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Self Storage For Your Outdoor Lifestyle


Who doesn't love a summer at the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz? How about a winter season on the slopes? No matter where you live, the outdoors is the perfect place to escape from your everyday life, especially when you live in Scotts Valley, CA because of the proximity to the beach (Santa Cruz) and the mountains. Whether you love climbing the Alps or jogging through your local park your recreational equipment can take up a large amount of space. So, in case you want to get your spouse off your back and your skis off your garage floor we have a great solution for you: Mount Hermon Road Self Storage.

Having the right place to store your outdoor equipment properly can make all the difference in the lifespan of that equipment. This is especially important because most recreational equipment is oddly shaped, extra wide or large, and can't be stored properly with a limited amount of space. However, renting a self storage unit that you can use to store all of your outdoor equipment including balls, snowboards, and even boats can save you so much space at home and keep your equipment in good shape.

Organizing Your Equipment

Contrary to what you might think, organizing sports equipment really isn't that hard. With a few bins, portable shelving, and stations you can use to sort and arrange your things and you will save yourself a cluttered mess. Equipment like bats, rackets, and racks or other yard equipment can easily be hung, while bins are great for extra parts, small pumps, and items that you won't need access to right away.

Self storage is also great for larger items like boats, jetskis, and bikes. Renting an extra large unit is perfect for items that would normally take up more space than they should in your garage. It's also a good idea because it ensures your vehicle is stored in a modern facility without the opportunity for damage due to a cramped space.

With the wide array of unit sizes you don't have to worry about cramming your items into a small unit. From 5 X 10 ground floor interior units to 10 X 20 drive-up units, it's safe to say that Mt. Hermon Road can pretty much store as much as you need or as little as you need. For larger units you'll definitely want to get a unit with drive-up access. This will make it easier on you when you're getting a kayak, surfboard, or snowboard in and out of your unit. No one likes lugging around extra large equipment in and around small hallways.

How Mt. Hermon Road Is Perfect For Your Recreational Gear

Mount Hermon Road Self Storage offers a wide variety of modern features that are essential in storing your equipment. From the on-site resident manager, electronic gate access 7 days a week, and 24-hour digital surveillance system Mt. Hermon Road is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a storage facility, you have to consider the location of the facility in order to ensure you have direct access to all of your outdoor equipment. Mt. Hermon road is conveniently located just off Mount Hermon Road at 90 Lockhart Gulch Road which means you can easily access the facility and your unit whenever you feel like setting out on your next great outdoor adventure. It's also good to consider where you do your hiking, golfing, or sailing and choose a storage unit near that area. That way you can stop by your unit whenever you are heading to the golf course or looking to head out on the ocean.

If you and your family love maintaining an active lifestyle and at the same time are tired of seeing your recreational equipment cluttered throughout your home and garage then you need a self storage unit. This is especially true if your recreational equipment is only used at certain times of the year. Why crowd your garage with a snowboard you're only going to use at Christmas when you visit relatives in Colorado? When Mount Hermon Road you'll not only get exceptional customer service but you'll also get more space. More space in your home, your yard, and your garage. You'll also get the peace of mind you need knowing that you choose a clean, modern facility to house your favorite outdoor tools and equipment that will be ready for use whenever you're ready to head to the mountains or lake.

Whether you enjoy surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, or all of the above, self storage is an amazing way to store your outdoor equipment. Let Mount Hermon Road Self Storage be your gateway to a more enjoyable, active outdoor lifestyle. We love the outdoors!

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