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Topgolf Roseville CA

Topgolf Review (We Love Roseville, California)


From golfer to someone who has never thought of swinging a golf club, Topgolf Roseville is the perfect place to go to have a blast! I bet you're wondering how in the world this claim can be true. Here's a promise - with one visit to Topgolf Roseville, you'll see why this claim isn't a long shot (and there it is, a pun in the second sentence which is almost a record for me). Topgolf Roseville provides an environment that's both relaxing and energizing, serious and lighthearted. There's something for everyone so read on to see why Topgolf Roseville is where you'll find your fun.

Un-toppable Fun

If you combine a golf range with state-of-the-art technology, delicious food, amazing bar, great music, beautiful vistas and a place for all ages to have fun, you end up with Topgolf Roseville. So, where do you begin to take full advantage of everything offered at Topgolf Roseville? Here's where to start. While walk in guests are always welcomed, it's best to reserve your bay. This can easily be done online up to seven days in advance or up to one hour before you want to golf. When making your reservations, it helps knowing that one bay can accommodate up to eight guests. Of those eight guests, six can golf per game. Of the six golfers, one hits at a time. Topgolf Roseville is a three-story complex with each climate-controlled bay offering beautiful views for guests to enjoy. Players who want to increase their golfing skills can take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology that tracks the flight path of every shot and gives the player feedback on the bay's HD screen. Whether you're golfing or not, you'll have fun. But golfing and enjoying upbeat music in your climate-controlled bay isn't the only thing that makes Topgolf Roseville. There's also the amazing service aimed right at you.

Topgolf Logo Roseville CA

Top-notch Food and Drinks for All

When doing almost anything, it's icing on the fun cake when excellent food, drinks, and service are part of the game. Topgolf Roseville prides itself on its top-notch menu that goes way beyond serving snacks. Whether golfing or not, the food served from Topgolf Roseville's menu is the culinary hole in one every time! This is just a small sample of the scrumptious cuisine for you to look forward to at Topgolf Roseville. For those who want something sweet for breakfast, there are carrot cake waffles. These are waffles layered with cream cheese icing, candied pecans, caramel sauce, maple syrup and topped with fresh strawberries! If you prefer to start your day with meat and eggs, there's the Texas Brisket Hash Skillet, which includes smoked brisket, a bell pepper blend, Topgolf Roseville house friend potatoes, and sunny side up egg topped with white cheddar cheese. If you happen to be eating brunch, there’s a drink menu with a pretty powerful swing thanks to three kinds of Blood Marys, two types of Sangrias, and the famous Build Your Own Mimosa! That's not even a fraction of the beverage menu but you get the idea, right? For lunch and dinner, the culinary creations are served sharable style and individual plates as well. This is such a great way to enjoy food when you have a group hanging out having fun. Everything is prepared with creative sauces and seasonings so that your taste buds have a great day on the course too. 

This is just a very limited view of Topgolf Roseville's lunch and dinner selection. Your group can enjoy a Jumbo Pretzel Board of salami, jalapeno sausage prosciutto, two kinds of cheeses, apples, grapes, blackberries AND candied pecans all served with a special mustard mix and a wonderful cheese sauce. There are several boneless wings to choose from, burgers, sandwiches and flatbread including an amazing creation called The Farmhouse. This is a flatbread made of cauliflower crust smothered in roasted garlic oil and topped with a five-cheese blend, sautéed mushrooms, shaved red onion, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, tiny bits of green onions, herbed ricotta, baby arugula tossed in a lemon basil vinaigrette. All I can say is prepare to yell WOW! The menu has fresh salads and delicious sliders too! There's also a fun kids' menu. But wait for it… there's dessert including injectable donuts! 

Topgolf Roseville's bar creations are as brag-worthy as the food. Everything from classic mixology creations to Topgolf Roseville's own signature cocktails, it's all served to perfection. The beer selection includes great creations from our local breweries as well as the usual classics. Wine choices offer something for everyone and don’t even get me started on the spirit selection. It's over the top! Besides giving tons of credit to Topgolf Roseville's adult beverage selection, I want to talk about how refreshing it is to have an equally creative non-alcoholic beverage choice. There's variety of fountain drinks, more than one water selection including Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water offered with lime or grapefruit slices. But wait, there's more! You can have fruit juice, three kinds of iced tea, energy drinks as well as freshly brewed coffee and tea. No one goes hungry or thirsty at Topgolf Roseville.

To Top it All Off 

There's so much to appreciate about Topgolf Roseville. There's the obvious which is that golf enthusiasts can use the state-of-the-art technology to improve their techniques. But just as great is that Topgolf Roseville is a place to spend time with family and friends where all ages can have fun. Also, good to know is that Topgolf Roseville is also a winning game of a place to have parties and other events. It's easy to work with Topgolf Roseville event coordinators to make sure you get exactly what you need. From entertaining corporate clients to your company's next holiday party, Topgolf Roseville makes it super easy to make sure every detail is covered; the same is true for birthday and other small parties. Of course, Topgolf Roseville is a great place to hold a tournament or fundraiser. All the work is done for you so that all you have to do is show up and be ready to have some professional level fun!

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