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Timmy Ginger

Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop (Roseville, CA)


We have the largest number of vegan sandwiches in town! That's a direct quote from Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop. If you're anything like me, a claim like that just begs for a challenge. In a community like Roseville, boasting of having the most, best, biggest, freshest, or any other irresistible claim takes confidence. Well, I'll tell you that, at Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop, that confidence comes for a great reason because their sandwiches are a dream come true. Read on to see why this will be your new favorite sandwich shop.

Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop Roseville CA

Half and Half

The truth be told, Roseville is a great place to find just about every restaurant category, including several great sandwich shops. To stand out in the Roseville market, you have to work pretty hard. Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop has what it takes to earn the most variety of vegan sandwiches in town, but it's not their only claim to sandwich greatness claim. The non-vegan sandwiches are equally as delicious! Let me start by telling you what the exciting news is for those who love vegan eating.

The vegan sandwich selection at Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop is vast! From bread to sauces and everything sandwiched in between, all ingredients are vegan. But the fantastic news for vegan fans is that vegan food is prepared in a separate area away from non-vegan! That's what's called the real-deal vegan. Even before experiencing this place for myself, I heard a place in town crushing the vegan food scene. I see why. On my first visit there, I counted twenty-three vegan sandwiches! Of course, there were as many excellent sandwiches for those not wanting vegan, so no one leaves wanting or hungry at Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop.

Casual Culinary Creativity

At Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop, you can find all the usual sandwich favorites served on freshly baked bread. For those who love brisket, meatballs, pastrami, chicken prepared hot and cold, bacon, and other sandwich classics, Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop prepares everything to the highest and most delicious standard available. In addition to being able to build your sandwich from start to finish with things like ½ pound of pastrami or specialty hot links or slow-roasted beef (just some choices available), there are Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop masterpieces designed with the freshest of ingredients combined in deliciously creative ways. On the meat lovers’ side, there's something that combines hot roast beef with house slaw, "kickin' sauce," thick slices of cheddar cheese melted to perfection, bacon, and bbq sauce. There's also an enormous creation that takes chicken and combines it with ham and bacon topped with smooth-tasting provolone cheese. Wow! I hear both of those are very popular. Personally, the sandwich I judge sandwich shops by, if available, is a turkey cranberry sandwich. This medley, while it often sounds simple, is often left in the "ho-hum" category. At Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop, the turkey cranberry is 'OH WOW," which is the direct opposite of "ho-hum." The turkey is roasted but still very juicy, the cranberry is a sauce, not gel, cream cheese is not only liberal but is high-quality stuff, the provolone cheese is smooth and tasty, and the kickin sauce makes an outstanding balance to the sweetness provided by the cranberries. 

On the vegan side, the specialty sandwiches are too plentiful and wonderful to do justice here. I can say that the Jackfruit Chililime is the type of sandwich that has you planning your next visit by the second bite. This delightful vegan masterpiece includes slices of jackfruit with a spicy bbq, chili lime sauce (there's the secret to greatness). It's topped with vegan pepper jack cheese, generous amounts of avocado, and the house slaw that's always fresh and tasty. Always! 

Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop Roseville CA

There's More

It's great when you try a new place and fall in love with the food. That'll happen at Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop. In addition to an unbeatable sandwich menu, there are sides and salad entrees that are just as delicious. Just like the sandwiches, the salads come in vegan and non-vegan versions. So, it's no doubt you'll fall in love with the food. But it's even better when you fall in love with the food and find the whole experience to be exceptional. That'll happen at Timmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop. The ambiance is welcoming and casual. Between the sleek décor, the open feeling of the shop, and the extremely friendly staff, a person can't help but enjoy themselves. And guests aren't the only ones enjoying themselves because it looks as if people are having a good time while working there. That, to me, is the perfect eatery experience-great food, welcoming ambiance, and what appears to be happy staff. But don't just take my word for it. The next time you're in the mood for a deliciously creative sandwich and a fun experience, give Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop a try. 

Roseville Self Storage Loves Local Restaurants

At Roseville Self Storage, we understand that moving days can be hard work. We recommend treating yourself to something delicious so that the day isn't all work. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, we're always happy to learn about places like Jimmy Ginger's Sandwich Shop because we can recommend it as one of those moving day treats. We often learn about great places to eat from our valued customers and people who stop by to chat at our state-of-the-art self-storage facility. The next time you're in our neighborhood, stop by Roseville Self Storage and tell us what your favorite moving day treat it. We're open and practicing social distancing, so please come on by!

Timmy Ginger’s Sandwich Shop is located at 7451 Foothills Blvd
Roseville, CA  95747
Hours of operation:  Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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