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School of Rock (We Love Roseville, CA)


Once again, the Roseville community has reason to be proud of its family-friendly, all-inclusive way of showing up for its residents. This time, Roseville can hold its head high for bringing in one of the best music schools of its kind in the nation! Yes, I said in the nation. If you're the parent of a budding musician or you're someone who has always wanted to be a musician, you have got to check out School of Rock! Read on to learn what the big deal is all about.

Talks the Rock

School of Rock has everything going for it. First, let's talk location. This modern vibe school is set in the heart of one of the coolest sections of Roseville. Nestled in a building brick building sharing a block with great eateries and specialty shops, School of Rock is perfectly located for the kind of services it offers. In other words, everything that is edgy and cool is happening on Vernon Street. The fact that this school is situated here says tons about its quality of services. School of Rock, as a franchise, has been in existence for over 42 years and is recognized as a top children's music enrichment brand. It's been awarded a U.S. patent for a revolutionary School of Rock music teaching method. So what is the School of Rock method? Well, I didn't know either, so I did some research and now know what the big deal is.

School of Rock Roseville

Traditional music education focuses on teaching music through one on one lessons. The innovative School of Rock method takes the one-on-one teaching method and integrates it with live performances while students are learning. It's believed that this integrated approach allows students to learn theory and techniques when performing with other musicians. School of Rock students have one-on-one instruction, group rehearsals, and full band live performances as part of their educational experience. As someone who has only later in life picked up playing an instrument, I can say that learning while in the company of other musicians has made all the difference in the world for me. I imagine it's no different for a young person. I can see why School of Rock has been praised for this method of teaching music.

Rockin' Out All Sorts of Ways

From online to in-person, every musician's need is attended to in a way to foster success. The School of Rock Remote is an online way of learning that a variety of patented apps that allow for safe, securing music lessons. The Little Wings program is a special music program for preschool-aged children. Using hand percussion and other tools, little musicians learn rhythm patterns and music syntax in a way that builds invaluable foundational skills. These classes are currently being taught virtually but will also be available in person soon.

Rookies is a musical program designed for children ages six to seven years old. Rookie musicians have weekly group music lessons where they learn the foundational skills on which all the rest of the good stuff is built upon. Rookies are taught rhythm, chords, and song structure while experimenting with multiple instruments. This method's value is that Rookies get to have fun, learn foundational skills, and play around with instruments without committing to just one instrument. This class doesn't require any previous experience, so it really does allow for musicians to have fun while moving towards the instrument they'll want to commit to later. At this time, this class is also offered virtually, with the availability of in-person instruction coming soon.

Rock 101 is for ages eight to thirteen, with musicians learning class rock songs that have been simplified for young musicians. These classes provide young musicians with the fundamentals of learning their instrument while interacting with other musicians in a positive and fun way. Rock 101 musicians also have private weekly lessons to prepare for group performances. These classes are now offered online and will resume in-person lessons soon.

School of Rock Roseville

Rockin' on Stage

Group rehearsals and stage performance is bedrock at School of Rock. From ages eight to eighteen, musicians are assigned songs and parts tailored to them based on their experience, age, and abilities. While musicians work through their parts with individual lessons, the real learning magic happens when they're in the group environment. From these musician's lessons comes the opportunity to get on stage and play at local music venues. School of Rock in Roseville is located in a perfect place for these opportunities as there are several eateries and platforms for live performances.

But you know, music needs all sorts of contributions, including those of songwriters. School of Rock's Songwriting program teaches the fundamentals of songwriting, music theory, and music arrangement to help students learn to compose original works. Musicians have weekly private lessons on the instrument of their choice. The principles they learn from these lessons are applied in weekly group lessons where musicians work together on songwriting exercises and lyrical workshops. Like with the Performance Program, the Songwriter Program has its musicians join together to either record or perform at live events.

Now, if you're over eighteen and want to experience the School of Rock vibe, don't despair as there's a program just for you. From someone who has never played an instrument to musicians who want to level up their game, School of Rock makes it happen. Like younger musicians, adult students participate in a performance-based music education program that includes weekly individual lessons combined with a weekly group rehearsal. Every musician is in a band and assigned specific songs as a way of learning music concepts and skills. And just like their young counterparts, adult musicians take to the stage to perform in live events. There are so many exciting things going on at School of Rock that they can't all be captured here. There's just so much exciting stuff going on from opportunities for gig bands to camps and workshops to specialty lessons for singers! You must go by School of Rock to check it out for yourself. You won't regret it!

Self Storage Is Perfect For Musicians and Bands

Musicians often start with one instrument and eventually move on to other instruments. Musicians are also notorious for collecting music and accessories that eventually take up a whole bunch of space. Self storage is a great way to keep all your valuable musician's gear stored in an organized manner. Self stoage is perfect for bands as well with a lot of gear. At Roseville Self Storage, our state-of-the-art facility is the perfect solution to your musician's storage needs. Come by our facility so we can show you how easily and safely you can keep your valuable musician's collection stored in a way that will give you peace of mind that everything is ready for you to access when you need it. We're open and practicing social distancing. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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