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Cosmos Statue Plaque

Cosmos Statue Park in Roseville


If you've ever wondered what that giant red steel object is as you're driving east on I-80, you're probably in the company of millions of others who wonder the same thing.  Cosmos Statue Park is much more than a Roseville talking point, it's a wonderful place to spend time in nature while appreciating a true work of art.  For those familiar with the area, it may seem hard to imagine spending time at a park that's next to a freeway can be enjoyable however at Cosmos Statue, it is and there are several reasons why. 

80 Feet of Vertical Beauty Designed by Famous Sculptor

The Cosmos Statue has been somewhat of a mystery since its quiet beginnings in 1990. Many people refer to it as "The Rose Sculpture" but that's just its local nickname.  Its official name is The Cosmos named by its renowned sculptor Aris Demetrios. Demetrios designed the statue as a salute to the cosmos.  To quote Demetrio, "It's an apt example of a sculpture trying to say something about the complex universe we live in."

Sometimes we don't appreciate the things that are right in our backyard as much as those we have to travel far to see.  Such is the case with The Cosmos Statue, I'm sure. It's one of a growing number of sculptures that have earned Demetrios the reputation as a highly talented sculptor worldwide. In addition to creating small pieces which are now considered collectables, he's earned the commission of several monumental public sculptures including The White Memorial Fountain "Mem Claw" on the campus of Stanford University, Proteus at the Sacramento County Courthouse, the entry-way sculpture at Monterey Bay Aquarium named "Forms Sung in a Kelp Forest", the 92 foot Windharp in San Francisco, The Bataan War Memorial on the Island of Corregidor, Flame of Freedom, and  the fountain Peirine in New York, Breakthrough.

Cosmos Statue Roseville CA

The Community of Art

One of the visions for Cosmos Statue Park is for it to be a place to bring people together-especially the young. The park was dedicated to the people of Roseville as a place for young and old to express their love for art.  Between the years of 1998 and 2004, the City of Roseville hosted student art contests with elementary aged students creating sculptures that were cast in bronze.  Each year, the winners had their artwork displayed at the base of the Cosmos Statue.  Unfortunately, several were stolen so the tradition had ended.  The remaining works of art are displayed at the Maidu Museum in Roseville.  But because the student art work was an important part of this park's existence, in 2012, the city of Roseville once again ran a contest for 5th grade students to create glass mosaic tile pieces.  The winning pieces replaced the park's stolen artwork and has added another element to the joy of visiting Cosmos Statue Park. 

More than a Stop on Miners Ravine Bike Trail

Cosmos Statue Park is approximately .08 of an acre and is considered part of the Miner's Ravine Trail.  Given that it's along this 8.3 mile trail loop, it's worth using your visit to Cosmos Statue Park as an entry point to the rest of the trail.  However, the park is equally fun as your destination for a picnic or a place for your young kids to run and play. While it's true that this park is located near I-80, it's surprising peaceful.  The day I visited, I felt as if I'd found a little oasis.  There's plenty of parking because of being located behind a 24 Hour Fitness gym and also behind the same parking lot as The Home Depot.  Parking will never be a problem. 

Looking up at Cosmos Statue Roseville CA

But when you leave your vehicle and approach Cosmos Statue Park, everything is circular; there's a sense of privacy and coziness.  The splendor of the many mature oak trees within and surrounding the park add a natural beauty that's superimposed beautifully with the man-made art.  The overall effect is wonder-filled.  Nothing can prepare you for the feeling you'll get the first time you walk along the oak tree-lined path to approach this 80 foot giant. I wasn't prepared.  By the time I stood inside the Cosmos Statue and looked up, I was nearly in tears.  Demetrios did a perfect job of conveying how big the universe can be when we see ourselves in a relationship within it.

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We appreciate experiencing the great features the Roseville Community has to offer and Cosmos Statue Park is one we hope you'll visit.  As your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is invested in making sure we share everything we learn about our beautiful community.  From shops to restaurants to activities to parks, we're always looking for great things to tell others about and hope you'll help us out.  We'd love to hear what you enjoy about Roseville. Please stop by and share your favorite things you experience in Roseville so we can share them with others.  Of course, we are always here for your self storage needs, big or small. We cannot wait to exceed your self storage expectations, and we hope to see you soon!

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