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Lakeshore Learning Store Review (Roseville, CA)


As a parent or someone responsible for enhancing a child's educational opportunities, buying toys and learning materials can be quite a challenge. And during an era where parents are taking on more and more of the responsibility of having their hands on the wheel of their children's daily education, it's vital to turn to a reliable source for materials. Lakeshore Learning Store is a place you can trust with your child's educational material needs. It makes total sense that a family-oriented community like Roseville would be home to Lakeshore Learning Store. While it's now a national presence and leading developer of educational materials, this store started with one woman's journey. While shopping at Lakeshore Learning Store, you still feel as if you're connecting with that dream. 

Opening a Toy Store Grew Beyond the Imagination

Lakeshore Learning Store's owner, Ethelyn Kaplan, moved her family from Omaha, Nebraska to California to open a toy store. She did this in the mid-1950s when women weren't moving families to realize their own dreams, let alone opening toy stores! However, Ethelyn persisted and did well with her toy store. Word got out to the educational community that Ethelyn provided toys that also focused on education. In addition to those toys, teachers asked her for art materials and school supplies. Ethelyn had a heart for responding to what others needed and soon shifted her focus into serving the educational community. She sold the toy store and started Lakeshore Learning Store, where the best of both worlds happened. Parents had access to learning materials and toys, and teachers could shop for their classroom materials easily. 

Fast forward 60 years later, and Lakeshore Learning Store is a premier developer and retailer of children's educational products. How fortunate to have such a store in a community that's dedicated to being one of the best places to raise families. Having a store like this in Roseville is wonderful for families and the educational community as it's more than a store; it's a community too.

Parents and Educators Welcomed

I think as parents and grandparents, we've all had the experience of entering a store designed for children's needs and quickly become overwhelmed. Between hoping things do what they're supposed to and finding what we need, it's easy to get lost. Lakeshore Learning Store does an excellent job of laying everything out so that the goal and intended age of each product is clear. In addition to having products arranged so that they are easy to understand, the Lakeshore Learning Store motto is to build staff teams that assist guests with confidence and friendliness. With each visit, I've been asked if there's something I need help finding. On occasion, when I have needed assistance, the store clerk went out of her way to assist me by offering several solutions for the scenario I was addressing. 

Lakeshore Learning Store offers an invaluable service by providing products that are produced by developers that are former educators. These developers ensure that Lakeshore Learning Store keeps up with the changing educational by visiting classrooms around the country. This type of research is important in creating materials that prepare children to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

The products sold by Lakeshore Learning Store cover the needs of children beginning in infancy through elementary age children. Materials sold  cover all educational subjects, including science, math, language, history, music, arts, and crafts. The products are developed to meet the educational goal using active play, manipulatives, books, dramatic play, games , STEM, and sensory exploration. Both parents and teachers can easily find what they want to teach a child and various ways in which to reach that educational goal. Teachers have access to various resources and supplies that range from materials to classroom furniture. Just as  how it's presented for parents to use at home, teachers can find everything quickly and organized in a way that makes shopping fun. 

Lakeshore Learning Store is Part of its Community

As with any valuable member of a community, Lakeshore Learning Store provides more than an opportunity to shop; it offers activities and events that give back to its community. Lakeshore Learning Store offers fun craft and hands-on classes that are family-friendly and free. Every Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., there are different craft project classes for kids to make in the store. Please contact the store for details on whether classes are currently being offered. 

Lakeshore Learning Store also participates in its community by partnering with programs like DonorsChoose.org  and AdoptAClassroom.org to give back to local classrooms. Historically, it has held contests that resulted in dream classroom giveaways. In small ways and large ones, having Lakeshore Learning Store in Roseville's family-friendly community is a great fit. Whether you're a parent looking for educational toys and materials or whether you're a teacher ready to outfit your classroom, Lakeshore Learning Store will have everything you need. 

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