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New Vs. Old Self Storage Facilities


Roseville Self Storage is the newest self storage in Roseville, California. As someone in the market for a self storage unit, you're probably trying to determine whether it makes sense to go with a newer facility vs. an older one. While it's not an easy answer there are definitely some things to consider when determining which is the best kind of facility for your storage needs. Today, we want to share some of the pros and cons of each.


If surveillance isn’t a top concern then opting for an older facility may save you some money. However, if you want to ensure your items are kept in a modern facility featuring top surveillance features like a controlled access gate, 24-hour surveillance, and individually alarmed units then Roseville Self Storage (or another brand new, modern facility) is the place for you.

You can also feel comfortable knowing that the Roseville Self Storage team treats our facility like our home. How do we do this? We actually live on-site at the facility in order to maintain your complete satisfaction.

More Variety

Newer facilities like Roseville Self Storage often offer a greater variety of sized units. While older facilities sometimes tend to stick to limited unit sizes and stacked. (Yep, we said stacked. Stacked meaning you'll need a ladder or something to access your unit if it's a top one.) With newer facilities in the greater Roseville area, you'll often experience ground floor access, with options for larger and smaller units. If you are remodeling and need a large amount of space to store furniture then you'll likely find the right sized unit at a newer facility. Likewise, if you only need a small unit for storing books or a few boxes you can still be accommodated in a newer facility. We invite you to give us a call today, and we can help you determine the perfect self storage unit for your needs.


This not only applies to location but to how you can access the facility. Location is always a big determining factor when choosing a storage facility. Roseville Self Storage prides itself on being conveniently located on Foothills Blvd. in Roseville, CA. There are also plentiful options for accessing your facility. At a newer facility like Roseville, you also get carts to help move items in and out of your unit.

There are also access hours we need to discuss. At a newer facility, you get access seven days a week. While most facilities exclude holidays, you can still access your facility from seven to seven to sometimes even later.

Better for Businesses

If you're a business that's looking for self storage then getting a unit at a newer facility is your best bet. Newer facilities not only make great options for businesses to store extra items, or create a showcase room, but newer facilities like Roseville Self Storage also accept packages for businesses that would normally crowd a waiting area or office space.


This is a big one. Do you really want to store your prized possessions in a dirty unit prone to insects? We didn't think so. New or old, a facility you store with needs to be able to pride itself on being clean and well-maintained. The hallways should be free of dust, dirt, and outside items, while also lacking in any odors. The unit should be free of animal droppings and evidence of animals. But don't stop at the inside. If the outside of the facility isn't kept clean then that should tell you something about the inside. If the trash is overflowing, you notice the grounds are full of trash and leaves, the paint is chipped, and the outside of the building and/or units need some upkeep then you shouldn't waste your time or money storing with them.

Payment Methods

Would you rather have to go up to a facility every time a payment is due or simply pay online? Online? Us, too. With newer facilities you often get better, more convenient payment options. You can also use your favorite Visa, Mastercard, etc. While many older facilities may accept debit or credit cards, chances are they won't always accept online payments. This is inconvenient if the property is already in a less than desirable location and you are in need of long term storage that requires you to go to the facility on the first of every month.

While older facilities can sometimes save you a buck (and they might be the right solution for depending on your needs), newer facilities have so much more to offer a person in need of self storage. At Roseville Self Storage we have modern surveillance features, a variety of unit sizes, a dedicated on-site manager, and all the packing supplies you could need. And, since we just opened, you can literally pick the unit that you'd like to rent, and be the very first person to ever store in that unit. How neat! Please give us a call today, or just stop by. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

About the Author: Today's post is a guest post by Lark Begin, the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; a marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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