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BounceU! is a Great Place for a Birthday Party


Hi Everyone, we wrote this blog post before the COVID-19 pandemic. Please make sure to call BounceU! to understand their updated policies and hours of operation during this global pandemic. Thanks for stopping by our blog. At Roseville Self Storage, we love Roseville, California.

Ever heard the expression, "the kids were having so much fun, they were bouncing off the walls"? Well, that's exactly the goal at Bounce U. For your child's next birthday, you'll want to take the party to the place where fun happens and you don't have to do a thing. BounceU! provides a customized party experience for little ones so that parents can just show up, watch the fun and go home without any work. Here's how it happens at BounceU! 

Larger Than Life Bounce House.

BounceU! boasts that it's a "larger than life bounce house" and that's the truth! This place has so many kinds of bounce and slide play areas that it makes you want to be a kid again so that you can experience all this fun. There's a slide, bounce, climb and jump experience to fit every child's style. In other words, imagine every bounce house you've ever seen, divide it up into different sizes and rooms and then duplicate it a few times over and that's BounceU! 

BounceU is a great place to take kids of all ages. For kids who can walk beginning at age two, there are small bounce "rides" that allow these little guys to jump as much as they want. Side note: because safety is a priority, not everyone is allowed on all equipment and there are minimum height requirements to use any equipment. 

BounceU! Outside Roseville CA

Birthday Parties Made Easy and Fun.

BounceU! is the ideal place for kids' birthday parties. Unlike many indoor activity centers that host parties, BounceU! provides a private space for each party. Parties are booked based on room availability so that each group enjoys its own private space. The fun begins with one phone call to begin the party coordination. BounceU! has party consultants who specialize in creating the perfect memory-making party for every guest of honor. Every detail of a great party is covered. BounceU! parties are flexible in order to allow for the maximum amount of personalization. For those who want everything taken care of, BounceU! provides food, drinks, sweets and even party favors and gift bags. But if someone wants to provide their own cake or cupcakes, that's perfectly fine at BounceU! Although guests can't bring in food (other than a birthday cake or cupcakes) or drinks for a party, BounceU! contracts with several local eateries to have food delivered for individual parties. Everything is thoughtfully coordinated with guests during the party booking so all the work is done and all that's left is to have fun. 

It's More Than Birthday Fun at BounceU!

No doubt that a big part of the magic of BounceU! is that it's a great birthday party venue but that isn't all that’s great about it. It's so much more. If you're looking for something to do with your kids, especially when the weather doesn't permit outdoor fun, than BounceU! is a great place to move the fun indoors. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 3:30pm - 5:00pm, BounceU! has am Open Bounce session! Reservations for this popular event are strongly recommended because it’s affordable, easy and loads of fun. For $8.50 a child, kids can bounce for 1 ½ hours during that time of day when they really need to get rid of energy. For those who want to save money by purchasing a bundle of bouncing, five sessions can be purchased for $35.00. Always check online calendar to make sure that Open Bounce hasn't been bumped because of a private event. 

BounceU! has Create and Bounce Camp Monday through Thursday from 9:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. There are two camps being offered currently. The Artistic Camp is for kids ages four to eleven years old. It includes a mix of playtime and artistic expression. The camp curriculum is developed to provide a variety of mediums for budding artists to use when learning how to sculpt, sketch and paint. For kids age seven to thirteen, there's Technology Camp where campers can learn to design, build and program robots. This camp uses Robotics with LEGO® Stopmothion animation. Campers work individually and as part of a team participating in several challenges. This camp promises to be both fun and educational. The beauty of these camps is that the projects vary, the camp instructors are trained to work with children in this type of setting, there are snacks and treats provided and camps are staffed to provide a low child to staff ratio. The cost of camp is $49.00 a day for the first child, $42.00 for sibling and multiple day discounts are available as well.

 BounceU! Events

Every season brings an opportunity to participate in BounceU! special events. For example, on October 30th, 2019, there was a Halloween Boo Bounce!. From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. kids participated in all sorts of spooky fun happening at BounceU! The fun included crafts, spooky treats, a costume contest and of course, the opportunity to wear their Halloween costumes for more than just one night a year! Cost was $11.95 and purchased in advance through BounceU! Events Calendar. Whether it's making someone's special day even more special, dropping by for a session of bouncing fun, participating in a special event or providing great camp experiences, BounceU! is an awesome place to allow your kids to get all their bounce out in one convenient and fun place!

A Fun thought From Roseville Self Storage

Here's a moving day suggestion for those who have kids. How about using BounceU! as a reward for being extra cooperative on moving day? Moving can be hard on everyone involved, especially on young kids. So, if they cooperate with whatever plan is made for them during the move, reward them by going to a BounceU! Open Bounce session or a day at one of the BounceU! camps. Because we're your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is always sharing ideas on how to make moving day as easy as possible. We hope these ideas are helpful. We'd love to hear what others find helpful so please come by and share your own moving day helpful hints. We look forward to learning from you. 

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