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ARC-Placer County

ARC-Placer County


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word resolute as an adjective describing the characteristic of being determined. Resolute is ingrained in the core of ARC-Placer County's history. ARC (stands for Advocacy, Resources, and Choices)-Placer County is a powerhouse of an example of what happens when a group of people all move in the direction of reaching a goal that's near and dear to their hearts. Thanks to the relentless efforts of a group of parents, Placer County is home to one of the best resources for adult day programs, including recreation activities for adults and transitional-aged youth. ARC-Placer County. Please read on to learn all about this invaluable community resource.

Over 60 Years of Dedication

In 1958, ARC of Placer County was established by a group of parents joining together to advocate for the educational rights of children with special needs. It became the local chapter of ARC United States. This important mission resulted in the opening of Placer County Office of Education’s first classroom dedicated to students with intellectual and developmental special needs. In 1963, what started as a movement became a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. At that time, the organization’s volunteers were parents who knew that having future programs to serve the needs of adults would be as important as classroom services for children. Again with resolute action, parents began a thrift store which then funded additional programs. Today, ARC-Placer County is aligned with ARC of the United States and provides invaluable programs and services to individuals and families of those with special needs.


Any way you look at ARC-Placer County, each service and program creates a win/win situation for all involved. This is an organization that makes a tremendous difference in the community. Several distinctive programs are offered to adults with special needs residing in Placer County. All programs operate under the guiding principle that every individual has an intrinsic value in their community. Each program fosters various types of support and growth in the areas of healthy lifestyles, finances, personal care, the visual and performing arts, vocational guidance, and performing arts, as well as achieving higher education. ARC-Placer County's programs are facilitated by paid staff and rely on the help of community volunteers. In addition to providing invaluable services to its clients, ARC-Placer County is a rewarding place for community members to volunteer. As a non-profit organization, the help of volunteers is crucial in keeping all programs running. ARC-Placer County's programs are Adult Achievement Center, On the Go, Roseville Adult Center, and Studio 700.

The Adult Achievement Center focuses on enhancing life skills, including daily living practices, health and fitness, vocational training, cognitive growth, and mobility training. The goal is to promote clients to be more independent in society. In this program, clients are often active volunteers in the community. This program is located in Auburn.  On the Go and On the Go Youth are social recreation programs for adults and transition-age youth (16 and older). The focus of this program is to provide opportunities for clients to go out socially in the peer environments accessible to everyone. Activities include attending sporting and cultural events, group dinners, bowling, and trips to local festivals. Roseville Adult Center is the same program as Adult Achievement Center but is located in Roseville. Studio 700 offers ARC-Placer County clients a place to be artists. In this program, participants are working artists creating photography, greeting cards, letterhead for local businesses, animated music videos, three-dimensional works, wearable art and clothing lines, theatre performances, ceramics, and the making of short films. Art is for sale to the public, which provides clients the chance to earn money for their work.

ARC Placer, Roseville CA

Something Big Part of Something Bigger

ARC-Placer County plays an important role in the lives of residents in Placer County. It's also part of something bigger than Placer County because it's one of the hundreds of chapters nationally. The ARC is the largest national community-based association. Since being founded in 1950, it has tirelessly been a voice for people who have intellectual and developmental special needs so that they are allowed to take their rightful place in their local communities. ARC has played a pivotal role in changing public perception of people with special needs and has changed the lives of its clients with life-changing growth opportunities. Whether you’re interested in giving of your time or know someone who can benefit from ARC-Placer County as a resource, call today to find out what this wonderful organization is all about.

Roseville Self Storage

Because ARC-Placer County creates a way for everyone to add their gifts and talents to the community, it’s one of the many reasons Roseville is a beautiful place to live and work. All are welcomed and included. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is proud to be a part of the Roseville community. We look forward to supporting local businesses and organizations by making sure we do our part to highlight their invaluable contributions. We often learn about great things happening because people share their favorite places to eat, shop, and activities to attend. Please feel free to come by Roseville Self Storage to tell us what you want others to know about the great community of Roseville. See you soon!

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(916) 781-3016
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