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Antique Trove (Roseville, CA) Storefront

Antique Trove (Roseville, CA)


Are you one of these people that loves to get lost in reminiscing? Do you love to treasure hunt? Are you a collector? Have you ever dreamed of having a space to sell a collection of the things you most love to talk about? You've already struck pay dirt if you answered yes to any of these questions! Roseville is home to Antique Trove- Northern California's most extensive collection of vintage, retro, and antique items. It has 40,000 square feet of unique individually owned shops where you'll find collectibles, memorabilia, vintage clothing, artwork, vinyl records, and jewelry.  his list just scratches the surface of what awaits you at Antique Trove. Read on to learn about your next great adventure.

Prepare to Lose Yourself

I think it's a safe bet to say that people who enjoy browsing in places like Antique Trove share a passion for treasure hunting. From the customer who wants to furnish a room or entire home in antiques to the person collecting postage stamps, Antique Trove provides hours of seeking just the right find. With over 250 dealers displaying their merchandise in vignettes, each step you take is full of potential. One of the things that makes Antique Trove unique is that it's a family-owned business with attention given to providing the best shopping experience for every kind of customer. The owners of Antique Trove have done a beautiful job of creating an elegant, fun, eclectic, almost magical environment. There's something special about how they’ve designed the indoor space to feel intimate but spacious, with enough room for people to browse slowly or move purposefully.

Because the space use is so well designed, every era from Victorian to the 1970s is wonderfully represented. Collections feature furniture from Old World European to mid-century modern and industrial. Collectibles include military and sports memorabilia, artwork, vintage clothing, jewelry, and music in vinyl, cassette, and eight tracks. For those wanting to use Antique Trove as a source for decorating, there is a large variety of décor styles, including vintage farmhouse, cottage, French country, and even repurposed. And unlike many other antique stores, Antique Trove has an ample outdoor space where you'll find vintage signs, wheel barrels, metal sculptures, old doors and windows, antique farm tools, unique benches, and something called salvage décor. You'll never know what you’ll find when you step into the

10,000-square-foot outdoor shopping area. But whether you buy an outdoor or indoor treasure, some vendors carry the products needed to take care of your investment. From leather to metal to wood to jewelry, if it needs to be conditioned and preserved, several vendors carry everything you need to protect your investment.

I Didn't Expect to Find This

I have to disclose the whole truth about my trip to Antique Trove. I'm a frequent flyer there. Okay, it's out, so I can say this isn't my first treasure hunt there, and it won't be my last. I love this place! No matter how many times I go, I'm always treated to a surprise. This is what it feels like to me. Picture yourself visiting a long-lost relative for the first time in a very large home that's been in the family for many generations. Because it's your first visit, you're given a complete tour from the basement to the attic. You expect to find many of the same things most homes contain, but you spot something that you just can't believe you’re seeing every once in a while. For antique and collectible seeking sorts like myself, that's what a trip to Antique Trove is like. Most of us expect to see a collection of toy cars and collectible Hot Wheels, but no one counts on seeing a child's riding toy that’s a replica of the Star Wars Land Cruiser selling for $600. We all expect to see countless dressers, hutches, armoires, and sideboards at antique stores. But I didn't expect to see a ten-drawer antique map file that’s five and a half feet tall and six feet wide! Of course, we've all seen many children’s dollhouses from bygone eras, but I never expected to see one made entirely of ice cream popsicle sticks.

I took the time to look at every detail and found nothing made of anything else, so the item fits the description. But my favorite "I didn’t expect" item was in the Elvis department. Okay, fair enough; we always expect to see Elvis well represented in the vinyl record collections, and I once saw an "Elvis Impersonator" jumpsuit in a vintage clothing collection. But my last trip really got me because I never expected to see a four-foot-tall Elvis head made of plastic so shiny that it almost illuminates objects around it. But not just any Elvis head; it’s one from Elvis' early career days, so the sideburns are well-represented! I did not expect to see that and will probably never see another in my lifetime.

Antique Trove isn't a place you can just drop in and leave without something notable happening. Whether you find your own “I didn’t expect” or you are just swept down memory lane, I can say with certainty that you'll find Antique Trove to be a treasure hunter's paradise.

Roseville Self Storage

The Antique Trove is not only a wonderful place to shop; it's the premier location for antique vendors to sell their merchandise. A vendor's dream situation is to find an estate sale loaded with the items in which they specialize. It is sometimes necessary to put antiques and other collectibles into storage. That's where Roseville Self Storage comes into the picture. Self-storage is the perfect solution to store valuable items in a climate-controlled environment safely. At Roseville Self Storage, we have a state-of-the-art facility with storage units to fit all sizes. Please visit us to see how we can be the perfect answer for all your self-storage needs. See you soon!

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