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GameStop (Roseville, CA)


It wasn't until recently that I began to appreciate the art of saying, "game on" with just the right attitude. I believe it all started because of video calls to my five-year-old grandson. Technology, while not always a perfect solution, does have its merits. I'd say the video call is a perfect example of a technological advancement that we all have learned to value. Because of video calls, my grandson and I can "visit" each other throughout the day and share moments that the distance between us won't allow for without our video visits. One day, he decided that I needed to watch him play his favorite race car video game. It then occurred to me that there must be a way for us to network our games in a way that allows for us to play them together. I knew the people at GameStop would be able to help me figure this out and the next thing you know, I'm at fun central otherwise known as GameStop.

Fun is Where You Find It

GameStop is one of these places that cultivates a feeling of excitement and rightfully so.  After all, it's a place dedicated to the art of having hours of endless fun. It's also a place where you know your imagination is going to be challenged, your skills are going to be sharpened and your ability to speak in an almost foreign language is going to increase by leaps and bounds. My mission at GameStop was to find the X-Box 360 and games that go with it. Well, I learned that I not only was lucky enough to grab the last one in the store of that console but I hit paydirt in being able to buy the very same games my grandson owned. I also learned other things like the X-Box One happens to be the hottest thing going right now and so finding one of those anywhere is like spotting a unicorn. But for me and mine, we're going to stick with our X-Box 360 and the abundance of games available that go with it. If you haven't visited a store dedicated just to video game fun, you really need to try it out. I see that much has changed since I purchased my last game console which at that time was the most popular on the market.  Anybody remember wii? That’s how long ago it's been that I've been at GameStop. So, imagine my surprise when I saw walls lined with several game console choices. Yes, there was a space on a shelf where X-Box One was supposed to be. But there were also shelves with PlayStation consoles and games. PS is now up to the PS5 generation. I guess that means my PS 2 is obsolete? Nintendo is still in the game and have this great system called Nintendo Switch. I just glanced at the games currently available and noticed that Nintendo Switch seems to have a huge selection of games for younger kids. But honestly, when it comes to some games, it appears as if the playing field is evened and age is such a number.

Games and More

When it comes to the video game scene, there are some games that erase the element of age. Just ask me and I'll tell you, for example, that a five-year-old playing a race car game can win against his fifty-something grandmother pretty much ever time. It's the truth. Just try playing something like X-Box Sonic and Sega where you race around a track set in medieval castles with things rushing and dashing everywhere!  But there's more to GameStop than the potential for endless hours of fun in the video game world. There are toys and collectibles such as Pokémon trading cards, board games. There's a virtual reality system called Quest 2 which elevates gaming to a whole new level. I had to back away from that section of the store and remind myself to focus on X-Box. GameStop also sells tablets, cell phones, wearable technology, drones, smart home automation, accessories for game systems and even electronic photo frames. GameStop is so much more than just a video game store.

A Short History of the Video Game

I believe that most things are appreciated more fully when in the context of their history. For example, video games became hugely popular in many households almost immediately after their invention. In the 1970s, Magnavox which sold the first video game system under the name of Odyssey, was the first to enter the home video game scene. While Odyssey wasn't a huge hit, it did have one of its games become the inspiration for Atari's Pong.  Now that was hugely popular!  While things went litigious between Magnavox and Atari, eventually things were settled and Atari grew in popularity as the home video game console forerunner. Atari enjoyed its era of popularity until several factors caused what’s termed "the video game crash of 1983." Things remained stale in the home video game world until Nintendo entered the picture. What Nintendo did that Atari hadn't been able to do was elevate the quality of the game's appearance and interactivity.

From Nintendo came game changers like Super Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda. After that, game console wars and one upmanship in the world of video games has remained a standard we all learn to live with. But whether we're anticipating the next version of a favorite game or the next generation of our aged gaming console, the people at GameStop know exactly what's needed to have fun.

Self Storage Is Great For Video Games and Collectibles!

Collecting things that make life fun often means needing the space for them.  Many of us don't want to part with things like older video game consoles, collector board games and our huge trading card collection. Keeping these things is important but not necessarily practical when it comes to space usage. That's where self storage is the perfect solution. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage has units of all sizes.  We work diligently to make sure you have the perfect unit size to keep all your valuable collectible stored in an organized way. It's important to us that you feel good about storing the things that are important to you.  Please come visit our state-of-the-art storage facility. We're open and practice social distancing.

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