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Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville

Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville


Like so many people through the ages, many things have come into my life because they're part of a cultural connection and expectation. Sewing, for me, is one example. As a person born in a traditional Portuguese culture, sewing wasn't a hobby but a preparation for the rest of my life. Through the years, I've had a relationship with sewing that goes from wildly enthusiastic to picturing everything I own related to the craft in a donation pile. But no matter what I visualize in that pile, one thing that's never there is my sewing machine. If you sew, live, or were raised with someone who sews, you'll appreciate a special love between one who sews and a sewing machine. As you would expect from the family-friendly Roseville community, there's an excellent source for all your sewing machine and vacuum cleaner needs at Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville is the best of its kind. Read on to learn all about this beautiful, family-owned business.

Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville

Top of the Line

As is a thing with me when I visit locally owned businesses, I’m always impressed and glad I visited. Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville provided the same experience and more. While I've always loved the idea of sewing, and maybe not so much loved the idea of vacuuming, I know just enough about sewing machines to be dangerous. I have a couple of close friends who are master-level quilters and one who sews clothes like a pro. Well, actually, she is a pro. I turned to my sewing friends to find out where they went to buy their sewing machines. I was told to go to Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville and see why; this place is a seamstress and seamster dream.

Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville carries Husqvarna/Viking and Pfaff sewing machines which range from a machine used for everyday sewing to one used by master quilters and embroiderers. Within the sewing industry, Husqvarna/Viking and Pfaff are known to produce a top quality products offering the most features for the purchase cost.

The same is true for vacuum cleaners as for the quality of sewing machines. Because I know less about what makes a quality vacuum cleaner than I do about sewing machines, I asked many questions of Howard Kent, owner of Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville. I learned that the two best brands of vacuum cleaners sold worldwide are those carried by Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville. Miele is known to be a high-end Vacuum cleaner with many unique features. The same is true of Sebo, which is the other brand sold at Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville. I immediately noticed that Kent isn't just someone who owns a store specializing in high-end products; he's knowledgeable about those products as only one who has sold them for years can be.

Decades ago, Kent's original vacuum and sewing machine store was in Saratoga, California. He relocated to the Sacramento region and established two stores in the area, one of which is in Roseville and the other in Folsom. Read on to learn why doing business with Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville is important.

Private Lessons, Excellent Warranties, and Price Matching

Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville

Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville match its competitors' prices so you can confidently buy the high-end product you want from a knowledgeable dealer. But for those who already own a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine that requires servicing, Vacuum, and Sewing World Roseville is certified to work on several brands of sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Additionally, you get a 30-day warranty on all items they service and repair. So even without owning a high-end machine, a person can still have their existing machine serviced by an expert in the industry.

But if you're in the market for a sewing machine, Vacuum, and Sewing World Roseville is the place to purchase for the reasons already listed and one more very important one. When you buy a sewing machine there, you get a lifetime of one-on-one lessons on using your machine! That's invaluable because buying something loaded with bells and whistles will take time to learn. The assurance that I can take my time mastering each level of learning gives me peace of mind. Buying from Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville will not only guarantee that I have a product that's a very wise investment but staying connected to a source of support in my learning curve will be an investment in my using the machine for years to come.  So for your sewing and vacuuming needs, visit the best in the region by visiting Vacuum and Sewing World Roseville. You'll be happy you did.

Roseville Self Storage

Sewing and self-storage complement each other beautifully. Most people serious about sewing will lament the amount of room their sewing collection takes up. There's lots of fabric that's not being used that must be stored safely. There are often books and patterns associated with the craft, and inevitably, there's more than one sewing machine that is part of a collection from years of sewing. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Roseville Self Storage has state-of-the-art self-storage units in sizes to suit any need. We'll make sure your treasured sewing materials (yes, a bit of a pun) are stored in a way that keeps them organized and protected for years to come. Please see how we can help you with your sewing storage needs.

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