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California State University Stanislaus

Stanislaus State's Latest Remodels Bring New Life to a 66-year-old Campus!


When I was finishing up my last college semester back in 2020, the Vasache Library was under construction and a full remodel. The shelves were empty, the books and computers were all moved to portables outside. I remember voting on what chairs or tables looked best but didn't think I would have the opportunity to see the finished product until I got rehired on campus.

CSU Stanislaus, Turlock, CA

Updated Space!

Since my graduation, the library has been gutted and rooms that were there are no longer inside or at least not how they looked before. There is an abundance of study rooms, quiet spots, cubicles with computers and even a small dining area inside. The furniture and light fixtures look almost futuristic with an interesting contrast of the smooth corners of couches with the glow of under glow like lights everywhere. At first it felt like I was on a movie set of a Star War movie, might have to come back and film something because aesthetically this place is pretty awesome.

Like the old library, the new one is still three stories but the top floor felt so much bigger than I remember. I would say that the layout definitely made the whole building feel bigger even though everything still fits inside the same building as it used to. One of the coolest factors to making it feel bigger is the use of the mobile/stowaway shelves.

If you need to find a book, instead of spending hours finding it on the computer then writing it down and then searching for what shelf it is and then what row and what sections it's at, the library staff made it 100% easier. Instead of wasting time walking through aisle after aisle, the staff finds which shelf you need and moves it to find your book. Instead of space between shelving, they are standing on a movable track that cuts down on needed space and time.

Eat and Relax

CSU Stanislaus, Turlock, CA

Once you get whatever book you need or study for the upcoming quiz, you'll probably get hungry and the new Student Center is nothing like the old one. Now being two stories with multiple shops and food options, this is such an upgrade from before. I remember being impressed with the Warrior Grill back in 2015 before they started the remodeling but now it's a whole different ball game. The Student Center feels almost like a mini mall with the layout they used, it's very spacious and pretty impressive.

The bookstore is inside, along with the grill, ASI building, multiple offices, even more study rooms and a whole lot of seating for students. Once you walk in you see the left side seating that is a sloped stair/movie theater like area. There's a stage on the bottom floor in front of the seats, perfect for plays and shows or presentations. There's a staircase that separates the left side that I already described and the spacious seating area for dining and studying.

The Warrior Grill is to the right and inside holds more seating area, as well as pool tables for students to relax and socialize. This was a nice touch because with COVID, there was almost a wedge being placed between students that blocked them from being social and being able to enjoy each other's company. Also, if you ever go to the Grill, I'd suggest bringing headphones because with the music and TVs, it is a little loud. It kind of felt like an on-campus sports bar, not the best place to study.

CSU Stanislaus, Turlock, CA

There are a lot of open spots to study as you walk towards the bookstore in the back. Inside you can buy Stan State merchandise like hats and sweaters, as well as your class books and other needed materials. The bookstore is a lot smaller than the old one back in 2019 but still has the necessities. I was told that the old building is being used as an event hall but have yet seen their progress in person.

If you're an alumni, I'd highly suggest going and checking out the latest remodels around campus. Impressive strides in overall campus appeal and architecture.

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