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TrueREST Float Spa Roseville

TrueREST Float Spa Roseville


Among your family and friends circle, are you the one that is the first to try new things and set the trend for the rest? If you're that person and haven't tried TrueREST Float Spa Roseville, this is your next great find to share. It's more than just a great find to share with those you love; it's also something you'll do to improve your physical and mental health. Why is floating so beneficial? Read on to learn all about it and why you should use TrueREST Float Spa Roseville as your wellness ground zero.

Oxytocin-lowering Powerhouse

Before I dip into the floating world, I want to explain why the "rest" part of TrueREST is all in caps. REST is an acronym for Reduced Environment Stimulus Therapy in the floating world. Floatation, especially in an environment designed to mute out the rest of the world, is a form of sensory deprivation therapy. And no one does this better than TrueREST Float Spa Roseville. Here’s what you will be treated to.

Walking through the front door, it's as if someone turned off the "hectic" switch in life. The spa environment starts immediately with upscale décor and a tranquil vibe that can only be described as an "oxytocin-lowering powerhouse." For the record, I didn't see that in writing anywhere and wasn't told that's what's promised, but I could definitely feel my stress response hormones sinking to a comfortable level. But that's the only thing that sinks at TrueREST Float Spa Roseville; the rest is all about the float.

Floating For a Better Life

TrueREST Float Spa Roseville

TrueREST Float Spa Roseville uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide the ultimate therapeutic benefits. Using 1000 pounds of Epsom salt to provide a zero gravity environment, floating in this water feels more like floating on air. By eliminating gravity pulling on the body, it's possible to experience temporary and cumulative pain relief. Additionally, Epsom salt draws toxins out of the tissue and provides an excellent source of magnesium. But beyond the benefit of the water itself, there's an equally crucial therapeutic component to floating; it's a stress releaser!

By eliminating all input, the body and brain can focus on internal stimuli. As you allow yourself to relax and let go of the stressors of the outside world, the mind and nervous system move into a relaxed state, increasing the sense of well-being. The more you enter a restful state of mind, the more muscles let go of tension, creating a relaxation loop. The typical float session is one hour, although booking a more extended session is possible. And what does a session entail? Read on to see what you have to look forward to.

Relax, Relax More, and Relax Again

Every detail of TrueREST Float Spa Roseville is designed to help you relax. Once through that front door, the relaxation begins. You then enter a lounge containing tea, water, a zen garden, and an oxygen bar. The environment is designed to help you disengage from the world's stressors. After adequately transitioning into relaxation, you watch an instructional video that enables you to create a personalized float environment and learn about poses. From there, you enter your suite, which includes the floatation cocoon, several lighting and music choices, and a call button. This suite has a shower which you'll use before you float and after your session.  You then crawl into the cocoon, close the lid and float to better physical and mental health.  Then what?

Most people notice that they are relaxed in a way that isn't achievable using any other method. Because there's nothing but body-temperature water touching you and the environment is free of input (other than music, should you choose), you achieve lasting relaxation that increases in how long it lasts with each floating session. The ability to sleep better happens the first night and lasts a few nights more, and each subsequent treatment increases the duration of time sleep is improved. The same is true with a decrease in inflammation and pain. One session creates an effect that lasts a while, but subsequent sessions increase the duration of the impact. TrueREST Float Spa Roseville promotes a floatation for wellness routine with membership packages for everyone.

Membership Packages

If you've never floated, your introductory session is $59 for one hour. After that, the price for individual sessions is $89 per hour. But you can become a TrueREST Float Spa Roseville member with ongoing benefits. Basic membership of a one-hour float a month is $65; two sixty-minute floats are $110 a month; Premium is four sixty-minute floats per month and unlimited float packages for weekdays and weekends. Most packages include sharing with an authorized user and complimentary use of the oxygen bar. Float sessions make a great gift, and different specials may apply, so check with staff to see what is possible. And speaking of staff, the great people at TrueREST Float Spa Roseville are wellness ambassadors! So what are you waiting for? Be the first in your group to plunge into the world of floating by booking an appointment at TrueREST Float Spa Roseville.  Special note: TrueREST Float Spa Roseville honors military and veterans with free float sessions to give back to the community.

Roseville Self Storage

There's no doubt that floating has many benefits. Imagine how wonderful your moving day experience will be if you book a floating session at TrueREST Float Spa Roseville. At Roseville Self Storage, we promote taking care of yourself after a long day of moving by treating yourself to activities like a session at TrueREST Float Spa Roseville. We learn about what's out in the community from our valued customers and community members. Come by our state-of-the-art self-storage facility and tell us what you enjoy doing to relax and enjoy yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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