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We’re West Sacramento’s Newest Self Storage Facility


Calling all West Sacramento residents! We’d like to formally introduce ourselves as the newest storage facility on the block. We’re West Sacramento Self Storage and we’re located at 2274 Lake Washington Boulevard. We were just completed in 2015 and are now open for business at the intersection of Lake Washington Boulevard and Southport Parkway. We couldn’t be happier to be apart of the neighborhood and want to share with you all what we can offer you and why we moved to West Sacramento.

If you need to add space to your beautiful West Sacramento home we’re here to help. If you’re remodeling your home and need to store a few things away during the process we’re exactly what you’re looking for. But enough about us, we want to tell you why we chose West Sacramento as our place of residence.

You see, when we decided to expand our business to the West Sacramento we did so with the community in mind. We wanted to provide a large facility that could cater to the needs of families, individuals, and businesses in West Sac. alike. Being new in town meant that we needed to find a way to show the community that we weren’t just passing through. So we made sure to build a large facility on a large enough piece of land that could provide a varied amount of storage space for our customers. We’ve done our part in participating in community activities, gone to a few River Cat games, hung out at a few local restaurants, and fallen in love with the views along the Sacramento River. 

In 2014, West Sacramento was named “Most Liveable City” in America by The United States Conference of Mayors. And we couldn’t agree more! After we broke ground we found out just how amazing this city really is. The people are kind and the city is small but absolutely beautiful. Which are just a few of the many reasons we feel W. Sacramento is the best city in California. The charm and small town feel is just what we were looking for when choosing a city to build our storage facility at.

We chose the intersection of Lake Washington Boulevard and Southport Parkway because we felt that it was a prime location. And boy were we right! There was plenty of land to build an expansive facility that us and our community can be proud of and we’re right next door to Westbridge Plaza which is home to Lowe’s, Panda Express, and a number of other great businesses we’re proud to call our neighbors. And who doesn’t love a morning breakfast run to Mickey D’s? Or a couple of delicious tacos from Taco Bell on Taco Tuesday?

Down the road we even have a few small businesses and neighborhoods filled with proud residents of West Sacramento who know the value of space. These beautiful neighborhoods are surrounded by beautiful greenery you can only find in this part of California. The homes are beautiful and the people are great. And the schools are even some of the best in the state.

Speaking of neighbors. Have you had Round Table Pizza? Delicious, huh?

Perfect for enjoying a night at home watching the River Cats. They’re a company favorite here at West Sacramento. We even attend a few games every season at Raley Field, which by the way is just a few miles away from our facility. Obviously a perk of working in West Sacramento. And we can’t forget about the River City High football team! Go Raiders!

West Sacramento is home to so many beautiful locations. Like the Sacramento River which is an absolutely beautiful piece of water. If you haven’t already we suggest hopping aboard the Sacramento RiverTrain for 14 miles of West Sacramento history. How about enjoying a leisurely dinner while admiring the sights of the West Sacramento backdrop? They even have special holiday trains like the Pumpkin Train running this fall. Which is perfect for the whole family.

Family friendly activities are a big here in West Sac., which we love. Families know the importance of sharing experiences and building memories with each other. All which can’t be done in a cramped space. West Sacramento Self Storage wants to help families free up room in their home for keepsakes and activities by providing additional space to store items that aren’t essential in the house, like old high school yearbooks, looking at you mom and dad.

Another reason we love West Sacramento? The numerous community activities that go on year round. Like the upcoming Touch-A-Truck event and the Trick or Treat Halloween Party hosted at the West Sacramento Recreation Center. The community has truly proven to be accepting and kind and for that we really feel welcomed and at home here in West Sac.

West Sacramento also has a rich history. A history we’re impressed and fascinated by. A history that has proven to shape the city that West Sacramento is today. Did you know West Sac was a part of Mexico at one time?

Our love for West Sac. is growing by the day. Our customers are always showing us how thankful they are for us being able to help them out and we’re thankful for the patience as we built our new facility. If you haven’t already driven by you can take a tour of our facility from a drone’s point of view. Trust us, it’s pretty neat. After you’ve done that we’d love for you to stop in and chat with us about all the options we have available for West Sacramento residents and businesses.

So thank you, residents for making us feel at home since our arrival. We love that West Sacramento is our new home and hope that we can continue to provide you with additional storage space for years to come. Also, don’t forget to check out our website for specials made specifically with West Sacramento residents in mind.

About the Author: Lark Begin is the president of Profit Parrot Marketing; an SEO marketing, content and social media company in the Ottawa area. Lark is well established in the realm of digital marketing and is dedicated to helping multiple professional local and international websites and brands grow an online presence and succeed.

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