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Mariachis Mexican Restaurant

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant


My family and I have found our new favorite Mexican restaurant in Turlock and you may be surprised. It's not flashy inside and every time we've gone it's been almost empty. Maybe we just get lucky or maybe this gem is still unfound?

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant

Mariachi's on Geer Road is hands down our favorite spot since the beginning of this year. We go for birthdays, my mom's retirement, and go just to go. I usually get the combo plate with two carne asada tacos with a crunchy shell. I used to get the soft shells but realized that makes it almost a “street taco” or “taco truck style” taco, which if I wanted that I'd just go to taco truck.

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant

It's difficult to describe their tacos other than, Wow. The meat is always soft and never too chewy or hard. The green sauce dripped on top is just the right spice where it's hot but still enjoyable. Finally, the beans and rice are always good to snack on in between bites of taco.

My mom and dad usually get the burritos but my dad's is always drizzled with the green sauce while my mom's is not. They both enjoy their food and as I've said, we return about every other week for dinner. It's odd to think that such a common food could be prepared in a thousand different ways, some good and some not so good. But here at Mariachi's, they've cracked the code to good Mexican food, genuine Mexican food.

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant

My fiancé is the daredevil out of us and enjoys trying new dishes whenever we go. This dinner she tried the Taquitos, unlike the frozen ones you'd get from Safeway, these look delicious. The meat was warm and cut to chewable sizes. I know I've had other dishes from other places where the chicken is just a chunk of meat that you practically choke on, but not for this place. On top of that, even with the tortillas sitting on sauce and the top is drizzled with cheese and sour cream, the food is never mushy or too soft.

Lastly, we end our meals usually with one of the best takes on this Mexican dish. I'm not even sure if it's considered a “Mexican dish” but I say that because I only find these at Mexican restaurants. The fried ice cream here is so good, it tops any other places I have ever gone to. I've had it before where it's just a scoop of ice cream with frosted flakes like crisps placed around the scoop but this is not like that, at all. Instead, their fried ice cream is a softball size scoop that has been placed in a fried bowl of, I'm guessing, sugar and cinnamon. If I had to, I'd give this a solid 9/10, mainly because I wish there was more ice cream.

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant

This would be a solid lunch break when you are making trips to our Turlock Self Storage location right off the freeway. On Google Maps, it says they are just 10 minutes away from each other. I recently helped my mother-in-law move and all I could think about was getting some fried ice cream. I know the heat of summer has been wreaking havoc with these past triple digit weeks but next time you’re in town at the Turlock Self Storage unit go checkout Mariachi's on Geer and say I sent you. I'm not sure what they'll do but it might catch on!

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant
2669 Geer Road
Turlock, CA 95382
(209) 632-7662

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