atmosphere. I could sit all day and just watch guests enjoy great food while chatting with A Slice of Goodness' owner and family matriarch, Debbie Manhart.

Heartwarming Service to One and All

If she had the time, Debbie Manhart could give lessons on how to treat patrons and making a business thrive. Manhart is not only the business owner, she's the baker and maker of everything created at A Slice of Goodness! From pie to soup to quiche, she's gets up early to bake and cook the day's delicious delights and delight they do. In addition to the cooking and baking, she greets, seats and waits on every guest herself. She does so with the help of an equally gracious woman who comes out of the kitchen to give Debbie and hand. It is truly a heartening experience to chat with both ladies. I spoke with them both and could see their joy for what they do reflected in their faces. It isn't a stretch to say that joy is evident in how the restaurant's patrons are treated. My husband and I agreed that we were treated like favorite family members. The food is equally as comforting to the stomach as the service is to the heart. 

Old Fashioned Recipes

This family owned jewel of a restaurant has been in the Manhart family for 34 years and going strong. Using family recipes that have been handed down for over four generations, A Slice of Goodness is without a doubt the very best place for delicious pie. Without knowing it, I chose an award winner and fan favorite for my first visit - mixed berry, sour cream pie. It was amazing with a mix of cherries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries! But as much as a stomach stunning sensation of a filling the pie offers, its crust stole my heart. This indescribable pie crust is made using a recipe invented by Manhart's, grandmother. If you took a very buttery, sweet piece of shortbread dough and used it as pie crust, you might come close to how this pie crust tastes. It's served chilled, of course, and the effect chilling it has on the pie crust is something you have to taste. As I already said, the mixed berry filling is amazing and followed by a generous layer of sour cream that is just a tiny bit sweet but not enough to steal the show from the filling. Topping the whole bit of perfection is whipped cream that is clearly not from a can or tub. This is made from scratch as well! No matter which way you slice it, this pie alone is worth the visit to A Slice of Goodness (oh yes, a long overdue pun).


While I called out my choice, there is such a huge selection that everyone finds their favorite. During my visit, there were 13 different pies to choose from which included some traditional like apple, pumpkin, pecan and apple caramel which I hear is another fan favorite. There was also something called chocolate chess, hot fudge pie and fluffy vanilla pecan. Something for every taste and the selection varies from day to day.

A Slice of Goodness also serves lunch which I confess I couldn't try because I ate dessert first. But my husband ordered the Turkey, Bacon and Avocado which he claimed was one of the best sandwiches he's had in a long time. The turkey was an actual slice of baked turkey breast, the bacon was thick and comprised primarily meat and a generous serving of avocado. He said he loved every bite!

Word of Mouth Is All It Takes

If you're like me, you explore websites as one way to get a sense of places you may want to visit will visit. Despite having the honor of being named Sacramento region's best pie, you won’t find a website for A Slice of Goodness. This gem has remained a successful restaurant and bakery based on its huge word of mouth following. Those who know about it are happy to send friends and family to A Slice of Goodness with complete confidence that they won't regret it. I was curious what the competition consisted of so researched what's considered in the Sacramento region. I learned that California considers seven counties, Sacramento, Yolo, El Dorado, Placer, Sutter, Yuba, and Nevada counties, to be within the same region, The Sacramento Region. Therefore, the competition included places like Rick's Dessert Bakery, Sweetie Pies and Ikedas. I've personally eaten at two of the three and have to agree with the judges declaring A Slice of Goodness the winner. No offense to the competitors.

Visiting A Slice of Goodness

Just like with any visit to a favorite relative's home, there are things to keep in mind when planning the visit. A Slice of Goodness doesn't have typical restaurant hours. It's only open from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. It's also closed for holidays so call ahead to be sure you know which days those are. And if you're thinking of ordering a pie for a special occasion, especially Thanksgiving, be sure to place your order with plenty of advance notice. During the fall season, Manhart begins taking orders in mid-October for Thanksgiving pies! A Slice of Goodness is that wonderful. As a matter of fact, it's so wonderful that it justifies declaring every day as National Pie Die and not just January 23!

At Roseville Self Storage, we're always looking for treats to share with our valued customers. We're your neighborhood self storage facility and understand the importance of word of mouth and excellent customer service. We strive to be in the same league as great establishments like A Slice of Goodness and take pride in sharing what we learn about other equally great places. Please visit us and tell us about what places you've found that are on par with A Slice of Goodness. We'll be honored to share that information with others.

A Slice of Goodness is located at 924 Douglas Blvd, Roseville, CA 95658. (Please note that it is located on the corner of Keehner and Douglas Blvd in a small strip of stores with discreet signage)

Business Hours are Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


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