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Café Delicias Roseville CA

Authentic Mexican Food at Café Delicias


If you love Mexican food, Roseville has many styles for you to choose.  If you're in the mood for authentic style Mexican food, Café Delicias is the place you want to go.  Since 1965, the Ramirez family has been cooking their family recipes to thousands of very happy customers.  In fact, you can find Café Delicias at four locations:  Roseville, Rocklin, Old Town Auburn and Hwy 49 Auburn. What makes Café Delicias Roseville such a popular choice for Mexican food dining?  Read on to learn all about it.

It Starts With Sincerity

I must admit that I'm a sucker for locally owned restaurants and nothing makes me happier than to see a local family business doing as well as Café Delicias Roseville!  It's a true pleasure eating here for so many reasons.  So where to start with giving you those many reasons? Let's start with authenticity and sincerity. Café Delicias Roseville is located in an older section of Roseville.  Once inside the restaurant, you realize this is a place that reflects the owner's desire to make patrons feel relaxed in a clean but modest environment.    While very clean well taken care of, the décor and seating style probably hasn't changed much in the decades of this restaurant's life. It's comfortable and gives the message that this is a place you can take your time enjoying your meal. It's not about the newest bells and whistles in the restaurant industry.  It's about sincerely doing what works very well for patrons and the owners alike. That summarizes the Café Delicias way.  The service is always excellent and, given how long this restaurant has remained a favorite among Mexican food fans, it's obvious that part of the recipe for success has been that excellent service. Waitstaff are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  It's also not unusual to see one of the owner's family members at Café Delicias Roseville. But great service and welcoming ambiance doesn't alone can't keep a restaurant popular.  The food is a huge factor in popularity

Delicious and Delicias Food

If we're going to be honest here, many a good Mexican food dining experience has lost a star because of bad chips and salsa.  At Café Delicias Roseville, you don't have to worry about that. The amazing complimentary tortilla chips are made fresh every day and often are served still hot.  These crunchy, crispy and salty little salsa deliverers are a perfect complement to Café Delicias Roseville's homemade chopped salsa and “gotta kick to it” red salsa.  While you're making your meal choice, you can add appetizers like fresh guacamole, chili beans or cheese nachos but you'll regret not having much room when your entrée arrives.  Just a word of caution, the serving sizes are very generous. Any entrée will bring you delicias (Spanish word for “delight”) but some stand out as fan favorites.  Read on to learn what those are.

Inside Cafe Delicias Roseville CA

Fan Favorites Since Forever

If you talk to people who have made Café Delicias Roseville a regular part of their dining out rotation, you'll hear a lot about the chicken and rice soup.  Once you've tried it, you'll know why.  This soup brings back memories of everyone's idea of homemade chicken soup.  It's a broth based soup that contains rice so it's a bit thicker than a clear broth soup.  It has a bit of tomato in its base but not enough to yell out "I'm tomato soup!". The shredded chicken is a part of the soup but not so much so that you feel like you're eating chicken stew.  The seasonings are a typical medley of Mexican food spices but very lightly added. The impression you come away with is that you've just eaten something nurturing straight from your childhood.  The soup is a must-try so please don't pass it up.

Another fan favorite is the chile rellenos.  The chile comes stuffed with a generous amount of cheese, the coating is substantial enough to surround each chile well but not so thick that it takes over the flavors of the other elements.  Everything is topped in a wonderful sauce and served with creamy pinto beans and fluffy rice that's seasoned to perfection. 

The last fan favorite I want to mention are the enchiladas.  Over the years, I've talked to several Café Delicias Roseville loyal fans and there's always one in each conversation that swears they've never eaten better enchiladas.  When asked, "what makes them the best?" the reply is always the same.  It's all about the well-seasoned meat.  Whether it's chicken, beef or pork, the enchiladas have a generous amount of meat and aren't overly smothered in sauce.  Please remember to leave enough room for dessert.  From flan to fried ice cream, the treats are worth setting aside a bit of room for a ending to a fantastic meal.   

The fantastic choices you have at Café Delicias Roseville go well beyond soup, chile rellenos and enchiladas.  There are house specialty plates as well as many entrees for you to enjoy.  The secret to making Café Delicias Roseville your favorite Mexican food restaurant is just start eating there because everything is delicious and sure to bring your mouth and stomach delicias delight!

Rosville Self Storage Is Here For You

After a long day of moving, you and your moving clan may not feel like making a big fuss over eating dinner.  Well, that's okay because eating at Café Delicias Roseville means you can leave the last of your items at Roseville Self Storage and go straight to dinner. As your neighborhood self storage facility, we know moving is exhausting and we are always looking for several great options to recommend.  If you're a fan of Mexican food and you want an authentic version of it, Café Delicias Roseville is a great choice every time.  We'd love to hear what your Roseville favorites are for reliably great food.  Please visit Roseville Self Storage and share your information with us.  We'd love to meet you and to pass on your great info to others.

Café Delicias Roseville located at 211 Harding Blvd, Roseville, CA 95658 Phone Number : 916-782-4004, Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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