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Four Score Coffee

Historical Roseville - Fourscore Coffee


This four-part series will help you get started discovering the fun things to see and great places to eat in Roseville's Historic District. Historic Roseville is experiencing a vibrancy that hasn't been seen here in decades and is a wonderful place to eat, shop, and watch trains go by all day long. So, hop on board for a tour of four places to have to try in Historic Roseville starting with Fourscore Coffee House.

It's hard to know where to say first when you find a coffee place as good Fourscore Coffee House. Without one drop of exaggeration, this place is excellent on all counts. So, if you're wandering around looking for a way to become a member of a coffee tribe, look no more. Check out Fourscore Coffee. It's where you'll find excellent coffee, outstanding food, exceptional service, brilliant ambiance and admirable ethics (yes, ethics). Without any more preamble, let me tell you why Fourscore Coffee has become the favorite coffee house of so many people.

Fourscore 1

There's Ambiance and Then There's AMBIANCE

Fourscore Coffee is in an up-and-coming part of Roseville known as Historic Roseville. Decades ago, when Roseville began to grow in other directions, this part of Roseville was left unchanged. Recently, that's all changed with a purposeful movement to revitalize this fascinating part of Roseville. Fourscore Coffee fits in beautifully with the exciting changes going on in Historic Roseville. Fourscore Coffee House has done a fantastic job of maintaining the historical integrity of its environment while adding a fresh, edgy, relaxing vibe for its coffee house's ambiance.  When walking in, you immediately feel welcomed to sit down and relax and sense there's a community here waiting for you to lean into. There's ample seating between Fourscore Coffee's two large rooms and every detail announces that it's a place to make your own. What a great feeling! The day I visited, it was clear to me that this coffee house's patrons (or coffee tribe as they're referred to) are made to feel comfortable here; in fact, there were customers ranging from moms with their littles to young adults working on laptops to an older adult reading a book. Everyone looked as if they had what they needed and we're in no hurry to leave. And who can blame them when the environment says, "stay and be comfortable" and the offerings are delicious. Co-owners Luke Noland and Jesse Mariut outdid themselves with the ambiance they created for their coffee tribe. 

Fourscore 3

Coffee is Not Just About Coffee

When you partake in the offerings of a place like Fourscore Coffee, you know you're not there simply for a cup of something hot to drink. This coffee house has the highest of standards related to everything they sell to eat and drink. Of course, the coffee plays a huge role in the Fourscore Coffee House community. Fourscore Coffee House uses a locally roasted coffee out of Loomis. Valiant Coffee is an incredible choice with the variety it offers so that everyone's coffee experience is a great one. Customers are encouraged to ask baristas questions about the coffee so that they get exactly what they prefer or maybe even find a new favorite.

It isn't just about the coffee here. The baked goods will make you go a bit nuts trying to decide what to try (did that make sense?). Between the scones, cookies, muffins, breads and danish, I didn't know if I could try just one thing! I finally ended up going with one of my favorite cookies and man was I glad I did! Early each morning, baked goods are delivered by the award winning Bellabru bakery. There isn't one thing this bakery creates that's not exquisite. The duo of Bellabru baked goods and Valiant coffee is a match made in heaven!

A Community of Coffee and Art Fans

There's something special about Fourscore Coffee House. You have to see it for yourself to understand what special looks like, in this case. It's clear that the owners are into coffee and have chosen well with the quality of coffee and sweets they serve. But there's no doubt that they’re into building a friendly, relaxed, caring community. To build a community, it's important to reach out in a way that resonates with others. Fourscore Coffee House does that by supporting local artists by displaying the artist's photos, painting and pieces.

Great Customer Service with Every Pour

It's always fun to watch how coffee baristas interact with their customers. For those that are really good at their craft, they not only can prepare each order to the exact specifications of their customer, they can remember that customer's specifications from one visit to the next. It's true that great coffee and food makes a happy customer but it's the outstanding service that makes them a customer for life. With the great service provided at Fourscore Coffee House, I have no doubt their coffee tribe is set for a very long time. The customer service provided at Fourscore is consistent with the positive vibes that permeate every detail of this coffee house and impact people beyond its walls. Fourscore Coffee House is about making a difference in its community.

"The relentless pursuit of human hearts through coffee to benefit our community." This is the Fourscore Coffee House mission. If there's one thing I'd like for you to take away from this is that people come first at Fourscore Coffee House.  I asked Noland how they came up with the name "Fourscore Coffee House" and he pointed to the huge painting of Abraham Lincoln's face on the entry way's wall. He said that it made sense to go with a Lincoln theme because the coffee house is on Lincoln Street. But there's a much more profound connection that's developed between the reference to a president best known for his views against slavery and Fourscore Coffee House. Fourscore Coffee House is a community activist partnering with organizations that are fighting human trafficking. No doubt, it's a business that's about growing a community around coffee but that's Fourscore Coffee House's second mission. It's first is to help people. Noland says that he believes it's important to use the success of a business to give back to the community. It's obvious that this belief isn't just theoretical. Fourscore Coffee House hosts anti-human trafficking organizations on a regular basis and partners with those organizations in fund-raising activities. Noland said, should they open other coffee houses, Fourscore Coffee House will always find a community cause to support. Selling coffee may be how they do but building connections and helping others is why they do it. Well done down the last drop, Foursquare Coffee House.

We all know that there's a lot of work involved in moving and everyone deserves a treat after working hard, right? So why not treat yourselves to a great cup of coffee and delicious pastry at Fourscore Coffee House? Be sure and drop by Roseville Self Storage and tell us about your experience there because we're all part of the same great community. Building communities and creating connections is an important part of how we do business at Roseville Self Storage. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, we appreciate all the great things that Roseville has to offer; that's why we love sharing information about places like Fourscore Coffee House.

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