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La Mo Cafe & Restaurant (Turlock, CA)

La Mo Cafe & Restaurant


After an adventure of getting to Turlock from Los Angeles, I was most excited to spend a whole day exploring the city. I had a whole day of enjoying delicious food and lovely parks. A week prior, I had planned which food places I will be visiting in Turlock. Being a food enthusiast myself, I was curious to see what Turlock, California has to offer! In every search engine, La Mo Restaurant and Café consistently showed up. So, I decided to try it out and I was not disappointed!

Where to Eat?

La Mo Cafe and Restaurant Turlock, CA

Right in the heart of Downtown Turlock is a hub for all to gather and enjoy healthy dishes and great coffee. Either if it's a quick stop for coffee or to get together for brunch with friends and family, this is the place to be.  La Mo Cafe and Restaurant are family-owned, and you can definitely feel that when you interact with the baristas and servers. Everyone was inviting and kind. La Mo Cafe is in a courtyard setting with La Mo Restaurant right behind it. This courtyard is connected to many other shops including Grivelli's Shirts & More, Digs, The Studio, and Retreat Salon & Spa. I did not know what to expect when I arrived on a Tuesday morning, but, this place was booming with many visitors and people in line to eat! You can just tell from first glance that this is the place to be in Turlock, California. Even though it is a bit tucked in the courtyard, you'll be intrigued to see what is there with the many people waiting to get seated.

It's for The 'Gram

The courtyard was very inviting. The seats outside were pastel colored which were easy on the eyes. And, if you are like me and anybody my age, we look for aesthetically pleasing places to snap pretty photos with! Being it my first time visiting Turlock, I didn't know what to expect with the crowd. To my surprise, it was packed with people of all ages. Families, friends, college students, couples, coworkers, and many more! I felt right at home as if I was in LA with the atmosphere at La Mo Café.

La Mo Cafe and Restaurant Turlock, CA

La Mo Café’s menu had a good variety of coffee, quick bites, pastries, and other drinks. But what caught my eye were the La Mo Signatures. Turkish Latte, El Pueblo, Valencia, La Lechada, and Frida - these were just some of the signature drinks they offered. La Mo Cafe is a proud consumer of their fellow local businesses. They also had a display of a variety of artisanal pastries that were so pretty, you don't want to eat it! Every drink is made from scratch and they make their own syrups in house.

La Mo Cafe and Restaurant Turlock, CA

Que Rico!

 I had the pleasure of grabbing a quick breakfast at La Mo Cafe. After perusing the menu, I decided on getting a garden bagel with La Lechada coffee. The garden bagel came with avocado, tomato, cucumber, mixed greens, and cream cheese. It was a refreshing and healthy breakfast to start my day. Not too heavy, but enough to get me going and feel energized. My drink, La Lechada, is made with double espresso, house made dulce de leche caramel, and I opted for oat milk. Side note: I have found that when caramel is present in a drink and if you must have milk, oat milk is the way to go! I took a seat outside next to some plants dividing the seating area and the sidewalk. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the view, and of course the food! It was nice to get away from the city and just appreciate the small town feel Turlock brings.

La Mo Cafe and Restaurant Turlock, CA

Aside from La Mo Café, there is also the restaurant side of La Mo. Their breakfast menu consists of Mexican-Californian Fusion food that almost everybody likes! But La Mo is different – they offer traditional Mexican flavors such as, chorizo, nopales, queso cotija, arbol chile, machaca, etc. If you are a brunch lover and a Mexican food lover, this is the perfect place for that combo.

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La Mo Cafe & Restaurant
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Turlock, CA 95380
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Cafe: Monday-Friday: 7AM-4PM, Saturday: 7AM-3PM
(209) 632-6655

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