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Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory (Roseville, CA)


Roseville's Vernon Street is a collection of so many interesting shops and eateries. When I visit Vernon Street, I feel like I'm visiting a town within a town because of its unique shops and restaurants. In a relatively small area, it houses a local theater company, a guitar shop specializing in ukuleles, an upscale home décor shop, an excellent coffee shop, a music school, several restaurants offering a variety of ethnic food; and an art gallery that specializes in custom frames! Believe it or not, that's just one block of Vernon Street in Roseville.  On my last visit to Vernon Street, I learned of Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory. I was blown away by what I found there, and here's why you will be too.

A Twenty Three Year Old Hall of Frame

Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory has been serving the needs of its large customer base for over 23 years. On my visit to this fabulous find, I learned that they've been serving the great Roseville area for over 23 years and have completed more than 37,000 custom framing projects!  Now I will admit, up until visiting Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory, I was an "off the shelf" frame customer. Most of the framed objects in my home are photographs printed to standard-sized specifications. I have a whole new appreciation for the value of having many choices when framing an item.  And judging from the subjects that have made Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory Hall of Frame, anything is frameable. Some of the specialties shown on this lovely Hall of Frame are sports, military, retirement, wedding, and other memorabilia shadowboxes. People frame needlepoint and cross stitch projects as well as tapestries of all sizes. And of course, there's an impressive display of how beautiful the proper matting and frame make photographs and artwork. It's very evident that Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory provides unique treatments for each subject being framed. The years of experience this shop has genuinely shows up in everything displayed. Read on to learn what makes this all happen at Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory.

Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory Roseville

Voted Best Frame Shop in Sacramento For a Good Reason

What began as a full-service picture frame shop has evolved into a gold standard for framing by someone who would know a thing or two about the value of framing. Noel Flynn is not only the owner of this great shop, but he's also a renowned artist! When you enter the front door of Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory, you'll see a feast for the eyes due to gorgeous frame choices and an art gallery featuring artwork from a variety of local artists. That variety includes Flynn’s artwork. For those unfamiliar with Flynn’s work, he’s been a serious member of the local, national, and international art world for over 30 years.  He believes that his work as an artist has played a big part in his success with framing.  Flynn states that design is very important in framing, as is creativity, precision, and attention to every detail. He prides himself on handing over a perfect product to all his customers. Because of Flynn's own artistic sensibilities, he can create something for his customers that is aesthetically beautiful and constructed to perfection. After visiting his shop, I was curious about the art of framing art, so I dug around into art historians' work.  Please keep reading to learn the highlights of what I discovered.

Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory Roseville

The History of Being Frame

According to art historians, framing objects has been a practice for thousands of years. Throughout the Middle Ages, central Italian artists painted on wooden panels, with carpenters playing a key role in preparing the wooden armatures used for panel paintings. At that time, wooden forms weren’t considered separate from the artwork itself. During the 1200s and 1300s, carpenters constructed elaborate architectural shapes for multi-paneled paints called polyptychs, triptychs, and diptychs, depending on the number of individual panels. Eventually, the work in the center and that around its edges would blend into one large piece of art. It wasn’t until the Florentine Renaissance that the idea of the frame separate from the painted work comes into the picture (yes, pun intended). In 1423, the richest man in Florence, Italy, commissioned an artist to paint a version of the Adoration of the Magi. While the gilded panel painting was based on the medieval prototype of an architectural framework, for the first time, the frame ended up as a separate elaboration from the painting. Other prominent Florentine artists continued the trend, and the art of framing art took hold for good.  As time went on, the more classic aesthetic of the frame being separate from the art became the artwork's finishing touch prototype. While painters earned fame for their works and frame-makers remained anonymous, these early frames constituted extraordinary accomplishments because the makers of frames exercised remarkable sensitivity to the specific properties of each type of wood, the intricate carving of the frame, and for adding gilding or paint in the end of the frame-creation process. 

Self Storage Is Great For Art

Whether you are an artist or art collector (or both), self storage is a great place for your art, frames, and supplies. If you are storing fine art, consider a climate-controlled self storage unit to keep your items at a constant temperature. For items a bit less sensitive to temperature (perhaps art supplies, excess frames, easels, and props), a standard self storage unit may work just fine. If you don't have enough space at home to store all of your items to fully pursue your passion for art, self storage can be an affordable and wonderful option.

Roseville Self Storage

As your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is a proud member of the Roseville community. We appreciate being part of a community that offers so many great places to shop, eat and recreate. Being a proud member of this community means spreading the word about what we find is special in Roseville. Please come by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and tell us what you’ve discovered is great about Roseville.  We’re grateful to learn from others and hope you’ll come by and see us.  We’re open and practicing social distancing; we hope to see you soon!

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