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Oriental Market Sign Roseville CA

Sari-Sari Oriental Market


Roseville has many hidden gems and none is more of a gem than Roseville's Sari-Sari Oriental Market. This great Asian market holds everything you need to stock up on the ingredients needed to enjoy recreating your favorite dishes as well as tempting you into producing new ones. Whether you're in the mood to cook or want to eat at the in-store canteen, Sari-Sari Oriental Market is an unbelievable find.

Seasonings, Spices and Sauces

It's safe to say that the popularity of cooking shows has changed the landscape of our home kitchens! Whether we're baking our favorite bread or expanding our cooking repertoire to include new dishes, those of us who love cooking are doing more of it. Cooking Asian food can be simple with very few ingredients or be complex with involving quite a few spices and seasonings.

Since we're going to be talking about ingredients and cooking, let's talk about the difference between a spice and a seasoning. While in conversation you hear the two used interchangeably, they aren't interchangeable. A seasoning is a broad term that includes almost anything you add to a meal to enhance the meal's flavor. You can season with something as basic as salt, oil and even wine. A seasoning can also be an herb. Unlike spices, seasonings are typically added towards the end of the cooking process to prevent their flavor loss. Typical Asian seasonings include basil, lemongrass, coriander, spearmint and turmeric.

Spices, on the other hand, are plant substances you put on food to add flavor and extend the food's life. Spices help build the flavor while seasonings lightly enhance flavor. Typical Asian seasonings include cinnamon, cloves, cumin, fenugreek seeds, five-spice and nigella. Consider what overall effect you want to achieve when adding the spice because a little often goes along way.

Sauces are a whole other matter and equally fun to cook with when you're delving into preparing Asian food. Asian sauces cover the flavor gamut from very sweet to incredibly hot. Some of the most popular Asian sauces include sweet bean sauce, Hoisin sauce, black vinegar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame paste, sacha sauce and Doubanjiang. These delicious sauces are not only used alone, they are often in a combination to create the quintessential flavors associated with Asian food. Whether you want to eat something very spicy or on the mild side, Sari-Sari Oriental Market has the seasoning, spice or sauce to create it

Oriental Market Fish Roseville CA

Childhood Favorites

If you were fortunate enough to be raised eating Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese or Chinese food, you're probably going to find your childhood favorites sold at Sari-Sari Oriental Market. Do you want fresh meatballs for pho, Korean spicy noodles, lumpia ready to cook, Panda chocolate creams or Ube soft bread, they're available for your trip down food-memory lane. There's so much neatly organized into each aisle that you'll stroll through the store twice to appreciate it all.

Frozen and Fresh

There are times when you want fresh fish and nothing else will do. Sari-Sari Oriental Market has an impressive selection of extremely fresh fish. The choice varies but on the day I was there, I was extremely impressed as there were at least ten kinds of fish including milkfish, red snapper, Norwegian mackerel butterfish, two sizes of shrimp and squid. Everything was on ice and I'm told they only put out what is sold for that day. And while there, take advantage of two free services. One is fish cutting and the other is deep frying of whole fish. If you buy fresh fish at Sari-Sari Oriental Market, you can have it deep-fried for you to enjoy eating at home. There's a generous choice of dried and canned vegetables as well as the fresh produce include many of the ingredients used to cook Asian food dishes. Unless you’re cooking fish on the same day you buy it, you may be interested in looking at the huge variety of frozen seafood available at Sari-Sari Oriental Market. It’s a remarkable collection ranging from a seafood mix of shrimp, scallops, and octopus to frozen lobster tails. As you can see, it’s easy to get caught in the excitement of the fish and seafood selection at Sari-Sari Oriental Market.

You'll find so many other great items in the frozen food section. If you need to cook with kaffir lime leaves, petai, lumpia wraps or you want sweet barbeque pork buns, it's all in the frozen food section Sari-Sari Oriental Market.

Oriental Market Smoothies Roseville CA

You're Hungry for Something Now? No Problem

There's nothing like being hungry while grocery shopping to increase the amount of food you buy. Fortunately, Sari-Sari Oriental Market has an amazing on-site Filipino food cantina. The choice varies daily but no matter what is being served, it's cooked fresh and to perfection. There's even better news for the hungry shopper…a fresh fruit smoothie bar with 35 different items to start with and add on items like boba and pudding. Don't worry if you can't decide which one to try because the most popular smoothies are listed separately. These include The Avocado Mini Pearl Freeze which is their number one seller! Between the cantina and the smoothie bar, you're safe to shop with a full tummy and taking your time appreciating all the amazing Asian groceries offered at Sari-Sari Oriental Market.

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