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Blue Line Arts Gallery Sign

Blue Line Arts (Roseville, CA)


Do you like riddles? Here's one for you. What evokes feelings without words is the size of a dime, door, or dockyard wall and is found in all the great cities of the world? If your answer is art, you're right. Okay, true, that's a pretty wide-open riddle, so there could be many correct answers.  But for today, let’s talk about why it makes sense that Roseville is identified as one of the top cities to live in and how Blue Line Arts plays a part in this great distinction. Please read on to learn about this wonderful member of the Roseville Community.

Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA

Art Enhancing Communities

Most of the most diverse, vibrant cities worldwide have one thing in common: art. No matter where you see it, from private galleries to wall-sized murals, there's a cultural element from a robust art community. Cities with a strong artistic community have full social and civic engagements. In Roseville, what began as the Roseville Community Projects Inc. 56 years ago, has grown tremendously yet remained true to its original intent: to support the community’s need for art. 

The original home for Roseville Arts Center was located in a beautiful Victorian home from 1969 through 1976 when the group purchased the home and renovated it. By 2003, it was evident that the Roseville Arts Center needed a larger home to keep pace with the growth in Placer County, especially the Roseville area. In 2008, what was known as Roseville Arts Center at the Haman House became Blue Line Gallery and is housed in a state-of-the-art gallery. Complete with an exhibition space for artists and an education space for children and adults, Blue Line Gallery’s new home is a showpiece (okay, one pun means I’m on a roll). In 2013, Blue Line Gallery was renamed Blue Line Art as it celebrated its fifth anniversary in its new location.

Gallery and So Much More

One of the reasons for the name change from Blue Line Gallery to Blue Line Art was to portray this phenomenal community treasure better. Blue Line Arts is a sophisticated gallery but is also committed to promoting art in many ways. Blue Line Arts makes it very easy to tour the gallery; as a non-profit, admission is free. But there's more happening there, so read on, please. But first, let's browse the gallery to see what's happening now.

Public Art Gathering Spaces

Public art is created for the general public's appreciation. It can vary in size from very small to towering; it can be a statue cast in stone, a water feature made of bronze, or painted into the pavement beneath your feet. It offers a unique association to where it is, what it means, and how it's made. It often transforms a landscape, expresses community values, and enhances the environment around it. Located in public spaces, it's art for everyone to see and often describes how society is seen through the artist's eyes. Blue Line Arts' Roseville Mural Project aims to add an enduring value to Roseville with high-quality art. This project has three initiatives: creating new murals in Roseville's Downtown District, a Mural Camp for Youth, and the Mini Mural Competition in Vernon Street. These exciting initiatives are vital in adding vibrancy to Roseville one mural at a time. These beautiful works of art provide vibrancy and define public gathering spaces.

Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA

Community Because of Art

Art throughout the community adds vibrancy, often depicts the history, and helps define how the community sees itself. But art also creates a community for existing artists for aspiring artists and helps shape a new generation of artists for the future. Blue Line Arts proudly displays the work of many local artists and offers a variety of workshops and classes for all skill levels and ages. On the first Saturday of the month, Blue Line Arts hosts drop-in arts and crafts activities for children. Activities include clay, mixed media, printmaking, and watercolor. For Blue Line Arts Family Members, participation is free.

Blue Line Arts also has Artist 2 Artist, a meetup for artists to share, network, and learn. Throughout the year, professional development opportunities via webinars help artists succeed in the show and sales side of art. Adult programs include social art events, beginner to advanced art classes, guest speakers, and many opportunities to get involved in community events.

For Artists by Artists

Blue Line Arts is a beautiful space with great energy. Like any art gallery, it's curated to give visitors a sense of wonder and to give artists a place to showcase their work. By becoming an artist member, artists display their work, receive a commission on sales, and have guaranteed acceptance into the annual Membership Show. There are several levels of memberships starting for as little as $40 a year for students currently enrolled in school and $75 a year for adults. You can become a Support of Blue Line Arts for $60 a year for those not interested in displaying and selling their art. This gives access to members-only events and gallery hours, discounts on workshops, classes, merchandise, and special events. All details of many levels of membership are available online. Blue Line Arts is a true asset to the Roseville community, whether you're an artist, someone who loves art, or just live and work in Roseville. Next time you're in Roseville's historic downtown district, drop by Blue Line Arts’ gallery, or just look around to appreciate the valuable contributions made by Blue Line Arts.

Roseville Self Storage

Art is integral to any society and is enjoyed in many ways. For some, it's being present in the creations of others, but for some, it's creating art. As an artist, you know how much of an investment you make to create your art. From art supplies to matting and framing to storing, every part of your work is important and worth protecting. Self-storage is a perfect solution to storing your valuable materials and artwork safely between uses and shows. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is committed to providing air-conditioned units for all your storage needs. Please visit our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and let us show you we partner with you in preserving your investment. We hope to see you soon!

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