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Got Your Goat Yarn Studio yarns

Got Your Goat Yarn Studio


What makes a shop more than just a place to purchase goods? Which characteristics of the place offer an unspoken welcome and an invitation of becoming part of a group? To feel the answers to those questions, go to Got Your Goat Yarn Studio in Roseville. It is the most comfortable and welcoming shop I've been in and since I visit many shops, that's saying quite a lot for this yarn shop. Here's what I love about it.

A Community of, and for, Knitters

Confession number one- I don't knit. Confession number two- I enjoy being in a group even if I'm not participating in what the rest of the group is doing. Got Your Goat Yarn Studio is a perfect place for someone like me. I walked into the shop without knowing a thing about knitting and found I didn't need to knit to be part of a knitters community. When Got Your Goat Yarn Studio's owner, Cindy Vatalaro, opened the shop nine years ago, she wanted to offer the community of knitters a LYS. LYS is a knitter's term for local yarn shop. It's an extremely important part of this craft as you have to be able to get your supplies when you need them and in a reliable way. 

But knitting isn't just a solo hobby, it's a very social one as well.  Knitters enjoy having a place where they can meet with other knitters and do what they love-knit. Got Your Goat Yarn Studio is designed to feel like a living room that happens to sell yarn. With it's knitting space that offer living room seating, Got Your Goat Yarn Studio hosts formal and informal knitting groups. It also offers classes perfect for all skill levels from entry to expert. Please note that classes are currently on hold. 

Knitting, Crocheting and Fiber Crafts

While knitting has existed since circa 1000, the textiles used have evolved since the origin of this handcrafter's work. Knitting is the construction of an elastic, porous fabric crated by interlocking yarns with two needles. Crocheting also creates a larger item by interlocking yarns but instead using a single crochet hook. There are important structural differences between crocheted fabric and knitted fabric.  With knitting, you need to keep several active yarn loops secreted onto the needles and each stich is dependent on the one below it. With crocheting, there's only one yarn loop that is worked at a time and it's that one loop that holds the project together. For larger projects that require draping, knitting is the better choice as it's a less stiff "fabric". Crocheting results in a tighter and stiffer "fabric" which makes it perfect for blankets and table runner and table cloths. While both knitting and crocheting use yarn, crocheting often uses a thin thread that lends itself better to delicate projects. 

Fiber Crafts is a term that refers to using textiles to create the finished project. In addition to offering a place for knitting and crocheting, Got Your Goat Yarn Studio offers the materials needed to complete projects such as macramé, paracord for bracelets, tatting, rug making, rug hooking, and felting. From basic yarns to the most contemporary luxury yarns, Valataro strives to provide something for everyone. 

Location, Location, Location

Got Your Goat Yarn Studio is  located off of Douglas Blvd in Roseville. It's easy to find and shares an area with several eateries so it's perfectly poised for pleasant passing of time. But there's also something else that special about where Got Your Goat Yarn Studio is located. It sits less than a mile from two large hospitals and several medical plazas. The day I visited Got Your Goat Yarn Studio, I learned that the shop serves the needs of medical professionals who want to go someplace to knit on their lunch and dinner breaks. It serves the needs of the patient family members who often need something to do with their hands while at the hospital with their loved ones. It serves the needs of the hospital's gift shops where the projects of the medical staff are sold. Got Your Goat Yarn Studio is important to the medical professionals, patients and family of patients who work at several medical centers because it gives them a hobby they can lose themselves in while decompressing and waiting. 

Knitting and crocheting is the perfect hobby because it's compact and lightweight.  Everything involved in a project can be carried in a bag and is extremely portable. It's an activity that can be done while carrying on a conversation with others or listening to television. It's affordable and can be done using basic skills and materials yet it can also require significant focus and intricate skills. Got Your Goat Yarn Studio offers the materials needed to support those needing an activity like knitting and crocheting. It's located exactly where it should be to make that as easy as possible for those who need it the most.  

Whether you're in need of a place to go where you can relax and decompress or whether you want the materials for your next knitted masterpiece, you'll find that Got Your Goat Yarn Studio is the perfect shop for you. In case you're curious about the name. Goats are the source for a favorite yarn. After all, who doesn't love cashmere?

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