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Q1227 Restaurant

Q1227 Restaurant Review (Roseville, CA)


Suppose you want to eat like a former president, a Grammy award-winning performer, a famous clothing designer, or any other celebrity status individual. It can happen right in your own community! Q1227 is a world-class restaurant because of a man named Chef Q, and you'll find it in Roseville. Q1227's Chef Q is the real deal when it comes to being famous in his industry and when you read about him, you'll see his fame is very well earned. Fortunately for us, he's chosen Roseville for opening his own restaurant, and thanks to that decision, you can treat yourself to a meal fit for royalty and celebrities. Read on to learn all about what you have to look forward to when dining at Q1227.

Diversity Through Dining

For those who follow things like a city's growth and what’s brought in with that growth, it'll be no surprise to learn that Roseville is projected to be the fastest-growing city in California in 2021 and 2022. It's also no surprise that a city such a Roseville, known for its family-friendly services and inclusive vibe, aims towards diversity. One way that it's doing so is to offer diversity through dining. An example of that is the highly acclaimed Q1227. 

With the fierce competition in the culinary world, those who rise to the top do so against substantial opponents. No one makes it to the top without exceptional talent. Fortunately, for those who live and work in the Roseville community, there’s an opportunity to be on the receiving end of that talent. Chef Q is known for his unique style of modern comfort food.

Imagine old-fashioned southern food fused with California cuisine, and you'll come close to what is elegantly served at 1227. We're so lucky Chef Q chose Roseville to establish his restaurant.  

Q1227 Restaurant Roseville

RIC Principles Are a Must

When dining at Q1227, the first thing you notice is that this is no ordinary dining experience. Everything is represented at the top of its game. From the décor to the ambiance to the wait staff, everything appears solid in its role. That's because Chef Q comes from a heart place of having everything function with what he says are RIC principles: respect, integrity, and commitment where all customers are treated equally. And it feels that way. From the beautifully appointed dining area to the gracious wait staff to Chef Q's personal greeting, everything about this restaurant feels like a special occasion destination. 

Anytime a highly accomplished chef opens his own restaurant, his patrons know they're in for a culinary treat. But how often do you get to enjoy a meal that is made to suit members of Gospel Music First Family, BeBe, Former NFL players Jerry Rice and Terry Owens, NBA players Chris Paul and Dusty Baker, former President Clinton? Chef Q's talents have created meals for all those mentioned earlier and many more of the same celebrity status. And now his talents are creating meals for people who want to enjoy a dining experience that is both exciting and soothing. So what is on the menu? Read on to learn what you have to look forward to when dining at Q1227.

Watching, Serving, Curating

Chef Q was raised in a small town near Gainesville, Florida. He credits his mother for his interest in cooking because of his years growing up watching her prepare food for her ten children in the kitchen. Chef Q served eight years in the US Navy, where he honed his cooking skills and followed that time with a career of working in fine dining establishments. During that time, his culinary proficiencies grew as he rose to the top of his industry to the point of being the Executive Chef for the famous Echo and Rig Steakhouse. To put that in perspective, USA Today has historically placed the original Echo and Rig Steakhouse on its “10 Best in Las Vegas” list. Anyone that's visited Vegas knows the food competition is fierce. In 2018, Echo and Rig Steakhouse opened a second eatery in Sacramento, which sealed the deal for Sacramento to become a solid presence in the eatery world. Through Chef Q, Roseville now has an eatery that links to the high standards like Echo and Rig steakhouse! And the proof shows up with each meal artistically plated at Q1227.

While I usually enjoy capturing in words what a meal tastes and looks like, I can't do justice with words for what is served at Q1227. I can say that my dinner consisted of a Southern-fried chicken so beautifully finished that I just wanted to stare at it. I can say that the chicken was so tender and moist that a knife wasn't necessary to cut it. I can also say that Chef Q has somehow perfected the art of placing food together yet keeping each component so perfectly seasoned that it all transmits its own unique flavor. While sitting underneath the chicken, my mashed potatoes and gravy tasted as uniquely delicious in their own way as the chicken it carried. It was exactly what you'd expect in a restaurant that says it serves modern comfort food. Traditional yet edgy. 

And speaking of traditional, I couldn't leave without trying the Bourbon Street Bread Pudding. Being Portuguese, I grew up eating extraordinary bread pudding. So I had to try bread pudding made by someone like Chef Q to see how it compares to the delectable bread pudding of my childhood. But what a calculated risk that was because to find something better casts shade on what I hold so dear. However, to find an inferior version means slight disappointment. Fortunately, a third possibility presented itself, and it's one I'm excited to report.

Chef Q's mother's recipe for Bourbon Street Bread Pudding is truly perfection on a plate. It involves bread and custard topped with a bourbon cream sauce, berries, and whipped cream. That's not the same bread pudding genre I grew up with. The Portuguese version has all sorts of additions to what's inside the pudding but omits toppings and sauces. Both versions remain the best in my mind and heart; the version offered at Q1227 is worth leaving room for. I believe it's safe to say that anything you eat at Q1227 will be the best in its class, so please treat yourself to the experience of dining at this exceptional eatery. You deserve it.

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