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Four Sisters Cafe Sign Roseville CA

Great Place to Eat in Roseville: Four Sisters Café


It's never too late to find another great favorite place to enjoy breakfast and lunch.  In fact, some will argue that you can't have too many to choose from because no two locally owned restaurants are alike.  Each restaurant offers something unique.  Such is the case with Four Sisters Café.  This locally owned and operated restaurant is an amazing find and one that has developed a very loyal following.  Four Sisters Café is appropriately named because it is owned by four sisters who have worked very hard to carve out their place among the tough competition in Roseville's café market.  But they've done well so read on to learn how.

Four Sisters Agreeing on What's Important

Four sisters, Gina, Julie, Lisa & Trish, had a dream of opening up a restaurant that highlighted great food that's served in a family-friendly style.  They were able to realize their dream by opening up Four Sisters Café in honor of their father, who passed away from cancer prior to its opening in 2012.  It's their passion for the freshest ingredients, creative recipes and excellent service that has earned them recognition as one of Sacramento area's top 10 brunch restaurants.


Four Sisters Cafe Roseville California

How Great Can Great Get?

Four Sisters Café can easily claim that it's worked hard to reach it's place as one of the greats in the Roseville eatery category.  After all, while the restaurant has been around for seven years, the four sisters themselves had fifteen years’ experience of working in the restaurant; they were already seasoned veterans of the industry long before firing up their own kitchen grill.  So, for these four sisters, their café is not only a dream come true, it's a source of family pride.  Everything is made with creativity using the freshest ingredients available.  Everything from bacon cured the Four Sisters Café way to homemade syrup, no short cuts are taken.

Breakfast and Brunch is Worth the Wait

It's no surprise that there might be a wait during the busy hours around breakfast and brunch at Four Sisters Café.  That's the price a person pays for partaking in culinary perfection such as that served at Four Sisters Café.  The loyal following this café has speaks to the fact that it’s worth the wait.  It's worth waiting for things like the infamous Paradise Waffle.  This to-die-for creation is a Macadamia-nut Belgian waffle topped with strawberries, fresh banana and the creamiest of whipped cream.  The whole thing is sprinkled with toasted coconut and served with hot maple syrup.  It's a dish I couldn’t resist and fully agree is a small piece of paradise served on a plate!   Another huge favorite at Four Sisters Café is the Mancakes.  These are two buttermilk pancakes with bacon and sausage chopped and cooked in the pancakes.  Judging from the number of them I saw go by, they aren't overrated at all. I saw several plates (or should I say platters?) go by.  I know that there's a huge contingency of breakfast and brunch diners who judge a restaurant by its benedicts.  Well, I live with one of those diners so I have a test case everywhere we eat breakfast.  The California Benedict did a great job of upholding the Four Sisters Café reputation as a great place to eat.  This creation is two perfectly grilled English muffin halves stacked with that Four Sisters Café cured bacon, fresh tomato, avocado, flawlessly poached eggs and topped with a hollandaise sauce that leaves diners dreaming about it for days. 

Lunch is a Noteworthy Affair Too

Four Sisters Café's lunch menu is a brag-worthy as it's breakfast and brunch offerings.  I admit I've eaten here more than once so can also speak to how amazing the lunches are.  As a lifelong sucker for a great turkey sandwich, I can vouch for the perfection that the Never Quit Cold Turkey sandwich is.  This generous serving of smoked turkey breast is topped with really crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and a mayo sauce that can't be described.  You have to taste it for yourself to get the magic of it. This delicious creation is sandwiched on a buttery, crispy soft croissant. Served with a side of  your choice of fries, fresh fruit, tomato slices, rice, soup, salad or homemade applesauce, it can't be beat.  Another of my favorites is the BBQ Chicken Salad.  It should really be named the Bottomless BBQ Chicken Salad because it's loaded with a great combination that seems to know no end.  The fresh, crisp greens are tossed with cucumber, red onion, avocado, black beans sweet corn and jicama.  Jicama is the winning ingredient for me with its crisp juiciness that's plays well with everything around it.  All of this is combined with shredded jack cheese and tossed in a DELICIOUS bbq ranch dressing and then topped with bbq chicken and tortilla chips.  It's just too good to be true, especially served with a savory slice of focaccia bread.  There are also several burgers to choose from as well as homemade soups.  Everything I've tried is unbeatable and I’ve heard others say the same of their meals.  Four Sister Café is one of those places that gets everything right.  If you haven't already tried it, please treat yourself to dining at Four Sisters Café.  You will be glad you did.

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Four Sisters Café is located at 9050 Fairway Drive Suite 165, Roseville, CA 95678. Phone Number 916-797-0770 Hours of Operation Monday through Sunday 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. http://foursisterscafe.com/

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