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We Love The San Francisco Bay Area


We love the San Francisco Bay area and Partner, Ian Lopuch opened our first office here, marking our expansion to this lovely location. Now we have our sights set on more! Our Mt. Hermon Road Self Storage facility is soon to have a new addition nearby in Oakley, California which will be opening late in 2018. Both of these areas are special to us and we love finding new and exciting ways to serve the community, as well as branching out into the surrounding areas too. Although we are always working hard, sometimes we like to unwind in our communities. Today, we are thrilled to share some of the fun things that we like to do in both Oakley specifically and the San Francisco Bay Area as a whole.

4 Fun Things to do In Oakley, California

1. Creekside Park

If you are looking for the neighborhood vibes then Oakley has a fantastic array of parks to choose from, but one of our favorites is Creekside Park which not only has a playground but also benefits from a picnic area and bocce ball courts. What makes this park extra fun is the BMX track and skating area which can help young ones to learn, or allow them to watch the cool tricks. Creekside Park, with its amazing atmosphere, is a great place to create memories.

2. Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge aims to protect endangered species of butterfly and plants, and offers tours of the sand dune habitats. This sensitive area is otherwise closed to the public, and offers limited supervised tours. This exclusive activity is one you will want to visit more than once. Plus, it's for a good cause!

3. Big Break Regional Shoreline

What was once a farm is now under water to create this small bay that has become home to not only an array of wildlife but also host to plenty of activities. Visitors can camp in the park and use the time to fish or opt for something more strenuous out on the water like sailing, boating or kayaking. There is something for everyone and at certain times of the year the turtles that inhabit the bay will lay their eggs on the sand of this fertile breeding ground.

4. Sunset Park Athletic Complex

You will usually find sports fans on this athletic ground which has soccer fields and baseball pitches that are well lit. It also doubles up as a picnic area and has its own playground for kids. Sunset Part Athletic Complex is a lovely part of the community, and the complex itself is very spacious and accommodating.

With our self storage facility in Oakley opening soon, we cannot wait to share more. Please stay tuned!

6 Fun Things to do in The San Francisco Bay Area

1. Visit Stanford University

You may wonder why visiting a university would be a tourist attraction or what visitors would like to do, even if they have no intention of attending educationally. Stanford has a wealth of hidden gems to explore so visiting is one of our favorites! From enjoying student-led walking tours of the campus, showcasing the historic buildings and architecture, to dining in the halls or eateries available on campus, it's a great experience. Also, Stanford offers two museums including the Anderson collection. Or, you can sneak peek performances at the Bing Concert Hall. Stanford University is a magical place to visit, and is great for your entire family (including little ones who love to run around and explore). Before you leave, don't forget to stop by the incomparable bookstore, and pick up some fun Stanford University gear.

2. Enjoy Santa Cruz

At Mt. Hermon Road Self Storage, we love Santa Cruz, our neighbor just a few miles away! Santa Cruz offers so many amenities from walking the Beach Boardwalk with the amusement park, to visiting the aquarium, to going whale watching. Close to the coast, Santa Cruz also offers an array of vintage stores, galleries, and cafes, as well as its naturally occurring rock formations. You can often find us in Santa Cruz, one of our favorite places around. While it's nestled in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz always feels like a vacation!

3. Shopping at Santana Row

The famous Santana Row is renowned for its premium shopping, living, dining, and events. Combining commercial and residential areas of San Jose, it's ever expanding and is a district that creates its own village in the city. This mixed-use development area has tree-lined streets and brands ranging from luxury big names to bespoke boutiques and even boasts a movie theater and spas. Plus, for car enthusiasts, there is also a lovely display parked outside.

4. View The Conservatory of Flowers

Set in Golden Gate Park, the Conservatory of Flowers is a collection of rare species of plants in a large greenhouse and garden backdrop. It’s a stunning place to visit and is one of the oldest buildings in the park itself, making it historically significant as well. They have many free days to visit and it's something that can be done multiple times without losing its appeal.

5. Explore the Oakland Museum

The OMCA is an inspiring museum that has a large focus and incorporates history, natural science, and art to appeal to a variety of visitors. It has exhibitions for children and plenty of events throughout the year with different perspectives and mediums of art and history, from artifacts to photos and exhibits. It boasts a large collection of over 1.8 million pieces focusing on California as a whole, making it highly popular.

6. Escape to Alcatraz Island

This now famous island is only a short, 15-minute ferry ride from the main land and housed the high-security prison that stopped operating in 1963 but was made to accommodate a military prison and fortification as well. These days it's a fun and historic visit which has been designated as a National Historic Landmark and has its own recreational area. Popular favorites include tours and cruises around the island and the opportunity to see the still functional lighthouse as well as the inhabited wildlife that has taken up residence on the island.

With our self storage facility in Scotts Valley (Mt. Hermon Road Self Storage), we have already come to love the San Francisco Bay Area. Now that we're building and opening a new self  storage in Oakley, our roots are becoming even deeper in the greater San Francisco Area. We even have a Partner who lives here, marking our dedication to this amazing area. It's easy to see why we love these communities and why you should too. At Smart Self Storage, it is our honor and privilege to call Scotts Valley, Oakley, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area our home!

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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