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Azores Airlines (Turlock, CA)

Azores Airlines (Turlock, CA)


Azores (spelled as Açores) Portugal is an archipelago comprising nine idyllic islands. That should be it as far as your vacation list for the next ten years. This is no exaggeration. If you have always wanted to travel to what we affectionally call "the islands" and live in the wonderful Turlock community, you're lucky because the experts have moved into town. I know how great it can be to travel using Azores Airlines (also known as SATA) because of a family heritage trip. In 2015, my family and I returned to Terceira, Azores, our home island. I felt like the vacation started even before we left the United States, thanks to the style of service provided by Azores Airlines. The airline offers a taste of the Azores, starting with Azores Airlines in Turlock, CA.

Central to Everything

Azores Airlines has provided the Portuguese community with the only way to fly to the Azores islands for many years. But it wasn't until recently that the airline opened a travel office in California's Central Valley. As with anything else, several historical events formed the reason for this wonderful agency to be central to everything.

 While the people of the Azores islands have immigrated to the United States for many years and to other states besides California, a large majority of the Portuguese who live in California initially settled in the Central Valley and Bay Areas of the state. International travel became more affordable and accessible to many people in the late 1970s. Hence, the immigrants of the Azores islands, many of whom left siblings, parents, and grandparents when immigrating to the United States, began traveling home regularly during the summer months. Azores Air had already established itself in Boston, Massachusetts, to serve the sizable Portuguese population on the East Coast. However, because most California Portuguese immigrants were from the Azores, the airline opened an office in San Jose, CA. It began to fly directly from Oakland to the Azores during the summer months. The rest of the year, or for those not wanting a direct flight from Oakland, people fly from California to Boston using other airlines and then Azores Airlines into the Azores.

Another historical shift that created the need for Azores Airlines to move to the Central Valley is a byproduct of the population shift from the Bay Area to the Central Valley. The Bay Area historically had a vibrant and thriving Portuguese population until recently. Influenced by the same factors that have prompted others to move out of the Bay Area, many Portuguese people moved into the Central Valley. Azores Airlines has followed, so they are now central to many more people who travel back and forth to the Azores annually. But traveling to the Azores is no longer just for the Portuguese people who originated from the island. Read on to learn why Azores Airlines is for everyone, including you.

Azores Airlines (Turlock, CA)

Cultural Ambassador

Traveling to the Azores Islands is logistically as easy as traveling to most European countries. However, the experience is so much easier when using a cultural ambassador like the one working in Turlock's Azores Airlines. Like when traveling almost anywhere, there are benefits and challenges to each decision to get to the Azores islands. A close friend of mine is fond of traveling to his home island of Sao Jorge, Azores, as a direct flight from Oakland to Terceira, Azores. He says he loves boarding the airplane in Oakland and watching the agent who coordinates the flights standing on the runway waving goodbye to the passengers. That same agent is the one who now works in the airline's Turlock location and is a cultural ambassador. When booking your flights with Azores Airlines, you are not only in the hands of someone who can help you tailor your flight experience for what best suits you, but you also have an expert in the Azorean culture. But the benefits don't end there.

When we flew with Azores Airlines in 2015, we booked everything through Azores Airlines. Our flight left San Francisco with a six-hour layover in Boston and on to Terceira. It was perfect because we had a young child with us, so unwinding between flights was necessary. For the rest of my days, I'll never forget that incredible feeling of walking through the doors leading into the SATA (otherwise known as Azores Airlines) terminal. All around me were people speaking Portuguese who happily extended themselves to others wanting to join in their happy conversations no matter which language we spoke. The people of the Azores are known for their warmth, hospitality, and liveliness, so flying with Azores Airlines is an extension of that same vibe. It's like the airline version of a hug. The people of the Azores are also known for their gastronomy adventures, so it stands to reason that when flying with Azores Airlines, you're served a hot meal, offered drinks throughout the flight, and everyone gets a warm towel at the end of the flight. You don't have to fly first class to be treated like a welcomed guest. It's all part of the Azores Airlines experience. So, now that you know who can help you get to your next favorite vacation destination don't wait another minute. Visit our friends at Azores Airlines and get the festa (party) started!

Turlock Self Storage

Like Azores Airlines, Turlock Self Storage is passionate about supporting its community. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, we’re excited to be part of the wonderful Turlock community. We strive to provide the best self-storage experience by providing our valued customers with friendly, personal, and reliable services. One of the ways we help our customers is by sharing what we know about the local community. We go out of our way to learn about the best places to shop, dine, and recreate, so for those new to the community, we have recommendations we've personally researched. Please come by our brand-new, state-of-the-art self-storage facility to share what you'd like us to learn more about. We're open and very excited to showcase our self-storage facility as we get to know our wonderful neighbors.

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