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The Fig Tree Review (At Roseville Self Storage, We Love Roseville, CA)


Gertrude Stein, an American novelist said, "Coffee is a lot more than just a drink; it's something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but like somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup." As a life-long appreciator of great coffee, I completely agree with Stein's sentiment. But I'll add my own thoughts. A place where great coffee is served can be like an event, a place to be within yourself as well as in community with others who also love coffee. The Fig Tree in Roseville is where you find a coffee-centered community complete with a beautiful setting, invigorating events, and delicious offerings.

It's a place where you and your friends can easily pass the time together, enjoying great company, delicious baked goods, and the best coffee in the area. Please read on to hear all about Roseville's The Fig Tree.

Quiet Vibrancy

The Fig Tree advertises itself as a place for coffee lovers, artists, and those who want to enjoy great music. From the minute you walk in The Fig Tree's front door, you feel soothed. That's the best way to describe the sense of calm that envelopes you. It's a soothing space. Like many of its neighbors, The Fig Tree is situated in a building that is nearly historic in age. The walls are either brick or painted a rich, dark brown. Those two effects instantly make you feel as if you're in a place that invites you to stay awhile. The Fig Tree's owners have done a beautiful job of visually complementing their food and drink offerings. The interior exudes the same combination of quiet vibrancy a person gets when drinking deliciously rich coffee. It's quiet, soothing, and exciting. Since opening in 2017, this creative space has been home to those who love coffee, art, and great music. Read on to learn why.

The Fig Tree Roseville

Waves of Coffee

There's no doubt that The Fig Tree is centered around coffee and there's no mystery why. If you love coffee like I do, you've probably heard of the third-wave coffee movement. Defining what third wave means isn't always easy. Industry experts agree that the first wave of coffee started in the 1960s when coffee first became easily and widely accessible. Mind you, this was coffee that typically was purchased in cans, already ground, and talk of "quality coffee" wasn't part of the deal. The second wave came during the era when companies like Starbucks entered the scene. These companies started running coffee shops as profitable businesses, and the idea of artisan coffee took off and hasn't stopped since.

With this second wave, the movement encompassed everything related to coffee, from green bean purchasing to coffee drinking. Green bean buyers began paying attention to how and where the coffee was produced. Roasting methods became an integral part of the process, with extensive attention paid to everything from heat to acidic tones and oil. With all that foundational work done in the second wave, the third wave is a coffee lover's dream come true. The third wave gives coffee drinkers the ability to appreciate a quality product served with the utmost creativity. It is a fantastic time to be a coffee drinker! When we hear the claim that a coffee shop is a third-wave coffee house, we need to stop everything and try it out. That's what I did the day I first visited The Fig Tree. And I'm so glad I did.

The Fig Tree Roseville

The Pillars of Third Wave Coffee at The Fig Tree

Direct trade, sustainability, lighter roast profiles, and innovative brewing methods are all intrinsic to third-wave coffee and evidenced at The Fig Tree. Additionally, the third wave is about creating a beautiful connection between the coffee and the consumer. And you certainly feel that potential when ordering your coffee at The Fig Tree. But in addition to that wonderfully produced, created, and served cup of coffee, there's an array of baked goods that I guarantee you will take your breath away. The first time I visited The Fig Tree, the day was rainy, windy, and cold. When I entered this welcoming space, the first thing I saw was shelves tastefully displaying baked goods that instantly took the cold out of my bones.

The second thing I noticed was a menu with lovely coffee offerings. I looked around and noticed people comfortably seated at small tables, clusters of armchairs, and on a couch. I saw an announcement for upcoming live music events. I noticed what looked like original artwork on the walls. You know the feeling you get when you drop in on a good friend and know they're the type of friend that always has coffee ready to brew and baked goods ready to come out of the oven? Well, that's the feeling I got on my first visit to The Fig Tree. That feeling is one I've experienced with each subsequent visit. Now it's your turn to head on over to what will no doubt become your new favorite coffee house. I promise you that you'll be glad you did. The Roseville community is known for its excellent shops, stores, eateries, and coffee houses. It's a place that's grown into a family-friendly, loving, and supportive community.

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As your neighborhood self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage is honored to be a part of the Roseville Community. We learn about great places to shop and eat all the time, and we love sharing what we learn with you. Please feel free to come on by and see us because we'd love to hear about your favorite shopping and eating experiences in Roseville. We're open, practicing social distancing, and hoping to see you soon! And, we are here to help with your self storage needs, whether you work at a local business or are looking to store you collection of sporting equipment. Roseville self storage offers solutions for a broad range of needs.

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