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We Love Being Part of West Sacramento’s Westbridge Plaza


As a part of the Westbridge Plaza, all of us at West Sacramento Self Storage so happy to be calling this area home. This shopping area is just another fabulous location in the beautiful city of West Sacramento. This is a brand-new shopping plaza that has tons of shops and restaurants, along with us, your friendly hometown storage facility. There are over twenty stores that are calling Westbridge Plaza home and we are super proud to be sharing these stores in today's blog post.

Westbridge Plaza, for those who are not familiar with the area, is located at 2250 Lake Washington Blvd, West Sacramento CA 95605! Of course, each store and restaurant in this shopping center has their own address, but for those who are coming to explore, they are going to find that this address gets them right to where they need to be. In today's busy and hectic world, we all multi-taskers. That's why we are so excited that you can "get your self storage on" while also taking care of all your other needs at Westbridge Plaza. Our convenient location makes it easy to get everything done, even those items that you may not be thinking about!

Stock Up on Décor

There is a Lowes home improvement store that is right in the plaza, and this makes it easier to stop in and shop. If you are looking for holiday décor, you are going to find that this is a great place to shop for decorations that may be starting to go on clearance for the season. After picking some items up, along with a few tote boxes, why not go ahead and place them into your storage unit since you are right in the area?

Remember that you want to label those tote boxes, especially if they are not clear so that you can see through them. The more organized you are with what you pack into your storage unit, the better off you are going to be! Bonus Tip: Consider buying some inexpensive shelving units at Lowes as well. These are perfect for staking storage boxes and making the most of your self storage unit's vertical space.

Hungry after Moving into Your Storage Unit?

It is not uncommon to be hungry after moving items into a storage unit, after all, this is a hard and laborious job! Luckily, there are tons of restaurants here that are going to help dial down your hunger.

●    Panda Express is here for those who love Chinese food
●    Taco Bell for those who love some Mexican cuisine
●    McDonald's for those who want something quick that they can eat and get back to work
●    Streets of London Pub is here, perfect for stopping in for a drink after a long day of moving items into storage units!

The good news is that we are literally just steps away from Taco Bell and McDonald's if you are looking to grab something fast and get back to work. Remember, you may get hungry while loading and unloading items into your storage unit. This is hard work and you will work up some hunger, it is best for your health not to ignore this hunger. Due to the physical side of moving, ignoring your hungry could lead to feeling sluggish. Bonus tip: Make sure to stay well hydrated with plenty of water during your moving day as well!

Get a Hair Cut!

There is also the Great Clips salon in the Westbridge Plaza. While a haircut may not be needed on the day that you are moving, you may find that this location makes it easy to stop in when you are simply coming to your unit to get a few things or add a few things into your unit.

A storage tip to remember: Many customer like to check on their items from month to month. They make regular trips to their units, because self storage has become an extension of their home and part of their lifestyle. If you are using your storage unit as an annex from your home, you may need to go to your unit every so often to change out items that are in there, especially if you are using it for holiday décor!

Stop in at the Bank

Westbridge Plaza also has Yolo Credit Union here, so if you are new to the area then you may want to stop in and see what they can offer you! Those who are living in the area will find that the convenient location is one of the perks of banking at this branch.

Don't Forget the Gas

When you are moving items into your storage unit, even if you are only making short trips, you may need to top up on your gas. Luckily, we are located next to a gas station! Stop in and fill up between hauls that you are putting into your storage unit or when you have finished.

Our location is one of the reasons that people choose us. When they get a storage unit with us, they know they are going to be in a neighborhood that will allow them to get whatever they may need. For example, if they need some free-standing shelves, Lowes is right here. Or if you get hungry, the restaurants are also right here. This location makes our storage units the best choice for those who may be moving and need temporary storage, or for those who simply want to store seasonal décor, or for those who want to store items with symbolic meaning in their lives. We offer the peace of mind that your items are in a modern and state-of-the-art storage self storage facility.

How can we help with your West Sacramento, Westbridge Plaza storage needs today? From all of us at West Sacramento Self Storage, we cannot wait to meet you!

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