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Corvelos Portuguese Bakery Sign

Corvelos Portuguese Bakery


The food of the Azores (also spelled Acores ) is as impressive as the islands themselves. While there is absolutely nothing like enjoying queijadas (also known as pasteis de nata) while gazing at the Atlantic Ocean, all is not lost. Turlock is the home of Corvelos Portuguese Bakery, the finest of its kind in the region. I can say that with great confidence because I'm from the Azores and know many people in the Central Valley who drive quite a distance to shop at this beautiful market. Corvelos Portuguese Bakery is so popular among the Portuguese community that it is not only the place where we shop but also the place that produces the rolls and bread served at many of the area's Portuguese celebrations. Besides being the Portuguese community's go-to bakery, it’s earned the reputation of being an excellent bakery for those who aren't Portuguese. But don't just read about them here; visit Corvelos Portuguese Bakery to see what all the excitement is about. Read on to learn more about this enchanting taste of the Azores.

Queijadas or Pasteis de Nata

There’s no doubt that Portugal and the Azores are known for their rugged beauty and showcase a history that dates back centuries. At one time, the Portuguese were world leaders of the seas sailing around the world. This has resulted in food influenced by Mediterranean, Atlantic, African, Asian, and Brazilian cuisine. While there are differences in the food from the continent of Portugal versus the Azores, there are enough similarities to talk about a few of the standard favorites. Thanks to the Food Channel and increased travel to Portugal and the Azores, Portuguese food has gained tons of popularity, starting with dessert first (as it should be, right?). If you want to know what all the fuss is about, start with Pasteis de Nata. Corvelos Portuguese Bakery has the best pasteis de nata found anywhere, including homemade. That's because it's owned by people who are from the Azores; therefore, everything sold is as authentic as it gets.

Corvelos Portuguese Bakery

No matter what you’re calling it, pasteis de nata if you’re from Portugal or queijada de nata if from the Azores or Portuguese custard tart as it’s commonly referred to in the United States, you won’t go wrong when you try those made by the gifted bakers at Corvelos Portuguese Bakery. So, to get that Azores experience I mentioned earlier, order a couple of sweets and a cup of rich espresso for a tiny taste of the Azores and Portugal.

A Taste of Other Portuguese Classics

Although there are many other baked goodies I could write about, I want to also give credit to Corvelos Portuguese Bakery for carrying other quintessential Portuguese goods. What you'll find is very reminiscent of a “café” in the Azores Islands. There are popular kitchen staples such as olive oil, tremoços (pickled lupini beans), and, of course, pimenta moida (jar of ground red pepper). If delicious treats, essential staples, and great bread aren't enough to lure you in, let's talk about Corvelos Portuguese Bakery gift section. Okay, to be clear, you can make a gift from food, so I should have said Portuguese housewares and other non-food items. I want to assure you that the items, while small in the number of each one in stock, completely cover what you'd expect to find in a Portuguese home. From a domed crown that's a common religious symbol to a soccer ball found in every Portuguese household, there's something that will make an excellent gift for those you know will love something representing the Portuguese culture. And nothing sounds off more of the Portuguese culture than the iconic Portuguese Galo de Barcelos (otherwise known as the Portuguese good luck rooster). Unless you’re familiar with the Portuguese culture, you won’t know what can possibly be good luck about a rooster. Read on to learn about the legend behind this colorful creature.

Corvelos Portuguese Bakery

The Rooster Crows and All is Well

Barcelos is a city in northern Portugal. Centuries ago, legend has it that a stranger came to town, a crime was committed, and the villagers suspected the stranger was responsible for the crime. The stranger was apprehended immediately, and despite all his sincere proclamation of innocence, he was condemned to death by hanging. At a last request, he asked to go before the judge, who sentenced him one more time. He was taken before the judge, who happened to be in the middle of dinner. As one final proclamation of innocence, the stranger pointed to the roaster rooster on the table and exclaimed," My innocence is as sure as the roaster rooster will cry if I should be hung." Although everyone at the dinner laughed at him, no one touched the rooster. The next day, the man was taken to the site of his execution, and at the moment before his hanging, the roasted rooster stood up on the table and began crowing loudly. No one doubted the stranger’s innocence; hence, the man's escape from death was attributed to the roaster rooster. From that point on, the rooster was believed to bring good luck, and along with that belief, it's become a symbol of the importance of honesty, integrity, trust, and honor.

Now that you know about the Portuguese good luck rooster, you'll notice its presence in Portuguese households and businesses. And you can buy your very own at Corvelos Portuguese Bakery.  So there’s lots to look forward to when you add Corvelos Portuguese Bakery to your list of favorite places to shop. In fact, it’ll be an instant boost to your good luck.

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Speaking of good luck, the Turlock community is so fortunate to have wonderful places to shop, like Corvelos Portuguese Bakery. As your neighborhood self-storage facility, Turlock Self Storage is proud to be here and wants to support local businesses by learning what's in the area we can recommend to our valued customers. We strive to provide excellent service, which includes providing our customers with a curated list of great places to eat, shop, and recreate. Please visit our new, state-of-the-art self-storage facility to share what you love about the Turlock community. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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