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Heroes VR Adventures (Roseville, CA)


Whether you're looking for a fun Christmas gift idea or want to broaden your experience portfolio (is that even a thing?), I highly recommend making a trip into the world of virtual reality. For me, the world of virtual reality is like traveling into another universe with endless possibilities. I like being that person in my friends' circle that encourages new ways of having fun. When I learned about Heroes VR Adventures, it was game on for me. Because I've tried home virtual reality units in the past, I know the quality varies from meh to WOW. Hearing about a place that is said to be the best of its kind made me rush over there and warp speed (does that count as a pun?). I was not disappointed and can guarantee you won't be either. 

Stereoscope to Sensorama

It's a reasonable assumption that most of us think of virtual reality as a result of really cool modern-day technology. While that's partly true, it's only a piece of the story because virtual reality dates back to the 1800s. Yes, technically, it does, as it is built on the technology used in the first stereoscope. A stereoscope uses twin mirrors to project a single image. If that sounds vaguely familiar, think View-Master. That nifty little gizmo was patented in 1939 and is still produced today!

After that, things stayed stagnant and still in the virtual reality world until 1956 when Sensorama was developed for backgrounds by Hollywood's motion picture industry. But to be fair, the term virtual reality wasn't really a thing until the mid-1980s when lots of things became a thing. According to historians, Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research, expanded the whole experience into space by developing virtual reality gear-a.k.a. goggles and gloves. Around that same time, headgear development that eventually paired up with the optical advances caused NASA to land a winner with what they called “Virtual Interface Environment Workstation” or VIEW for short. Well, the rest really is history, and here we are today. Heroes VR Adventures gives us all access to the limitless virtual reality world.

The Perks of Virtual Reality

As its own media category, it's different from all other forms of media on the market. While it's true that virtual reality is a media-driven activity, it's unlike other forms in that it's not passive. Virtual reality requires interaction to work correctly. That means that it is less of a consumption-based media and instead is an interactive form of entertainment. You have to move your body to be fully in that other world. That's a good thing, right?

There are other perks that aren't necessarily the main reason why most people enjoy virtual reality, but they remain perks all the same. With virtual reality, world travel is possible, and that’s a good thing for the brain. Experts in the field of cognitive conditioning all agree that keeping the mind active is an integral part of maintaining a curious mind. For an aging mind, curiosity is a great thing. By making it possible to interact and visit other places easily, a person’s mind gets as much of a workout as the rest of the body.

At Heroes VR Adventures, the following are just a few examples of what you can experience to visit other places.  Hands down, right away, I can tell you my favorite was Goggle Earth VR! It takes you anywhere Google Earth is available. There needed to be more hours in the day to visit all the places I'd wanted to see. It's a fantastic experience!!! Another mind-boggling experience is theBlu. This deep rescue experience makes you feel so immersed that I recommend wearing something warm. It's just incredible.  If you'd rather get personal and compete or travel with a friend, you can always hop into the multiplayer world of virtual reality. There are so many experiences and games to choose from that everyone will find themselves at home in the world of virtual reality.

All About Heroes VR Adventures

Roseville is a family-centered community, so many of its local businesses put back into the community. Heroes VR Adventures has a donation program. If a charitable organization, school, or community wants to request a donation of goods and services, they go online to make the request. In addition to being a good community partner, Heroes VR Adventures provides a great party and event idea for your next special gathering. It all starts by contacting Heroes VR Adventures so they can help you curate an engaging social experience that is perfect for your group of fun-loving buddies.

Whether you're interested in booking an event or just dipping your toe alone into the magical world of virtual reality, all you have to do is call to book your adventure. Individual prices start at $50 for one hour and $85 for two hours, with a $5 fee for share time. Because safety is a priority, each player bay can only support one active player at a time. Now, if you happen to be like someone I know and just walk in to check things out, there are 30-minute time slots available for walk-ins only.

So there you have it. That's scratching the surface of the fun that waits for you at Heroes VR Adventures. Now see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

Roseville Self Storage

Roseville's offerings of fun things to experience are almost as limitless as a virtual reality world. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage makes it a point to keep up with all the great ways to have fun in Roseville. Because we know that moving day can sometimes be challenging, we like to have suggestions for making that day as pleasant as possible. When you're all done with moving, unpacking, and acclimating to a new home, it's great to treat yourself to a fun activity like that offered at Heroes VR Adventures. If you have your own great suggestions for moving day treats, please come by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and tell us all about them. We look forward to hearing from you.

Heroes VR Adventures
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