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Sparrow 5 Window

Sparrow 5 (Roseville, CA)


Every once in a while, you find a shop that makes you want to talk about it to others just so you can relive that magical moment of its discovery. Sparrow 5 is that kind of place.  It's a shop that's magical, elegant, fun, poignant, intelligent, and whimsical. And it's no surprise that Sparrow 5 is all those things because those things are also true of its owners, Taylor and M. Read on to learn about what's billed as "The Soho of the West". 

What in the World Created This Idea for a Shop?  It's hard to imagine walking down Vernon Street in downtown Roseville and not notice Sparrow 5. While it shares architectural style with its neighboring stores and restaurants, it pops out at you if you allow yourself one second to look at its storefront.  What you'll see right away is a masterful display of repurposed items made beautiful in ways that make you want to step inside the shop. On the day I discovered this shop, I was drawn in with that feeling that a person gets when walking by an ice cream shop and realizing that there's no point in fighting the desire to go inside.  I'm so glad I did, and here's what I can tell you about the experience. It was magical. 

I was fortunate enough to meet M., one of the shop's two owners. M. By the way, using the name M. here isn't a way of covering up her identity-M. is her name. While she was busy preparing for an art class, she graciously answered my questions and took the time to show me around the beautiful shop that she explains is a manifestation of her brain's inside.  And what a brain that is.  M. has a degree in art and is a successful interior designer.  But her passion is Sparrow 5. This shop can be described in many ways so long as they all conclude that it's a place where meets artistic. That was the idea behind this shop. M. explained that she and Taylor were close friends before opening the shop. Taylor had talked about this idea of bringing a different kind of art shop to Roseville that would be like those found on the East Coast. M. was equally passionate about the idea, and the two opened the shop eight years ago. 

It's a Home for Others' Art and a Place For Yours too

Sparrow 5 is an art gallery with the artwork of over 75 artists being sold.  It isn't an artist's co-op, and each work is purchased when meeting M.'s very high standards. As a successful residential and commercial interior designer, M. buys the work of artists that complement the atmosphere she wants to cultivate within the walls of Sparrow 5. While the work of many artists come together to form one vibe, each piece of art is one of a kind.  What all pieces have in common is their wink to the quirky art style.  But each artist's work is unique in many ways, therefore, lending an air of surprise as your eyes move from one display to the next. One minute you're looking at a piece of driftwood with a lovely saying etched in it, and the next moment you're staring at a dog built out of what looks like the inner workings of kitchen appliances. This repeatedly happens as you tour the shop; while your eyes are seeing one thing, your brain sees something else due to the repurposed nature of much of the art. It's a place where you go when you want to be happy and allow yourself to feel like a kid. But seeing creative and quirky art isn't the only reason to have fun at Sparrow 5; it's also an art studio designed to teach others to unleash their inner artist.

Calling All Artists At Heart

In addition to creating a space to sell others' unusual art,  M. invites the shop's guests to allow themselves to create their own unique art. The shop offers various classes, including one where artists create an art journal with each page using a different artistic technique. M. stated that her students are encouraged to play while learning techniques that are imaginative and inclusive for all skill levels. A full listing of classes is found on the website. One very popular class is the Paint Your Pet.  Students are taught how to create a painting of their pet.  And for those who want to commission M. to create a painting for them, that is also possible at Sparrow 5.  M. is an accomplished artist whose work is shown in galleries throughout California. But on the day that I visited Sparrow 5, that wasn't a topic we discussed. We spent our time talking about the art that others create. It's obvious that M.'s love for that art is one of the main ingredients in the recipe for Sparrow 5's magic. Stop by and see for yourself. 

Self Storage Is Great For Artists (and Collectors Too)

Being an artist that repurposes objects like those I saw at Sparrow 5 often means collecting things that aren't practical to keep in your home. Self storage is the perfect solution for keeping those items too large in size and quantity or too messy to keep at home. Having everything stored in an organized way keeps an artist's energy free to create.  As your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage has the perfect-sized unit for all sorts of storage needs. We work hard to help you find the ideal unit for your storage needs. Visit our state-of-the-art facility to see how self storage will make storing your artist materials so much easier.  We're open and practice social distancing, so please come see us soon.

Sparrow 5 is located at 213 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 772-7769

Hours of Operation:  Monday thru Thursday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Closed on Sundays.

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