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East Wind Yoga in Roseville


Now more than ever, self-care is a deal maker. Things like exercise, being in a social setting, and meditation are necessities to keep ourselves well. It's hard to name which one of the three is most important, and fortunately, some activities contain the potential for all three. Yoga is an example of that. But not all yoga studios are created equal so putting yourself in the hands of one known to be the best in the area is very important. East Wind Yoga in Roseville is the home studio for people who have many options from which to choose. Read on to learn what's so unique about East Wind Yoga.

Guidance Through Compassion and Knowledge

I know three people who have called East Wind Yoga their home studio. While all three go between their two locations, Roseville and Auburn, the praise they give one location is valid for the other location. To put their opinions into context, one person lived in San Francisco for years and practiced yoga at a studio there before moving to our area. Another person was brand new to the practice and bounced around several studios before finding East Wind Yoga. The third person has practiced yoga for several years, almost from the beginning at East Wind Yoga. I asked these three people what they considered important in a yoga studio and its instructors. Interestingly enough, one of the answers all three gave was an instructor's voice. Not what I would have thought of, but once I heard that point, it makes sense.

A yoga instructor's voice is what centers the person to the practice. It's a guide, a supporter, and a safety net. With a calm, confident, compassionate voice, a yoga instructor provides more than just words; it provides a mood. When participants feel connected with that voice, they follow easily and willingly. Another aspect that I was told is crucial is that an instructor can connect and cater to all levels in the class. With that connection and sharing of knowledge, a great instructor gains the trust of each person in the class. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when in a group where all feel safe and welcomed. From what I understand, all instructors at East Wind Yoga have the same level of compassion and knowledge no matter which class they're teaching. For something as sacred as self-care through yoga, I believe safety is probably at the top of the list of what people seek. But yoga is not just a mental and physical activity; it's a spiritual one as well. That's the other area where East Wind Yoga shines.

Sharing the Light

East Wind Yoga, Roseville, CA

A yoga studio isn't just a space where classes are taught; it's a setting that's designed to create physical, mental, and spiritual growth. It's also a space that fosters community. East Wind Yoga has long-standing followers, saying much about its reputation and offerings. Many people who practice yoga have become friends and consider themselves part of a positive community. Beyond certification and knowledgeable instructors, East Wind Yoga is a comfortable environment that exudes calming energy. Once you walk through the doors and into a class, you feel as if you've left everything else behind, and all that's present is you and peace. The vibe of a yoga studio is meant to calm the soul and relax the mind so that the body will follow. The studio must have room for physical and spiritual stretching. The vibe created with East Wind Yoga's sounds, colors, textures, and scents invites participants to let go of everything but the moment they're in. Through movement and intention, class participants are taught techniques that they can practice at home to achieve serenity. East Wind Yoga is more than a studio and community; it's a way of life for many.

Hot to Hybrid

The types of yoga taught at East Wind Yoga are the most popular among yoga practitioners. The classes taught are Flow Yoga, sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Yoga. Experts say this is one of the most popular forms of yoga practiced today. It's characterized by stringing yoga postures together to create an uninterrupted flow of movement. Vinyasa means variation with parameters that describes flow yoga well. Hybrid yoga is considered a deviation from traditional yoga in that it utilizes weights, dynamic movements, and dance. Each of these elements adds another layer to the traditional practice and is often aimed at combining balance, agility, and strength. Hybrid yoga has several types, such as acro, crossfit, and aerial.

Also taught at East Wind Yoga are yin, yang, and hot yoga. Yin yoga is designed to target connective tissue, while yang yoga is a more active practice designed to build strength in the body. Hot yoga refers to a class held in a very warm, humid environment. It consists of a series of different standing and stretch postures which often require lengthy, sustained contractions of all major muscle groups. It’s designed to raise the heart rate and exercise muscles. While hot yoga isn’t for everyone, those who practice in it say East Wind Yoga is excellent at teaching it. Like any other activity, not all types are created equal, so it's important to learn what works best in an environment designed for all levels of experience. In addition to regular classes, several amazing series and one-time workshops are available at both the Auburn and Roseville East Wind Yoga.  East Wind Yoga has a home for all, from beginners to those who have practiced yoga for years. Please be sure to participate in the New Student Package deal by visiting East Wind Yoga website.

Roseville Self Storage

Without a doubt, moving day presents physical, mental, and emotional challenges, so it's essential to treat yourself to an activity that will restore you to the best version of yourself. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is committed to helping with all aspects of your move day, including giving you ideas for how to unwind at the end of the process. By learning about places that are the leading ones of their kind, such as East Wind Yoga, we can offer our valued customers a personalized experience. We pride ourselves on being members of the Roseville community and want to share information about the best it has to offer. Please visit us at Roseville Self Storage and tell us what you want others to know about our wonderful Roseville community. We welcome you to visit us at our state-of-the-art self-storage facility. Please check us out and share your ideas with us. See you soon!

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