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Goose Port Public House is Roseville's Newest Gem


If you're one of those people who like to take your fun crew to places that are up and coming, then make Goose Port Public House your next night out! Roseville is no lightweight when it comes to fun pubs and restaurants. As a newcomer on the scene, it's no easy feat to work your way into the favorites list. But mark my words, Goose Port Public House is on its way there! This place has some smoking ideas for its future that you'll want to be the first to brag about! Check it out.

Heritage Nights

I first heard about Goose Port Public House through a social media announcement of Goose Port Public House's Portuguese Heritage Night. Being 100 percent Portuguese, I'm all about anything that is Portuguese. I love the music, food and being with others who are equally passionate about the Portuguese culture. The great news is that Goose Port Public House is going to have a lineup of heritage nights celebrating many cultures. These heritage nights will always include the music and food from the "guest of honor" culture!

I could hardly wait to speak with Goose Port Public House's owner, Al Santos, to learn more about the restaurant and about his vision for it. He explained that he wants to have one evening a month dedicated to celebrating various cultures. Santos is half Portuguese and half Irish, and therefore has a deep appreciation for many cultures.  On December 5th, Goose Port Public House will have a Filipino Heritage Night in honor of his Filipino brother-in-law who passed away recently. Santos will not only celebrate his brother-in-law's culture; he's paying tribute to a beloved family member. In 2020, Santos says he'll continue to celebrate cultural heritages and looks forward to getting feedback from his customers on what they’d like to see.


Can You Guess Where The Name Came From?

It's always fun to learn how the seed of an idea started for those talented and courageous enough to open their own business. Part of the fun, I assume, is getting to name the business. I asked Santos what the name Goose Port means. But before I share his answer, I'll wage a bet that you’ve probably made some of the same guesses I did. After seeing the Portuguese Heritage Night advertisement, I thought that the port part of the name was a short version of Portuguese. I asked others what they thought and most thought the same while a few guessed that it might have to do with a growing interest in port wine being served. Well the answer I got from the horse's mouth itself was this. Santos once played baseball. When his coach was curious about Santos' last name and asked its origin, Santos explained it was Portuguese. His coach good-naturedly gave Santos the nickname "Portagoose".  Santos maintained an affection for the nickname so when it came time to name his restaurant, he used a version of his nickname and the rest is Goose Port history.

A Motto to Live By and Food to Come Back For

Goose Port Public House’s motto is an easy one to remember and reflects the owner's character. Be Nice or Go home is the official motto coined by Santos. The public house concept focuses on elevated pub food, access to all the big games including out of market games and great craft beverages. All of these elements help support the Goose Port Public House motto. Santos hopes that patrons will share his philosophy that life is to be enjoyed and Goose Port Public House is the place to do it!

Goose Port Public House is in downtown Roseville in a newly renovated building that sits right next to the railroad tracks and on Vernon Street. Because of generous windows and an outdoor patio, railroad enthusiasts can sit and watch trains go by comfortably seated either indoors or outdoors. There are seven, large T.V. screens and an amazing sound system that's easily heard throughout this spacious, modern, comfortable family friendly public house. An outdoor patio is welcoming to patrons and their canine buddies.


The food at Goose Port Public House is amazing with everything you'd hope "elevated pub food" to offer. Take appetizers for example. Not only are there the usual menu items like nachos, wings and fries but there are jalapeno croquettes, coconut shrimp and crispy brussel sprouts with bacon. I had to try the croquettes which are rolled in panko, fried to perfection with a perfect bite from a three-pepper blend. There are sliders and five kinds of salads on the menu, the "handhelds" include the Goose Port Burger which is a 1/3 pound of chuck with bacon, cheddar cheese. Lettuce, tomato, pickle on a pita seed bun with a special goose port sauce. It's served with fries that can be substituted at no extra charge for onion rings or sweet potato fries. But that's just the start of the entrees. There's also a chicken burger, grilled corned beef sandwich, sirloin tip quesadilla and an assortment of soft-shelled tacos. All these items are given an extra goose port flair that makes them more than your average pub grub. Did anyone say dessert? Well, someone should because the menu boasts a browned butter cake, cheesecake chimichanga and triple threat chocolate cake. Seasonal items will always be added to this vibrant menu. If all this is enough to tempt you, the menu will also be tweaked to add items specifically for heritage night events!

Of course, no pub discussion would be complete without mentioning that Goose Port Public House has several premium beers on tap as well the usual domestics both on tap and bottled. Wine includes some of Lodi and Clarksburg's best selections.

Portuguese Heritage Night Success

My family, friends, and I attended Goose Port Public House first heritage night. One word is too many to sum it enough and 1000 words wouldn’t be enough to describe it. It was a SUCCESS. From 6 p.m. to long past 9 p.m., the place was packed and people were happy. Good to his word, Santos changed the menu to offer some of the more popular Portuguese dishes that, by the way, were not simple fare. These dishes showed up representing their Portuguese roots to perfection! To pair up with the Portuguese cuisine were Portuguese wines and a popular Portuguese beer. Tables were decorated with Portuguese flags and Santos made sure to go to every table, welcome each guest and thank them for attending. The vibe in the place clearly said "welcome to my Portuguese party; eat, drink and have fun!". Well done, Al Santos of Goose Port Public House! We look forward to returning for many more successful heritage nights!

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Goose Port Public House is located at 316 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 886-5080

Hours of Operation are 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday thru Wednesday, 11:30 to 10:00 p.m. Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday. Please note, on Heritage Nights, reservations are strongly recommended.

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