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Taqueria El Burrito Review (We Love Roseville, CA)


It's a fair statement to say that different Mexican food restaurants can be great for various reasons. What each of them may offer by way of excellence means that more than one place for Mexican food can be your favorite, depending on what you're in the mood for. For that reason, Taqueria El Burrito is a favorite for many people in the Roseville Community. Read on to learn what people love about this great Mexican food taqueria.

A Taqueria and So Much More

People love a good taqueria because the food is fresh/delicious, the prices are reasonable, and it's easy to order. While restaurants often call themselves taquerias and taquerias were initially called that because they specialized in serving tacos, there's no way Taqueria El Burrito is an average taqueria! 

First of all, the menu is enormous! There's breakfast served all day, including a standard breakfast burrito, a bacon burrito, a carnitas burrito, a chile verde breakfast burrito, a vegetarian breakfast burrito, a breakfast tostada, and breakfast chilaquiles. The last is a crispy tortilla triangle simmered in red or green sauce and served with rice, beans, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato. There's huevos rancheros, scrambled eggs with ham, and eggs with chorizo. Now that's just breakfast. So far, we haven't talked tacos. Let's move on to lunch and dinner. 

Mariscos to Molcajetes

El Burrito Taqueria does a great job of covering all the bases for what you want in Mexican food.  One of the heavy hitters in their menu is seafood selection. There are sixteen different ways you can order seafood on the seafood section of the menu alone! That doesn't include all the other dishes that include seafood in other areas of the menu. By looking at the menu, you'd never believe you were in a taqueria style restaurant. From Camarones a la Kora, which is deep-fried shrimp with lime, peppers, and a seasoned sauce, all the way to a seafood soup which includes shrimp, octopus, fish, scallops, and vegetables, this place is a gold mine if you love Mexican style seafood.   

On the other side of the menu's offerings, the Molcajete Plate includes shrimp, steak, chicken, and chorizo served in a traditional mortar and pestle bowl. Of course, the pestle isn't part of the deal, but the meal is a combination of proteins served in an unforgettable spicy, specialty sauce. When eating in, it comes in a sizzling bowl, the molcajete, which adds to the delicious experience. Served with tortillas or bread, this is one of the dishes diners come back for repeatedly as the seasonings are unique to the recipe used by Taqueria El Burrito. 

Variety in Every Category of Food

As you've already seen with the breakfast and seafood selections, it's also true that Taqueria El Burrito contains a large selection in all other menu sections. There are four different tortas and the same with enchiladas, three kinds of tostadas, four quesadillas, twenty-three combo plates, four burritos and seven burrito bowls, three nachos plates, and even a fries concoction that looked AMAZING. But wait, it doesn't stop there, there are specialty plates that include things like flautas, chiles created in several ways, carnitas, fajitas, steak, and carne asada and yes, there are tacos served at this taqueria-seven different kinds.

The first time I visited Taqueria El Burrito, I tried the fish tacos and was so impressed that I had them a second time. Fortunately for me, I go with others who want variety, so I heard about some of the other dishes. But back to my fish tacos, they were GREAT. The fish was fresh tasting and grilled rather than deep-fried in batter. The taco shells were soft but substantial, so nothing went flying out of the taco as I was eating it. And the variety of freshly made salsas that are offered at Taqueria El Burrito will blow your mind. Each is made freshly right in the restaurant daily. My husband ordered a chorizo burrito, which he immediately said was better than any he'd had. 

While the food was excellent and everything you could want and more, the service held up to its end of the deal. Taqueria El Burrito is a traditional style taqueria. You walk up to the counter, order your food, pay, and then the food is brought to you.The service providers behind the counter were very friendly. They seemed to really care that each person had time to decide on placing their order. Delicious food paired with excellent service is a winning combination at Taqueria El Burrito. The next time you're in the mood for Mexican food and don't want a sit-down restaurant experience, do yourself a big favor and eat at Taqueria El Burrito. You'll be so glad you did. 

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