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Self Storage for New West Sacramento Residents


West Sacramento is a growing community, with many new homes and residents. From new city arts projects to restaurants and shops, West Sacramento is becoming a haven for new residents and families. However, if you're new to this blossoming city, settling in can be quite the challenge. But the good news is West Sacramento Self Storage is here to help you on your new journey. Did you know that we love working with those new to our community? If you're coming to West Sacramento from out of state, please stop by and say "hi". Learn how self storage can help you organize your new life here in West Sacramento.

Those who work in downtown Sacramento are finding the convenience of West Sacramento perfect. That's why we're proud to call this beautiful city our home. Here are some of our favorite self storage tips, specific to West Sacramento residents:


Moving to a new city with a small child can be a challenge. Having so many boxes around your new West Sacramento home is crowded enough without children running around opening a bunch of boxes until they find their legos. West Sacramento Self Storage can give you space in your home until you get to the less important boxes. Rent a small unit or a large unit (depending on how much you need to put in storage) and free up space to organize your home until you're ready to get to those boxes or home items. Trust us, between your kid's toys and your furniture that you don't want damaged, you'll want the added space.

If you find yourself moving on short notice - like if you or spouse are needed in West Sac for job-related reasons - it can be hard to find a home in a very small time frame. In those cases self storage will come in handy in order to store furniture, boxes, and bins until you move out of your temporary space and find your new West Sac home.

Likewise, if you find yourself with enough time to find the perfect West Sac home, and enough time to pack and sell everything you don't want to keep, then self storage is also perfect for you. West Sacramento Self Storage is great for keeping those boxes or pieces of furniture until you move to your new home. Ship them and have a friend bring them by the facility or pay your new city an early visit and store what you can before your actual move date to help ease the move from city to city.


West Sacramento's location can be quite convenient for those who work or live in either West Sacramento or the downtown Sacramento area. We're very close to the Westbridge Plaza Lowe's Hardware Store.

Besides convenience in location West Sacramento Self Storage also offers convenient features. The on-site resident manager, electronic gate access, drive-up access, and ground floor units all provide security and access convenience for our customers.

If you moved to West Sacramento in order to start a new business venture then West Sacramento Self Storage has a number of features that provide small and large businesses the convenience they need. We accept deliveries, have individually alarmed units, and offer a variety of unit sizes.

West Sacramento offers long and short-term storage for your convenience. You don't have to worry about signing a lease for 6 months when you only need a storage unit for one.


When you move to a new city you're bound to get a little disorganized, even with all the checklists and charts. West Sacramento can help you stay organized by offering you space to sort through your boxes and bins without adding clutter to your home. Go through your boxes and only take home what it is you need without creating a mess on your new living room floor.

Having a self storage unit when you're moving to West Sacramento will give you a place to put your boxes and furniture until your move-in date for your home comes.

Moving into a beautiful new home means not everything you had in your previous home will work in your new home. Using a self storage space to sort what you want to keep in your new home and what you don't want to keep can be a real help. Once you're done sorting through everything you can then focus on what’s left in your storage unit and either sell or donate those items.

Moving isn't always easy, but with West Sacramento Self Storage by your side, you'll be able to fall in love with our city much faster. We want to help ease your transition and provide as much space for you to organize, and declutter as possible. We love the city of West Sacramento and we're sure you will too. So stop on by and say "hi" and see all that we have to offer you.

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