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Turlock Self Storage Manager Interview


Turlock Self Storage is a new addition to the community of Turlock, California. We are more than excited to open our doors in the next week or two! To get things started, we interviewed our Facility Manager, Lori, for this brand new facility. In this blog, we will be talking about Lori's life before Turlock and her experiences in Turlock so far!

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

A: I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I started my storage career in Chandler, Arizona as a team manager. Then we were offered a great opportunity in Lancaster, California. It was such a success and they decided to move us to Washington. From there, we got units up and running again. I loved helping where I can! The property we were last in was sold and this jump started banking for me. And now that we're back in storage, I couldn't be any happier. I was working from home the past 2 years in banking. So, I'm so happy that I can be a round people again. And you know, storage has a good balance of just doing your own thing and being able to help people.

Q: What appealed you to Turlock?

A: We were ready to get out of the frozen tundra I call Washington. We had 9 months of snow and cold - it's just so gray and gloomy. It takes away time you can spend outside, enjoy nature, and spend time with each other. We knew we wanted to try something new and we wanted to go to a calmer climate. Storage has been a special part of my heart. I love being there for people going through tough times. I like having a nice community and good neighbors and making sure I meet all their needs on a daily basis. I get a sense of pride and joy over that. Storage is a well-rounded job of doing inside office work, doing physical maintenance and being outside, also being able to help customers and just have a laugh with them. It’s great!

Q: How do you like Turlock so far?

A: We've been here since early august. We started training right away and started getting to know the area. Each day, were driving around and looking at something new. My husband and I are trying to learn our way around town and exploring what’s around us. There's a lot to do and see – I like the farmland, reminds me of home.

Q: Have you visited restaurants, parks, etc. in Turlock?

A: We've been eating out every night – so we've been trying out many places. I'm always looking for the healthy places to go. So far, we've loved the Roth SocialHouse here in Turlock. And the Greek place we found called Gyros and more – after trying their hummus, I've found out that I love hummus and I didn't even know! There's a place called Olde Tyme Pastries, my husband is a sucker for pastries and he is for sure a fan. That's where I'll be for a special occasion for a cake.

Q: What have you heard about Turlock Self Storage?

A: So far, I've found out that many people are wanting large units. Many people have 2 storage units and they want to combine them in one large unit. I went to a Chamber of Commerce mixer 2 weeks ago, and everybody I talked to mentioned how they need a large unit, asked questions about the facility and even asked to be added to our call list. People want to consolidate their things so they can't wait for us to open. We also already have a list of interested people that walked by and visited the facility. People have been seeing our monument sign and they're as excited as I am.

Q: How do you feel about this new opportunity being a facility manager at a brand-new facility – Turlock Self Storage?

A: The world is our oyster. Anything is possible. My goal is to rent 100 units a month. I mean to do good business, keep the place clean and maintained. Keep the customers happy, most of all. It's a great adventure and I have great people around me. I'm excited to get to know everyone. My relief manager and I are excited to get things going – we're going to be a two headed monster! I'm looking very forward to it.

Q: So far, what arere you proud of regarding Turlock Self Storage?

A: The standard of the development is top drawer. It has state of the art cameras and alarms. We have such a lovely office with huge windows. It's nice, open and inviting. Once we have this facility cleaned and shining, that's something to be proud of everyday, so we couldn't have asked for more. Everyone has worked very hard for this facility. I can't wait to do good work here, I'm excited for the near future.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the facility right now?

A: Coming from Washington, I've been loving the beautiful sun rise and sunsets here in California. There's a ray of sunshine that comes through the building and its just wonderful. I like how sharp and modern the facility is. It's straight to the point and I like that. Everything is brand new and pretty!

Turlock Self Storage is Opening!

Here at Turlock Self Storage, we pride ourselves in our friendly and professional management. Since Lori and her husband are still fairly new to the community, come by and share your favorite spot in Turlock or its neighboring cities! We are always looking to learn about our community.

Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Check out our Top 10 Favorite Things To Do/Eat in Turlock! Come by and let us know of your favorite things in town. We can't wait to hear from you.

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