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The Strum Shop

The Strum Shop


What is it about the ukulele that makes people happy? I think it's a safe statement to say that ukuleles are known for lifting the spirit of those who play them or listen to music where they are central. In fact, there's something to all string instruments that seems to touch the listener's and player's souls. String instruments seem to create an anchor for a listener's spirit and provide therapeutic value for the musician fortunate enough to master string instruments. That's why I was so excited to find Roseville's The Strum Shop. If you love stringed instruments, want to take lessons, or need repairs for your stringed instrument, The Strum Shop will be your favorite hangout. Here's why.

Your String Instrument Needs are Covered

There's no playing around (yes, couldn't help a pun) at The Strum Shop when it comes to everything a string instrument musician needs. This place doesn't leave out other very fun ways of making beautiful music. In addition to ukuleles, guitars, bass guitars, banjos, and mandolins, The Strum Shop carries drum and percussion instruments, harmonicas, melodicas, whistles, recorders, harps, dulcimers, and keyboards!  That's not all. There are novelty instruments, brass, woodwind, and orchestra instruments. But wait because instruments can't survive without the appropriate accessories to use and keep them in great shape. The Strum Shop also offers music books and media, and if that isn't enough, it's a full repair shop!  This place is the place to go for musical instruments, their accessories, and any repairs that you might need. The instruments are only part of the story of The Strum Shop.  Please read on to hear what else happens at this great shop.

The Strum Shop Roseville

Lessons Anyone?

We're not all born natural musicians who can play by ear. According to those who research musical abilities, absolute pitch is the rare ability to re-create a given musical note without using a reference tone or music to read. The frequency of this happening in the general population is not known, but it's estimated that roughly 1 in 10,000 people report they don't need reference music to play a tune. But for the rest of us, there's a good reason to be excited about a place like The Strum Shop. The potential for learning here is incredible. There are fourteen instructors who give private lessons to ages five years old through 135 years old. That last number is one I made up, so if you're over 135, you can still take lessons at The Strum Shop. If a student younger than five years old wants ukulele, piano, or violin lessons, they're always welcomed to take them at The Strum Shop so long as the child has the maturity and dexterity needed to play. In addition to private lessons, group lessons are available for those wanting to learn the ukulele. And speaking of the ukulele, the question remains. What is it about this little instrument that evokes feelings of joy?  Read on to learn more about the ukulele.

Beyond Hawaii

While it's true that the ukulele and Hawaii seem inseparable, the ukulele's origins hark back to another island-Madeira, Portugal. This instrument was developed and used in Madeira, where it was referred to as a "machete."  Historians agree that the machete is the forerunner to the ukulele and is also a four-stringed "guitar." Believe it or not, the machete is actually even smaller than the ukulele! Historians say that the collision of cultures which led the machete to become the ukulele happened in 1879 when a British ship sailing from Madeira arrived in Hawaii. On that ship were 423 men, women, and children from Madeira. Legend has it that a musician-passenger by the name of Joao Fernades was so excited that the four-month journey ended safely that he immediately began singing Portuguese folk songs as a means of expressing thanks for the safe trip. It's said that his intended audience was comprised of the equally grateful 422 passengers but the assembled Hawaiians, who were also witness to the impromptu performance, fell in love with the sound of the machete. The story goes that the machete, while still being manufactured by the Portuguese of Hawaii, eventually earned the name ukulele. Ukulele means “little flea," and one story of how the machete eventually became the ukulele is because a very talented, spirited machete musician reminded people of a jumping flea. His performances led to people referring to him as a ukulele, and eventually, the instrument itself became known by that name. Another explanation for the name change is that the queen of Hawaii, at the time of the introduction of the machete, called it was a ukulele. Ukulele, in Hawaiian, means "the gift to come." It's said that she was referring to how the gift of the machete's music had come from Portugal to Hawaii. Whether it's a jumping flea or a gift from afar, this instrument is beloved and one that is well represented at The Strum Shop. 

While I'm not going to say I counted them at the store, I was told that there are typically over 80 ukuleles a customer can choose from. There's one for any skill level from the beginner to concert ukuleles. But remember, if the ukulele isn't your jam, there's much more to choose from. The Strum Shop is a full-service, family-owned shop with a passion for what they do. Owners Daniel Elliott Jr. and Stu Herreid want to enrich the Roseville community.  "We don't want to just sell stuff; we want to create a space for music enthusiasts to come together and pursue their passion of music-making," says Elliott Jr. And from what people say when talking about The Strum Shop, I'd say that mission has been accomplished. Please visit The Strum Shop for a wonderful and heartwarming experience. Whether you're there to buy an instrument, have one repaired, or for music lessons, you'll be happy to took the time to visit The Strum Shop. 

Roseville Self Storage

At Roseville Self Storage, we offer self storage units of all sizes for musicians and beyond. Self storage can be a fabulous solution for musicians, bands, and orchestras with a variety of instruments and equipment.

At Roseville Self Storage, we are also tremendous fans of our local community. We appreciate being part of this wonderful Roseville community and want to share with others what we discover about it.  Please come by our state of the art, self storage facility and tell us what you've found in Roseville that you'd like others to know. We're open and practicing social distancing. We'd love to see you, so please come on by and share your Roseville community favorites! 

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