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Railroad Hobbies (Roseville, CA)


There are some hobbies that stand the test of time and never fade with the changing of generations. This is undoubtedly true for model railroading. There are members of each generation that have their hearts fully engaged in the world of model railroading, and that will probably never change.  If you're a model railroading enthusiast, or if you have one in your family, you'll appreciate Railroad Hobbies in Roseville. It's a model railroading enthusiast's dream come true and a place you have to visit to appreciate.

In the Olden Days of Railroad Models

Railroad history is the root of creating railroad models. Developments in the railroad train industry inspire and influence what model railroaders do in their own railroad worlds. According to several sources that have tracked (pun crossing) the history of model railroading, the first model train sets were developed less than 50 years after the invention of the first steam-powered locomotive. However, the first model train was built as a prototype for designers to research the trains' mechanics carefully. So, some contend that model trains were developed in the late 1700s. But no matter which spot in history you consider to be the beginning of the line (pun alert), model trains have been around a very long time.

In the 1860s, wooden and metal floor toy trains were made. In 1891, the first mass-market of model train sets were manufactured by a German company called Marklin. But the name we are all familiar with is the infamous Lionel trains.  In 1901, Lionel invented its first electric-powered train, and although it was only for a store window display, it captured the heart of those who already loved the world of trains. By 1920, model trains were famous and on many a child’s Santa gift list. This led to what is known as the "Golden Age" of toy trains. Although they were popular, they were big and expensive. 

The 1930s began development towards what we now think of as model trains. The model trains of the 1930s were accurate and what is known as an O and HO scale. It meant that they were more realistic in proportion, and although still built for kids, they had adult craftsmanship. While materials and scales changed in the model railroading world, the passion their followers have for this hobby has not.  It's estimated that there are over ½ million model train collectors in the US and Canada today. 

Model Railroads Have Stayed On Track

It stands to reason that any hobby as exact as model railroading would have to have its own "bible." Model Railroader is the world's largest magazine on model trains and model railroad layouts.  This robust body of all things model railroads began publication in 1934. According to Model Railroader, this hobby has remained popular because it's evolved technologically, and there are elements of it that aren't duplicative any other way.

Model Railroading Is All Engaging

Building a model railroad involves planning a layout, obtaining materials for the design, collecting scenery, trains, and accessories. It involves engineering, painting, and artistic touches.  It's a hobby that engages a person in tactile ways that also unleashes creativity. For many, it’s therapy because it takes their minds and souls to a different era and world. And model railroading can be a hobby that engages others. Model railroading is a great family-oriented hobby. Hobbyists can invite other family members to participate in building, painting, and designing their miniature world. Even when there are varying degrees of interest in the hobby, there’s still something that can be done together as a family. 

Model railroading remains popular because it has a community. Any activity that helps people feel connected to a network of others who have the same passion is bound to stay relevant. While model railroading happens at an individual's home, there's also a very social part of the hobby.  There are clubs, associations, and expos that people join and attend. These forums allow for swapping stories, teaching skills, and even collaborating on large scale projects. Enthusiasts also participate in rail fanning trips with other model railroad hobbyists.  The trip takes place on a train, and these trips' focus is as broad-ranged as the world of trains itself. But you don't have to hop on a train or attend a convention to get a feel for why this hobby remains popular; visit a model railroad shop like Railroad Hobbies to get a feel for the hobby itself.  

Railroad Hobbies Has It All

You know you've arrived in a legitimate hobbyist's ground zero when every inch of the shop is directly related to one item. Such is the case for Railroad Hobbies. Every inch of the large store is dedicated to the love of model railroads. I spoke to the store’s owner, Mr. Michael Schroedle, who said he opened the store because of his passion for trains. Thirty-one years later, he still loves what he does, and he's not alone.  On the day I visited Railroad Hobbies, several other shoppers seemed to know exactly what they were looking for and found it. While I can't claim to be a model railroad enthusiast, I have a grandson who is.  Through his enthusiasm, I've learned quite a bit about how to authenticate a model train. Based on what I know, I can vouch for authentic model trains found at Railroad Hobbies.  But this shop isn't just about the model trains; it has every single little tiny thing a person needs to build a model railroad. From pebbles to mountains, ties to skies, this shop has it all. If you are a model railroader, Railroad Hobbies should be your next destination.

Self Storage Is Perfect For Your Model Railroad Hobby

Storage is a priority factored into model railroading. While there is the work of art known as the model railroad, things always need to be stored away. Unused materials, tools, paints, and fiddle yards are just a few things that take up space and are a valuable part of the hobby. Self storage facilities like Roseville Self Storage offer the perfect solution for model railroad storage needs. Our facility has a variety of unit sizes to suit every need. By having your model railroad materials in a self-storage unit, you'll be able to keep everything organized and ready for your next exciting change in your model railroad. Come by and see us.  We practice social distancing and look forward to helping our customers find the storage unit they need to make life easy and fun.

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