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Shady Coffee and Tea

Shady Coffee and Tea (Roseville, CA)


Cafes are often like retreats. They offer a peaceful setting, an opportunity to share with others, and delicious food and beverages. One of the many wonderful things about the Roseville community is the variety within categories of what’s available. For example, there are several great Mexican food restaurants, each different enough from the others so that you can choose based on your mood or preference for the day. The same is true for coffee houses.

If you're in the mood for a contemporary, edgy vibe, you can enjoy great coffee in Roseville. If you're in the mood for a quaint, old-fashioned experience, you can enjoy great coffee in Roseville. And if you're in the mood for the feel of a retreat while enjoying great coffee, you can do that at Shady Coffee and Tea in Roseville. Read on to learn about why this unique place will be part of your “great coffee in Roseville” list.

Nothing Shady About This Menu

When visiting Shady Coffee and Tea, you'll see immediately why this little café uses “shady” as part of its name. Its building and courtyard are nestled in the shade of several large trees. Although this little gem of a café is located at the corner of a mixed residential and commercial block, it feels like it's in the woods because of the large trees surrounding it.

But the setting is only the beginning of all the great things about Shady Coffee and Tea. This café's food and drink selection add to the “retreat” feel of the place with its decadent menu. Each item is carefully curated to be the best of its kind. Starting with coffee, I have to say I love a clear choice of how I can order my favorite drink on the planet…coffee. The coffee used is Mast Coffee Co. It's bold and mellow, smooth and sassy. Shady Coffee and Tea's menu makes it easy for me to see I can have hot coffee prepared in a hot and cold brew or with a French press. That's helpful because I can set my expectations accordingly. For those that want to have a drink created from there, you have the typical choices of everything from espresso to mocha. With tea, it's the same thing. It comes in several options, from black to herbal, with several choices within the tea type categories. As I scrolled down this swell, straightforward selection, I landed on two things that made my heart race: European Sipping Chocolate and Affogato! Read on to learn why those two things are game-changers.

Shady Coffee and Tea Roseville

Elegance In a Cup

In Italian, the word affogato means drowned. Originally invented in Italy, this drink is perfectly named as the idea is to take a scoop of ice cream and drown it in espresso. For this drink or dessert, as sometimes classified in restaurants, to be the height of decadence, the coffee has to be as rich and pure in flavor as the ice cream. If both aren't equally excellent, the whole thing is downgraded. A delicious affogato is elegance for the taste buds.

 At Shady Coffee and Tea, this beautiful creation is made using two half scoops of rich, vanilla ice cream, covered with four shots of deeply rich espresso and set on top of eight chocolate-covered espresso beans. Shady Coffee and Tea has met the standard for the best affogato I've ever tasted. There's only one other of these I've found equally as delicious in Bodega Bay, CA. And it doesn't include chocolate-covered coffee beans, so perhaps it isn't as good after all. 

The other thing that excited me about the drink offerings at Shady Coffee and Tea is the European Sipping Chocolate. If you're the kind of person who knows that excellent dark chocolate means high cacao content, low sugar content, few additives with no added flavors, no preservatives, and definitely not “dutched” (processed with alkali), you'll appreciate what you find at Shady Coffee and Tea. The dark chocolate used in the European Sipping Chocolate is the best on the market! But what is European Sipping Chocolate? To start with, it isn't hot chocolate in the usual sense of the drink. In fact, the only thing it has in common with hot chocolate is that it's served hot and contains a type of chocolate. But unlike a regular hot chocolate, which is usually very sweet, made with traditional chocolate, and topped with whipped cream, European Sipping Chocolate is very dark chocolate made in a way that can be sipped. It's made with rich, dark European chocolate that produces a deep, utterly magnificent experience for those who are not casual chocolate dabblers and not chocolate shy. Because dark chocolate isn't sweet, the sweetness of this drink comes from heavy cream. Shady Coffee and Tea's version of this elegant drink aims right at the dark chocolate lover’s heart. Please don't pass up the affogato and the European Sipping Chocolate. But make sure you save room for the fresh, creative food at Shady Coffee and Tea. 

Fresh and Tasty Served with Kindness

Anytime the word “house-made” is used, you know someone cares enough to put their heart and soul into what they create. For breakfast, Shady Coffee and Tea serves house-made pastries along with several kinds of scones a banana chocolate chip bread, and should you want it for breakfast, you can have cake. There's chocolate, coconut, and carrot cake on the menu. There are also several kinds of bagel creations and house-made granola with the creamiest of yogurts. You can choose from several sandwiches, all made with unbeatable bread and fresh veggies, rich cheese, and all sorts of creative spreads for lunch. There are vegan alternatives for those who want them. There are also quesadillas and salads that are all as fresh and delicious as everything else on the menu. In addition to a setting that's peaceful, food and beverages that are great beverages and food, the service at Shady Coffee and Tea makes for the whole experience to be relaxing. It's as if staff have the goal of making sure they're as considerate, attentive, and respectful as possible. The service style, food, beverage quality, and setting make visiting Shady Coffee and Tea a small retreat. 

Roseville Self Storage

During your move from one home to another, having a place to go for a mid-moving day break or the end of the day treat is important. At Roseville Self Storage, we believe you need to treat yourself to places like Shady Coffee and Tea on moving day. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage offers ideas for how to make moving day a bit easier. It's important to us that we share those ideas with our valued customers; we're always looking for what others love about shopping, dining, and recreating in Roseville's wonderful community. Please visit us because, at Roseville Self Storage, we're open for business and practice social distancing. We'd love to hear from you, so come on by!

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