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How to Organize your Self Storage Unit


For those who have a self storage unit, organization is key to making it work for you. Given that we are in the beautiful Westbridge Plaza, next to the Lowe's home improvement store, we thought that a few tips on organizing your self storage unit could be super helpful. After all, we view your self storage unit as an extension of your home, so we always think that you should make your self storage unit just as organized as any other room of your home. We have some easy and practical tips that you can use for organization of the self storage unit, whether this is seasonal items or even home improvement items that you purchase next door!

Storage Racks are a Must

Plastic storage racks that can be purchased next door at Lowes, are going to be something that makes it super easy for you to utilize all the space in your self storage unit, including the vertical space. Just think of all the untapped space you are neglecting when you only use the floor. You can put these together and place them throughout the unit in order to give more organization to your space. And for those who have a larger self storage unit, they may find that they can make aisles with these storage racks in their unit to be even more organized.

Bonus Tip: Allow each rack to be home to certain items to make it ten times easier to find items that you may need. Be aware of how you are putting these items on the storage racks, as you are going to want the heavier items on the bottom shelf to avoid these shelves bending or breaking.

Plastic Storage Boxes

Be sure to invest into some plastic storage boxes. These can easily sit on the storage racks that you are investing into. And since they are often clear, you are going to find it easier to find the items that you place into these.

Bonus Tip: If you are putting knick-knacks or something breakable into these plastic storage boxes, be sure that you are wrapping these. Just because you are putting these into storage units does not mean that you can forgo the padding in these boxes.

Make the Unit Feel Like Home

While we know that you are not going to paint the walls or hang wallpaper, there is no reason that your self storage unit cannot still feel like home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Put a little entry mat right inside the door of your unit. This way you have something to wipe your shoes off on and you are not tracking mud into the unit. 
  • Add a little folding chair inside of the unit. You are going to find that while in your storage unit, whether you are looking through items for that one thing you need or placing more items into your unit, you are going to want to take a break every now and then. Having a chair inside the unit will mean not having to sit in the floor.

Arrange a Section for Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations can take up a ton of space in your home. Many people have a section of their storage unit just for seasonal décor items like trees, wrapping paper, lights and the like. When you are using tote boxes and the storage racks, you are going to find it easier than ever to carve out a section just for the seasonal décor that you put up in your home. And since it will always be in the same place, you are going to easily be able to come in and grab what you need for that season.

Make Your Self Storage Unit Tool Central

We have many contractors and construction professionals who utilize our self storage units as a place for those tools that they need on occasion and do not have room to store at their business or at their home. For those who have tools at home, this can be a great way to save some space in your garage. Why not put those tools that are specialty tools or those that you do not use every day inside this unit? And if you do not have any tools, now may be the time to make this happen. Lowe's is tools central, and it is right next door!

Bonus Tip: Store these in the box that they come in so that you can always easily access what tool you may need.

A Few Extra Tips

For those who are putting their items into self storage units, they are going to want to remember a few of these extra tips that simply make everything a bit more organized:

  1. Be sure to label everything clearly.
  2. Be careful of using cardboard boxes, many people find that when they use these boxes for long term storage, they often make things smell a bit mustier than compared to plastic totes.
  3. Remember that you cannot store items in the storage unit that could be flammable or otherwise dangerous.
  4. No food should be stored in the unit.

For those who are ready to use the new self storage units at the West Sacramento Self Storage units, we are ready for you! With these tips you can make sure that this unit functions just like a piece of your home. At West Sacramento Self Storage, we truly love our community and cannot wait to meet you.

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