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Bloom Coffee and Tea Sign

Bloom Coffee and Tea (Roseville, CA)


Do you ever wake up with a resolve to be that person who knows about cool stuff? Alright, that question is too broad. How about this. Do you ever want to be that person who throws down the best invites to places that are clearly where all the cool people hang out? If you answered yes to this, even if you're a little embarrassed to admit it, please know you're not alone. That's why you have to check out Bloom Coffee and Tea in Roseville because it's like the café version of the cool kids' table. This place is so sleek, sharp, and stylish that it will never fail to impress. Now, if you're a low-key person freaking out right now because they have friends who don't like coffee, freak out not because Bloom Coffee and Tea is as much about the tea as it is the coffee. Read on to learn all about the thing that's going to elevate your cool game 100 percent.

Bloom Coffee and Tea (Roseville, CA)

A Tea for All Times

I don't want to minimize the coffee greatness found at Bloom Coffee and Tea. The coffee hits different for sure, and can not enough about the level of knowledge Bloom Coffee, and Tea baristas have about their brew. But if tea is your thing, your visit to Bloom Coffee and Tea will be living rent-free in your mind for a long time because the tea is fantastic!

In the words of the Chinese team master and writer Lu Yu,  “Tea tempers the spirit, harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens the thought and prevents drowsiness." – Lu Yu, The Classic Art of Tea. Isn't that the truth? Tea has been around almost forever and has a strong place in the history of many nations. Read on for a little sip of tea history.

A Trip of Tea Through Time

To date, tea is the world's most widely consumed beverage. Experts agree that the origins of tea started in China around 2750 BC. In tea infancy, leaves were picked and boiled in water to produce a brew used primarily for medicinal purposes. It took a couple of thousand years for tea to go from therapeutic to a popular drink throughout the Chinese empire. Although popular in China, it wasn’t until Chinese merchants started to roast the leaves to prevent rotting that tea was manufactured and exported. This tea was what we now call black tea. To date, Chinese tea consumed in China remains green tea and bypasses the roasting. Next, tea became a real thing in Japan, Iran, India, Holland, and finally across the rest of Europe.   Rumor has it that commercial tea growing outside of China started expanding when an undercover British botanist brought thousands of tea plants around 1840. 

Today, tea remains a big business, and it's growing all the time. Although there are currently 62 countries that produce tea for commercial export, this list contains only the top ten. These ten countries are China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Argentina, and Japan (in order of production). According to tea market industry reports, 2 billion people start their day by drinking tea, 3 billion tons of tea are produced worldwide every year. In the United States, Americans consume 1.42 million pounds of tea daily. Experts worldwide report that tea consumption continues to rise, and there are currently 3,000 variations of tea. 

Main Character Called Cool

If Bloom Coffee and Tea was a person, its name would be Cool. From its location nestled in one of Roseville’s upscale plazas to the sleek décor and vibe, you know you've arrived someplace super classy when you walk through the front doors. Everything from seating to signage has a minimalist boldness. To help you feel like you belong in this cool space, the menu names each item by a fun name and clearly calls itself out so you know exactly what you’re ordering but can still use its super cool name. Bloom Coffee and Tea serves Verbe Cofee from Santa Cruz, known for its bold, crisp flavor. Of equally excellent quality is the tea served here. Each individually steeped cup is made using Art of Tea. Art of Tea is a tea importer that hand blends and custom crafts the world's highest quality teas and botanicals. To serve a product purchased from Art of Tea is to serve a top-shelf product. 

You have to see for yourself how beautifully curated the tea selection is at Bloom Coffee and Tea. Every offering is organic ranging from classic black to Moroccan Mint to my favorite called Endurance. Endurance is a blend of cinnamon, pu-erh, eleuthro root, goji berries, schizandra berries, nettle leaf, oat straw, and ashwagandha root (all organic). This blend is comprised of what's known as adaptogenic herbs, which are known to neutralize the effects of free radicals, oxygenating the blood, promoting circulation, and increasing stamina. It's also DELICIOUS. The caffeine-free selection leaves you wanting for nothing for those wanting a more chill feel. But wait, there's more. There's food!

Bloom Coffee and Tea (Roseville, CA)

Food for Thought

Whether you’re new or one of the  Bloom Coffee and Tea fam, you'll agree that this place should be as famous for its grub as for its brew. Everything is made to order, ethically sourced, and made with the freshest ingredients. The quality of the food is as high as the quality of the drinks. Everything is delicious, from the B.L.E.T. (applewood bacon, arugula, cage-free fried egg, and sun dried tomato aioli) to the famous "The Evans" granola! To fully get the magic of this dapper café, throw an invite out to one or more of your very cool friends and visit Bloom Coffee and Tea. 

Roseville Self Storage

Moving is an opportunity to give yourself lots of treats, especially on moving day. While it's a good idea to do something crazy fun after the last box is moved, it's wise to start the day by eating at someplace great like Bloom Coffee and Tea. Get your day started with delicious coffee, tea, and breakfast to set the tone for your move. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage believes the secret to a successful moving experience is to take care of yourself every step of the way. We make it a point to learn about fantastic places like Bloom Coffee and Tea because we want to share what we know with you. Please help us in that mission by coming by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and telling us what your favorite Roseville community treasures and treats. See you soon!

Bloom Coffee and Tea
1485 Eureka Road | Suite 100
Roseville, California 95661
Phone number is 916-773-2332
Hours of Operation:  Monday - Saturday | 7 am -7 pm
Closed on Sundays

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