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Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill Sign

Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill (Roseville, CA)


Once in a while, a random choice turns into something so much better than what you initially set out to do. On a day when I was driving around looking for an art gallery, I spotted a small diner with a name so interesting that I had to find out the story behind Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill. This is a great place and a real hidden gem among Roseville's many gems. If you're a fan of television classics, you'll recall the slogan for the comedy show Cheers was "it's a place where everyone knows your name, and they're always glad you came." Well, that's the feeling you get when you enter the front door of Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill. Read on to learn what makes this place so unique.

Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill (Roseville, CA)

The Best by the Best

The first time I visited Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill, it was at that odd meal hour that's after lunch, but before dinner, so I got lucky, and it wasn't crowded. But under other circumstances, it's the kind of place that packs people in, so you have to time it just right.  Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill is an authentic diner. In fact, it reminds me of the type of diners and pubs you find in large cities. It's narrow but deep, with seating situated across from the aisle of a service counter. The décor is a blend of edgy and quaint. Here's how it happens. The thing you cannot ignore about Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill is the mini-donut station that greets you at the door. Its bright colors, happy display, and delicious smells advertise the ultimate treat for those who love old-fashioned donuts. They're so hard to resist because they're not made until you order yours. No donuts are waiting to be sold. Every one is made to order, and the place smells fantastic because of it. So when eating here, don't skip out without trying these!

But one look at the menu, and you'll see it's not just about the donuts. Now here's where things get even more intriguing. The restaurant's existence is based on the owner's time on the road working as a professional bounty hunter. Not just any bounty hunter but one that goes by the name of Rob Dick and is world-famous for his work. So get this, after starting his career working in law enforcement, Rob Dick switched gears and became a professional bondsman and bounty hunter. His work became so well known for its excellence that he opened the California Bail Education School. His school is named the most advanced bail agent, bail recovery agent, and bounty hunter training school of its kind. Now an entire book can be written on Rob Dick's career and his countless achievements. He's a legend in his industry and a person that excels at anything he does. With that in mind, it is no surprise that his diner, located a few doors down from his office in Roseville, serves only the best food of its kind.

Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill (Roseville, CA)

No Failure to Appear Here

I’m a sucker for a place that gets everything right which, for me, means perfect coffee. If you've read anything I've written, you'll know by now I'll talk endlessly about my favorite beverage in the whole world (coffee). When the food is excellent, and the coffee isn't so great, there's no bailing out of a situation like that. At Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill, the coffee is EXCELLENT!  It's the perfect pairing for the fresh donuts.

Now, if you manage to get past the donuts, have a seat and hunt down your breakfast or lunch off a fun menu. And if you're a coffee and tea person, rest assured you have a large selection to consider. After all, this is a diner and a coffee house (hence the clever grind and grill part of the name). Breakfast gets right down to business with bagels, muffins, croissants, and with the usual suspects that make up a hearty breakfast. Breakfast is served all day.  Lunch starts at 11 a.m. and, just like breakfast, hits all the diner food categories. Because it was a slow period of the day, I had the pleasure talk with the owner and his father. They both were extremely welcoming and checked back a couple of times to ensure everything was to my liking.  I ordered the chicken quesadilla, which was absolutely spot on between the generous amount of cheese, freshly grilled chicken, and flour tortilla that tasted fresh. One of the favorites Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill is known for is the spinach cheese sticks. Please be sure to try these as they are out of this world!  Another thing that's a real hit, but I confess I didn't try, is the smoked ribs and pulled pork.  I learned this because a regular customer came in for a large order of donuts. While he waited, we started chatting. He said you haven't lived until you've tried the Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill barbeque sauce on the ribs. This guy sounds like he's a man of his word, so I'll definitely be back for that sauce. I spoke with another regular who said the turkey sandwich is unbeatable. If you'd rather treat yourself to a smoothie or ice cream, that's also available.

There’s something extraordinary about Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill  It isn't hard to track down the reasons that makes Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill unique. In addition to the great food and genuinely friendly service, this place is invested in the community. It partners with Roseville Police Department to hold various youth events and regularly participates in downtown activities. I believe you'll find that becoming a regular at Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill leads to much more than a great meal; it leads to the thing we all look for--a sense of community. And fresh donuts, of course.

Roseville Self Storage

A great find like Bounty Hunters Grind and Grill is what make the Roseville community such a desired place to live and work. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is very proud to be part of such an awesome community.

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