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Fox Phone Repair (Turlock, CA)

Fox Phone Repair (Turlock, CA)


Are you looking for an alternative to upgrading your cell phone because your current one appears broken beyond repair? Are you frustrated with a tablet that just isn't running right anymore? Do you want to skip the long wait time at most mobile phone shops? Here's where to go if you're fortunate enough to live in the great community of Turlock. Fox Phone Repair is the place for most electronic device repair needs.

Making the Call

For many of us, owning a smartphone has become a part of everyday life. We use it to stay connected with friends and family, we conduct business via the internet, we use it to check our emails, and we depend on it to keep informed. It's often a source of entertainment when traveling and a way to share an experience with a video call. So when something goes wrong with your smartphone, what’s the right call to make-repair or replace?

Fox Phone Repair (Turlock, CA)

Experts agree on the following advantages to repairing your phone instead of buying a new one. It’s a much less expensive option, especially if your phone is under warranty. Fixing an issue can extend your phone's lifespan, so you get more for your initial investment. While this isn't always the case, repairing a phone often means preserving information that is otherwise lost when you buy a replacement phone. Only you can make the call on which direction to choose, but experts say that if your phone isn't very old and the repair cost is less than half of the new phone, you're better off repairing it than replacing it.

Experts in Many Kinds of Repair Needs

I learned about this great place from a friend who is a frequent flyer at Fox Phone Repair. To clarify, she isn't returning often because the repair wasn't done right the first time. Not all all. She happens to be one of these people who can’t seem to go too long without dropping her phone or doing something odd that gets her into a phone malfunctioning situation. Despite her phone challenges, she says the people at Fox Phone Repair are always able to fix her phone and do it for reasonable prices and with great patience. Of course, her number one reason for visiting Fox Phone Repair is because of broken screens.

Most phone users worldwide experience a broken phone screen at least once. It's estimated that more than 50 million cell phone screens are broken annually in the US. I was curious about what other repair issues the folks and Fox Phone Repair see and learned that the next most common repair need is with a faulty charging port. What happens is that dust or debris can block the contact between the power supply and the phone’s charging port. This is an issue that’s easily fixed and best left to experts because the fix you may try at home for this could be the thing that makes the situation worse. It's best to leave this to professionals like Fox Phone Repair.

Less commonly but plugged into that same area of the phone (yes, a long-winded pun) are issues with broken charging ports. Because it involves a USB that is soldered to the cell phone's motherboard, it's not a repair you want to do yourself. If you think that's the problem with your phone, let Fox Phone Repair estimate how much the repair will cost.

Fox Phone Repair (Turlock, CA)

Next is the need to address battery issues. Whether it is for an older phone that is still working well or for a newer phone that you're noticing battery charging problems with, it's less expensive to swap out a battery than to replace a phone.

And last of the common repair needs is water damage. While modern cell phones have come a long way in becoming water damage resistant, occasionally phones just to resuscitate fully from a water event. This is where things are best left to experts because a few issues are just a matter of running appropriate diagnostics. When your invaluable data is on the line, it's better not to take chances with rice tricks or hope for the best because water damage can be progressive. A quick trip to an honest repair shop like Fox Phone Repair is better than being left high and dry (oh no, another pun so soon!) without your phone when you need it the most.

Fox Phone Repair isn’t just about fixing phones. These pillars of patience also repair computers, laptops, and tablets with the high standards and competitive prices offered for cell phone repairs. Next time you have something less than favorable happen to your cell phone, computer, or tablet, visit the professionals at Fox Phone Repair to see if repairing your device is an option.

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