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BAD Bakers Roseville, CA

BAD Bakers (Roseville, CA)


There's never a time when it's wise to enter into a debate about which sweet dessert is the best! After all, sweet desserts are like beauty; they're in the eye of the beholder. But should you be someone who believes that donuts are the best sweet treats, you have some great news coming. BAD Bakers is as good as it gets for donuts and so much more! Please read on to learn why you should be headed to BAD Bakers the first chance you get.

Syringe And Donuts

I'll confess I’m not a person that can call out my favorite sweet. I'm whimsical in my wandering sweet tooth.  Sometimes I prefer cake, other times it's pie, cookies or donuts. But within any of those categories, I have favorites that I use to judge whether a bakery is good or outstanding. For me, in the donut category of sweet treats, I'm all about the apple fritter. That is until my first experience with BAD Bakers. It just so happened that the choice of "birthday cake" for my grandson's second birthday was donuts rather than cake. When the donuts arrived in their respective boxes, there were "auxiliary" donut containers with filling and syringes! Needless to say, the apple fritter freak forgot all about her former favorite donut and converted to BAD Bakers donuts! 

These donuts qualify as the best for the reasons that all donut freaks shout out. They're aromatic so that you're already involved in their sweetness even before the first bite. They're light and airy but still substantial when you bite into them. They have a slight yeast taste, but it's balanced out by a sweet, but not overly so, sweetness. Now that's just the base donut. The filling situation with a syringe is what sealed the deal for me. I love the idea of variety, which is one of the reasons I love fritters. With each bite, you get that little bit of fruit that breaks up the otherwise one-sided flavor going on. By taking a perfect donut base and making it possible to inject various fillings, there's nothing one sided about BAD Bakers donuts! Okay, that's what sold me, but there's lots more to be excited about at BAD Bakers. 

Breaking BAD Bakers' Code

Roseville's BAD Bakers is owned by a couple named Vincent and Katelyn Tiuseco. Their dream of sharing over the top confections with others was the seed for BAD Bakers. The name comes from the acronym Bread and Donuts, and this isn't just a donut shop; it's a bakery that sells delicious bread. And while I do not doubt that the bread at BAD Bakers is worth a try, I've yet to get that far because the donuts steal the show for each of my visits. The Tiuseco's plan for their bakery was to take a perfect donut base and design creations that are as beautiful and fun as they are delicious. The Tiuseco's donut creations are inspired by their childhood memories, their relationship with each other, and their thoughts of their families. The Tiuseco's call it their collective food memory. 

One example is The Movie Time donut, which was inspired by Katelyn's favorite treat when going to the movies. Tossing the candy Whoppers into her movie theater popcorn led to a fluffy donut topped with popcorn and crumbled Whoppers. But this is just one example of a super-sized selection of creative donuts. There are raised donuts topped with various kinds of cookie crumbles. My latest favorite is the Shorty Cake that tastes just like a strawberry shortcake sitting on a donut. There are baked donuts topped with a hard shell of icing that holds things like coconut, marshmallows, and graham crackers.  From what I understand, the Unicorn Clouds is a fan favorite. This cake donut has a light vanilla icing and is topped with tons and tons of sprinkles. There are also Kronuts, with the Couch Potato winning an award at the 2017 Sacramento Donut festival. This is a croissant donut dipped in chocolate ganache, sprinkled with white chocolate chips, and wait for it…crumbled potato chips! While I don't know the story behind that one, it has to be a good one. 

But It's More Than Just About Donuts

The owners of BAD Bakers started their careers in baking with their first shop in Natomas, CA. That shop's specialty is heavier on the bread side and made them very popular. The Roseville shop also carries the Tiuseco's bread and savories like empanadas, lumpia, jalapeno cream cheese, and hot dogs.  All of these delicious offerings are prepared with the same high standard for deliciousness as the shop's donut side. In fact, the Tiusecos put as much care into their business's relationship side as they do the food part. They both say that they love working with people and inspiring their employees to grow their dreams and careers. They want BAD Bakers to be a place where people can work while going to school, so they strive to be caring, flexible employers.   

What can be a more pleasant experience than going to a donut shop that not only offers delicious sweets, bread, and savories but also provides a great place to work? If you want to visit such a place, go to BAD Bakers in Roseville. You won't be sorry.

Roseville Self Storage Reminds You To Stay Nourished While Moving

It's really important to treat yourself to something delicious while moving. At Roseville Self Storage, we understand the importance of balancing out the hard work of moving with something considered a pure treat. As your neighborhood self storage facility, one of our goals is to look for ideas that will help our valued customers find those treats in the Roseville community. Fortunately, that goal is easy as Roseville has so many great places that offer various treats and fun activities. Roseville Self Storage's state of the art facility is open and practicing social distancing. Our friendly, caring staff is always happy to talk, so please come by; we'd love to hear about your favorite Roseville treats.

BAD Bakers is located at 1420 E Roseville Pkwy STE 180,
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 883-2253
Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

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