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Sushi Omakase Patio

Sushi Omakase Review (We Love Roseville, CA)


Summer's warm evenings beg for outdoor dining. When you want to treat yourself and the family to an experience that hits all the senses just right, a great place to try among Roseville's vast choices of outdoor dining restaurants is Sushi Omakase. It's a restaurant with relaxing aesthetics, delicious food, and attention to safety combined in a way that makes for an extremely enjoyable dinner.

Patio Dining at its Best

Sushi Omakase Roseville

Dining out as a family with a four-year-old these days is something that requires strategy. The menu has to be child friendly; the surroundings have to allow for some flexibility and roominess, and the adults want to enjoy something that can't be easily prepared at home.  Sushi Omakase is the perfect place for dining with kids. 

Entering the restaurant's front doors allows for access to the patio area. For those preferring to be seated without entering the restaurant, access to the patio is also available by walking to the right of the restaurant without entering its front doors. Tables are comfortably set apart with both bar height and standard table seating available for an upscale feel. While the restaurant is located at the intersection of two roads, there's a large waterfall operating between it and the street leading to the relaxed vibe on the patio. Everything about the area invites diners to relax while enjoying their dining experience.

Sushi That's Up to You

Sushi Omakase, while serving some of the freshest and rarest fish in California, practices doing so in the Japanese style of 'omakase' which is a Japanese phrase that means "up to you". Customers ordering omakase style expect the chef to be innovative with artistic flair to how the selection is prepared and plated. 

We all ordered something different the night we were at Sushi Omakase. That allowed us to appreciate items from different categories of food. Here's what I can say first hand. AMAZING! The nigiri pieces were large, fresh, and the salmon beautifully marbled, hitting that sweet spot between firm yet moist and full of fresh flavor. The poke nachos? Well, let's talk about this.  The "chip" part of the dish is made of thick, fried won tons that are perfect for the job of holding the generous amount of poke that comes with this selection. The marinated fresh fish and squid is generously served along with fresh wasabi, masago, jalapenos, seaweed strips and avocado. The sauces and chopped greens that are also generously layered into the "nachos" create such a variety of flavors and textures that it's hard to describe. What I knew is that my choice of these was a hit and I highly recommend it. 

Sushi Omakase Table

Our family loves tempura and it's usually ordered as an appetizer. We ordered the vegetable and potato tempura and all of us agreed it was the best we've had. Tempura batter, as simple as the ingredients are, isn't as easy as you'd think to prepare perfectly. But Sushi Omakase did it. Tempura is different from other fried fares because of its unique batter. It uses no bread crumbs and is fried in a much lighter grease than other frying methods. The batter is basically made from beaten egg, flour and cold water. The "filling" has to be fresh and flavorful to stand out among the generous batter that surrounds it. Sushi Omakase prepares tempura in its finest version of the dish.

The two sushi rolls we ordered were also second to none in their class. Both were generously loaded with fresh ingredients and obviously prepared seconds before they came out to us. The freshness of ingredients and creativity of their preparation was a theme we saw no matter what we ordered that night. 

Service As Excellent as the Ambiance and Food

Sushi Omakase Patio

I love a place that exudes a welcoming spirit to all. Not only is Sushi Omakase very welcoming to its diners, it's also welcoming to four-legged visitors. On the patio is "doggy bar" presented in a tastefully manner that blends in perfectly with the rest of the upscale vibe of the patio. 

Our server couldn't have been more attentive and accommodating to our needs. While we initially sat in one spot, we asked to be moved so that we could be closer to the waterfall. Our server not only relocated us seamlessly, she remembered that the four-year-old had dropped his cup lid and would require a new one. By the time we were seated at our new table location, she had already gone inside and come back out with a new one cup lid. It wasn't just our server that was attentive and friendly. I noticed that other diners seemed to interact comfortably and happily with their servers too. As I looked around, everyone appeared relaxed, with lots of smiling between servers and patrons. I highly recommend allowing for a leisurely meal at Sushi Omakase because its food and surroundings certainly deserve it.

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