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How Much Does It Cost To Rent Self Storage?


When you are looking for self storage one of the biggest deciding factors on who you go with is the price that is being charged for the storage unit. And, self storage pricing can be confusing. Today, let's demystify self storage rental rates and look at a breakdown of what it costs to rent a self storage unit.

Which Factors Affect Price?

There are several factors that affect the price of a storage unit, and these factors often differ from one storage facility to the next. Let's go through the most common factors:

Location: Is the facility located in a brand new community or an older one? Is the facility located in a very expensive area or a more affordable one? Are there many competing facilities closely or is the facility one of a kind? All of these location-specific factors tend to affect the rental rates of self storage. For those who are finding that their community simply does not offer an affordable solution, in many cases it does pay to drive further.

Size: The size of the unit is going to affect just how much you pay. Of course, a smaller unit is not going to cost as much as a larger unit. You are paying for the size. That is why for those who are looking to save money, be sure that you get a size that fits your needs rather than one that is too large! (That being said, there are economies of scale here. On a per square foot basis, you will typically get more for your money as the unit sizes get larger and larger.)

Premium Features: There are several features that can affect the cost of the self storage unit. Climate control often costs more than those that are non-climate controlled. (As a related note, you may want to check out our blog post on Is Climate Controlled Self Storage Right for You?) In addition, those self storage units that allow you to simply drive up rather than having to go inside of a building are going to cost more as this is a premium feature of convenience. 

Quality: What type of shape is the entire facility in? Those facilities that are newer and modern are often going to cost more than those self storage facilities that are run down and older. However, you have to weigh this with the situation. A newer facility may offer amenities that work better for you than an older unit. Typically, we have found that consumers enjoy newer, modern, pristine self storage experiences. Why? We view self storage as an extension of your home, another room for your important belongings. Many consumers want this spare room to be in pristine, perfect condition.

Competition: Are there numerous facilities in your area? For those that live in a community in which numerous self storage facilities can be found, the prices are going to be lower. The more facilities in the area, the lower the price as they are competing for your business. The more competition on the market, the better the price will be for you in most cases.

As you can see several factors play into the price of a self storage unit. For those who are looking for self storage will find that they need to do a little research on the self storage unit that will best fit their needs and their budget before deciding.

Sample Costs of Renting Self Storage (At Smart Self Storage Facilities)

At Smart Self Storage, we are all about putting the customer first and helping the customer with whatever they may need. We love our customers and our communities, and our managers truly enjoy helping our customers our. That is why we believe in price transparency. We offer a list of our prices online, which is exactly what people want. They want this information up front and easy to find so that they can make an informed decision.

For those who are shopping around for a self storage unit, as of 8/9/2018, here are some examples of our prices:

And the rates continue depending upon the size of the unit, the location of the facility, and the amenities that the person may need. How can you find our best price? We are the home of the "1st Year Price Guarantee" so that you know what you pay now is what you will pay for the rest of the year. For those who are researching online, they are going to find that by going to our website and choosing the location that they are most interested in, they can see the unit seizes and prices conveniently listed online.

Our goal is to make this process easy and seamless for you! Storing items into storage units is often a hard job as you may be moving, or simply cleaning out a room of your home. It can be both mentally and physically taxing, the last thing you want to worry about is the price of the unit. A Smart Self Storage, we are here to make our rental rates transparent and your overall experience fabulous!

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